Trump Declares National Emergency To Approve Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia and UAE

It’s staggering to think that Blompf has used his veto powers like twice (once on the border wall national emergency, second to veto the Yemen resolution) and this is why he does it:


“Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed to lawmakers on Friday that President Trump will invoke an emergency provision allowing him to bypass Congress to sell nearly $8 billion worth of weapons that would benefit Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, reports The Washington Post

Why it matters: The “rare” move to declare an emergency in an effort to push through 22 arms deals is troubling to both Republican and Democratic lawmakers who are concerned that the White House is tipping the system of checks and balances, per the Post. Some fear that selling weapons to Gulf nations could fan the flames of tension between the U.S. and Iran, per the New York Times.

The context:

The U.S. has previously sold weapons to Saudi Arabia and the UAE. What worries lawmakers is the use of these weapons against civilians in Yemen, per the New York Times.

Both the House and Senate passed a resolution to cut off American support for Saudi Arabia in Yemen, but Trump vetoed the legislation.

Do you remember the times he mounted his high horse to justify his missile strikes on Syria for “humanitarian” reasons?

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