Axios: Economic Vitality By US County


“One of the hottest streaks in the country’s current economic boom is in a surprising place: the northern plains region encompassing the Dakotas, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Iowa.

Why it matters: Commentators often refer to the middle of the U.S. as a single entity, like “middle America” or, more pejoratively, “flyover country.” But the economic vitality of the northern plains is all the more striking because of how different it is from the rest of the land between the coasts.”

Check out the interactive map.

What is economic upward mobility like in the Montgomery metropolitan area, which is the home of the SPLC, on the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Lowndes (33%), Dallas (33.6%), Autauga (32.6%), Montgomery (32.7%), Elmore 37.8%, Macon (31.5%, Bullock (34.6%)?

What’s going to happen here when those working class jobs are automated away in the 2020s? We’re looking at 30% to 35% of jobs in this area.

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