Theresa May Resigns As British Prime Minister

Editor’s Note: We’re joking about Theresa May being a grandmother. It is worse than that. The UK has been governed by a childless old maid for the past several years who has been destroying the country. It’s like something out of Gibbon’s The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

Good riddance to one of the worst PMs in British history:

I say one of the worst because Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron also all presided over the current immigration disaster. I would rank Blair ahead of May as worst PM of all time.

We knew that Theresa May was going to be a disaster when she spent her time as Home Secretary banning harmless Americans from traveling to Britain to attend conferences while throwing out the welcome mat for countless jihadists. There came a point when I just gave up counting the number of terrorist attacks under May after one of them starred in “The Jihadis Next Door.”

“Conservatism” has been a global disaster for our people. We’re looking forward to seeing if the next PM can top the cringe we were treated to under May.

Note: Winston Churchill only lost the British Empire so he clearly ranks below May as the worst PM of all time because she wants to lose Britain itself. Churchill and his generation at least put up a fight to protect the homeland which is more than I can say about May and her ilk.

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  1. “It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged.” G. K. Chesterton

  2. I heard of Brexit a year ago. I felt certain then that it would be delayed, re-voted on, or denied. I did not believe the powers that be would allow a country to escape their claws very easily.

    The British voters were deceived just like the American ones in 2016. Maybe the British can still get out of the EU or perhaps there will be vote after vote until the internationalists get their way.

    • Nothing in politics happens by accident. There is no Brexit because UK’s anti-White overlords don’t want Brexit and democracy be damned. I suspect that if it finally happens it will be so watered down as to be practically useless. Just like our wall.

      • more of the same

        I believe you are correct. I still retain slight hope something can be achieved. But that slight hope is fading fast.

  3. HW- I have met you a few times but I am sure you probably wouldn’t recognize me. I must say our side is lucky to have you and I appreciative your verbosity and energy. I know this is often a thankless task and everything often seems hopeless but the fact of the matter is neither the United States or the modern world is sustainable in the long run.

      • @Denise

        Yes, it is. It’s also aggravating how people willingly serve and help the Jews. Even after the Jews repay them with a knife in the back.

  4. We will rapidly see the completion of “Airstrip One” of the Babylonian Oligarchical Socialists Thalassic Empire (“Oceania”) for their final war on the World-Island …

    The “How and Why” of a thalassic empire by the Babylonian Oligarchical Socialists of debt usury:

    Oligarchical Socialism (debt usury):

    The World-Island:

    “Russia”, “Russia”, “Russia” …

  5. “I would rank Blair ahead of May as worst PM of all time.”

    I second that motion. He’s a very dark, dark man with lots and lots of dark, dark secrets. He needs heavy doses of sodium thiopental on live tv.

  6. Good riddance to that monster. Guidelines restrict me from writing what I do to that vile dreadful, scheming, lying SLAG, had I the power to do what that THING deserves.

    • I’ve been praying to my Marx and Lenin shrine that Corbyn wins the next election and does exactly that. After that he literally throws all the Jews into the sea, of course.

  7. Merkel needs to be the next to go, along with the gang of feminists and fairies who run Sweden.

  8. Yep, ring the bells:

    “Ding dong the witch is dead, sing it wide, sing it loud. Ding dong the wicked witch is dead”.

    I agree that Winston Churchill was THE worst Brit PM ever – slaughtered his Norman, Saxon kinsmen across the English channel – what exactly for:

    To give all of Central and Eastern Europe over to Stalinist Communism and to give away the British Empire, and set the state for today’s genocide of Whites in Southern Africa and giving away not so Merry Old England to Pakistani Islamists, child sexual groomer rapists.

    But, still the concept of being led by an ugly, old childless hag like Theresa May or Angela Merkel – that signifies to everyone that your/our people are dying and going for dead.

    Hey Brits/Angels and Saxon/Norman English …..

    Have you apologized to your kinsmen the Germans yet?
    Have you told them how really REALLY sorry you are?
    Have you made pilgrimages to Dresdent and defaced the statue of Bomber Harris?
    Don’t you wish the German/Normans had invaded England again FROM Normandy Beach (1066 being the first one) and the 2nd Norman invasion invasion was another success?

    Don’t you wish occupying German/Norman troops still patrolled the streets of London in 2019 that’s London England not Londonstan.

    Don’t you wish/we could lick the boots of the occupying German/Norman panzer tank troops in London?

    Yep, hey Brits/English – have you apologized to the Germans/Normans yet?
    Have you told them how really really sorry you/we all are?

    • Read any mainstream British newspaper online. The comments sections make it clear most of those fools are still proud of de-railing the Continent(which they could not have done without the USA). They allow their daughters to be used and abused by Pakis. They’ve handed over their capitol city. I guess the haughty smirk will not be gone until they are completely erased.

  9. It changes nothing. Staggering really how much her moving aside means nothing.

  10. “Churchill and his generation at least put up a fight to protect the homeland which is more than I can say about May and her ilk.”

    Cited for shame. Honestly, with this assessment you declare yourself as a complete political fool and all your self praise as an “historian” looks a bit silly. If you had any credibility left after your shilling for Trump (only an idiot could not see that Trump was always in the pockets of jewry) it would be gone now.

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