MIGA: Nearly 400 Members of Congress Sign Letter Demanding Trump Safeguard Israel’s Interests In Syria

It will soon be illegal to notice this is going on in Florida.


“Nearly 400 members of Congress signed a bipartisan letter to President Donald Trump calling on him to safeguard Israel’s interests with Syria’s civil war coming to an end.

The letter sent Monday from members of the House of Representatives and the Senate urged Trump to ensure that Israel has the support and materiel to maintain its qualitative military edge in the region. …

The House and Senate combined have a total of 535 lawmakers.”

The Times of Israel:

“American officials will attend a ceremony next month with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to lay the cornerstone for a new town in the Golan Heights named for US President Donald Trump, the area’s regional council said Tuesday.

The ceremony on June 12 will dedicate the new community to be built on the site of the existing village of Kela Alon in the northwestern Golan. …”

Who says there is gridlock in Washington?

The Israel Lobby controls both parties through the donations of a handful of Zionist billionaires who just snap their fingers to get whatever they want from Congress.

Note: Blompf’s legacy won’t be the border wall. It will be having an Israeli settlement named after him in the Golan Heights.

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  1. What?!? Nearly 400 congressional votes for jewish/Israeli “interests.” That means that over 135 members of congress are anti-semites.

  2. 400 Kongress Kritters, eh? Matches the losses suffered by our “allies” in Syria,in KIA, so far.

  3. Pathetic. But some very good news. Even the Washington Post has noticed/conceded that Vladimir Putin’s Russia and the (very handsome,very White) secular leader of Syria Assad have achieved victory in Syria over Islamic extremists and American/Zionist puppets. The WaPost has noticed that Vladimir Putin has now made Russia the champion of protecting global traditional Christiandom.

    Please rub this fact in the noses of wealthy, Religious Right folks in your area and ask them why they can’t consider taking the Christian side in the Middle East or pretty much anywhere.

  4. Gee, that guy in the picture with the orange-ish color tie, whoever he is, he’s not wearing a true blue remphan-star-of-david-blue tie. Gee, I hope he’s not a NAZI. It’s traditional for our lawmakers to wear remphan star-of-david blue ties whenever some big shot JEW is addressing them. NOT to wear a remphan blue star of david blue tie when a big shot Jew is talking to you, that’s very disrespectful to the jews and could even be a sign of nascent Nazism OH NO!!!!

  5. 400 congressional votes, Nah, Israeli Lobby don’t run Washington, never, ah forget it….

  6. disgusting how much pandering they do to them and ignore regular people and how we want our government to act.

  7. Blatant. Overwhelmingly obvious…
    Thats the Jew’s Way…
    Hitler was RIGHT. READ HIS BOOK.
    Pretty soon only those who are WILLINGLY IGNORANT (see New Testament..) will be in the camp of the Christ-killers.
    It is high time we showed the bastards what EXTREMISM really looks like..
    Hitler was WAY TOO LENIENT…
    You have alot of work to do…

  8. I remain continually mystified why you keep bashing Trump in your article here about the Congress. Trump is not Empreror!!! Jeezus, man, take a course in American government.

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