UPDATE 2: Listen to this.

Do you want to know who I really hate? I hate people like this guy because they are morons who don’t know shit about anything in the world much less have anything interesting to say about it. I’ve flat out said that I DO NOT BELIEVE in “white supremacy.” I’m not sure how I could be more clear. I have also never been interested in Nazism or fascism.

As for Hitler conquering Norway, I was cracking a joke about modern Norwegians being degenerate Unitarian Universalists swooning to knock offs of Pete Seeger songs and musing about whether they would have been better off under Hitler, but because this guy is a humorless hall monitor it flew completely over his head.

I’m not sure if this guy is White, but it truly doesn’t matter because it is ideological fanatics like this who I really hate. The reason that I hate them is because all they care about is their stupid ideology regardless of the consequences it has for our people

Yes, the result of the Union victory was that “egalitarianism” triumphed over “white supremacy” for like 7 years, but wasn’t the result of that something like 1 out of 5 blacks in the South dying in the aftermath of the war? Wasn’t the result of the North’s victory also the death of 1 out of every 5 White men of military age in the South? What about the generation of orphans who came of age after the war? Wasn’t the result of the victory of “egalitarianism” also the annihilation of the South’s infrastructure, the burning of Atlanta, Richmond and Columbia and the destruction of the Southern economy? What happened to the Southern economy after the war? Does it even matter that the life expectancy of the former slaves actually declined after the war? Does it matter that the Southern economy didn’t recover for 75 years? Does it matter that the South was effectively exploited by Northern capital as a resource colony no different than Ireland for generations after the war? Does it matter that all the yeoman farmers lost their land or that everyone in the South picked cotton until FDR was president?

UPDATE: The usual idiots are chattering about me on Twitter.

I said this morning in plain English that I do not believe in “white supremacy” which ended in 1965.

As a Southern historian, I made what is called a historical argument. I said that because the North triumphed in the War Between the States and the South lost that the result was the triumph of anti-racism over race realism, integration over segregation, guilt culture over honor culture, racial equality over white supremacy, abolition over slavery, liberalism over conservatism, urbanization over agrarianism, consolidation over states’ rights, etc. In fact, this was the result of the Union victory in the War Between the States and it plunged the South into the disaster that was the Reconstruction era and the 75 years of sharecropping in the Great Depression that followed the end of the war.

Personally, I do not believe the Reconstruction era or the New South was an improvement over the antebellum South and the Confederacy, or that sharecropping and farm tenancy was a better system than slavery and yeoman agriculture. In the aftermath of the war, virtually everyone lost their land and picked cotton into the 1940s while suffering from diseases like pellagra which were unknown in the antebellum era. The plantations fragmented into small, miserable plots of land worked by families that destroyed the topsoil. It was not unlike what happened in Haiti in the 20th century.

“Eyes On The Right” is a moron.

I’ve always been a historian on this blog which is why I take the time to read and review and post all these massive excerpts from dozens of books about the South, the Caribbean, sub-Saharan Africa, etc. Yes, I do believe that the best result for both races would be some kind of amicable divorce, which is what Thomas Jefferson and James Madison believed as well, but obviously that hasn’t happened. Furthermore, I do not believe that integrated schools or the Head Start program worked because the result of 50 years of that experiment and even longer in many places speaks for itself.

It really is a gargantuan waste of money. I also think it is irrational to ignore the empirical evidence that integration failed to accomplish its stated goals.

Huffington Post:

“Last month, Twitter put up another blog post declaring that it had made “strides” to build a “healthier” service. Fewer bots, less spam, proactive policing of abuse. It sounded, again, like progress.

Then Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, appeared at TED2019 in Vancouver, Canada, to talk about the “health of the conversation” on his platform. Dorsey, who still commands puffy profiles in The New York Times, often resorts to meaningless jargon when confronted with actual questions. In Vancouver, he threw around terms like “shared reality” and “variety of perspective.” He talked about watching “measurements trend over time.” Eventually, the TED moderator, Chris Anderson, cut him off. …

A member of the League of the South, Griffin literally married into the movement in 2014 when he wed Renee Baum, daughter of the late Council of Conservative Citizens founder Gordon Baum. His white supremacist worldview stretches back even further to when he founded the hate site Occidental Dissent, where he decries “black-run Amerika” and praises the likes of Anders Breivik. Since then, Griffin has made a name for himself as one of the alt-right’s most-skilled doxers. He also organized the white supremacist rally in Shelbyville, Tennessee, in 2017, which attracted several hundred racists and fascists. …”

Luke O’Brien is one of the saddest and dumbest leftwing journos in America. He belongs to the class of pundits on the Far Left who spent the last two years riling up the public with the Russia conspiracy hoax. It’s my understanding that Luke is the scion of a prominent family in Democratic politics who is kind of a loser and who has landed this make work job writing tabloid journalism for The Huffington Post. I’ve only met him once in real life and he struck me as being one of the weirdest, most dishonest and annoying journos I have ever come across.

Here’s my response to Luke O’Brien’s hyperbolic accusations:

1.) It’s true that I am a member of the League of the South. I joined the group because I am a Southerner who enjoys writing about my culture and heritage. That’s why I attended the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville and many other protests in defense of Southern historical monuments. Most Southerners including most black people have no issue with Confederate monuments. Even in Virginia, the majority of the population believes after Charlottesville in preserving our Southern heritage.

2.) Yes, it is true that … I am married and have a child:

3.) As a Southern historian, it is true that I write about topics like race, slavery and white supremacy … BECAUSE, it is kind of hard not to talk about those things considering our history. I do not, however, believe in “white supremacy” which ceased to exist in 1965.

If I believed in “white supremacy,” then why on earth would I be supporting Andrew Yang’s presidential campaign? Does that make any sense at all? I actually believe that White people ARE NOT superior. I believe that White people have countless problems right now.

It’s true that I write about issues facing White people like the suicide and opioid epidemic, particularly about White Southerners, not because of the bogeyman of “white supremacy” but because those people are my people and I identify with my own tribe and I am loyal to them. I’m interested in the welfare of my own people which is a foreign concept to a dumb piece of shit leftwing journo.

4.) I don’t see how anyone can read this website and not come away with the overwhelming impression that the real people we hate are corrupt politicians like Blompf who are bought and sold by billionaire donors, neocon warmongers trying to drag us into another devastating war with Iran, cuckservative pundits like David French who are useless and have never conserved anything, dumb privileged leftwing journos like Luke O’Brien who don’t know shit about anything going on in the world, violent Antifa groups who are fanatics who are coddled by the mainstream media, etc.

5.) As a Southern historian, I’ve used the term “Black Run America” to describe the epoch of history which followed the end of the Jim Crow South in 1965. It is the period of history we have been living through since the Civil Rights Movement which has its own unique legal code and racial etiquette which effectively treats blacks like a race of handicapped people who are incapable of standing on their own two feet. I think of it as a social system in which is based on a sense of White guilt.

6.) Luke O’Brien claims that I have praised “the likes of Anders Breivik” in order to disingenuously insinuate that I support mass shootings. I’ve written about dozens of mass shootings for a decade on this blog and my opinion of them has never changed and is well known.

In the case of Anders Breivik, I said that he reminded me of John Brown. I said specifically, “My view of Anders Breivik is similar to Gov. Henry Wise of Virginia when asked about John Brown after the War Between the States: “John Brown, John Brown is a great man, sir.” Henry Wise was the arch-enemy of abolitionism in Virginia, but recognized the greatness in Brown, a moral fanatic and terrorist who was totally committed to the cause of anti-slavery. 150 years from now, Anders Breivik will be remembered as the European John Brown: bloodthirsty terrorist, crusader against the Islamization of Europe, omen of the Eurabian Civil War.”

Let me break this down for Luke O’Brien.

As a leftwing journo and moron who likely doesn’t know shit about American history, I was saying that Anders Breivik is a historically significant figure. I said that he was the “omen of the Eurabian Civil War.” I said that John Brown was a moral fanatic and a terrorist who was totally committed to the cause of anti-slavery. I also said that Gov. Henry Wise of Virginia said that John Brown was a “great man” because of what he represented. Henry Wise hated what John Brown represented, but nevertheless he was objective enough to see it as an expression of abolitionist ideology.

John Brown is remembered for a lot more than his terrorism at Harper’s Ferry. He is remembered because of his historical significance as the herald of the American Civil War.

7.) It’s true that I have doxxed Antifa doxers. I make no apologies for that. Those who dox people for political reasons ought to be doxed themselves. They have no moral case for anonymity. If it is morally legitimate to dox people for political reasons, why shouldn’t they be doxed?

8.) It’s true that I organized a rally in Shelbyville, TN to protest the Antioch church shooting. Just a few days ago, Emanuel Samson was found guilty on all 43 charges in that shooting. In the morally bankrupt worldview of people like Luke O’Brien, we are at fault for protesting a mass shooting, not the shooter for gunning down people in a Southern church.

Finally, I write about an enormous variety of subjects on this blog from political punditry to science to history to philosophy to cultural geography to technology and so forth, but I mainly enjoy skewering dumb people like Luke O’Brien who are fake news and don’t belong in any position of authority.

Note: In theory, I support Jack’s effort to improve the health of the public conversation. I’ve also been doing my part in that respect by discouraging people from going out and becoming mass shooters. The public conversation would be a lot healthier if they were allowed to ridicule Luke O’Brien.

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  1. “Luke O’Brien is one of the saddest and dumbest leftwing journos in America.”

    He also doesn’t know what he’s talking about, either. Like most journalists.

    • “…most journalists.” are not ignorant. They are liars. They lie as effortlessly as a cow pees.

  2. Gee Brad, you sound so scary. It must be a nice honor to scare the left that much. To this moron, you rate Andrew Anglin level evil, sheesh! He even got your wife in that mind dribble.

  3. Political Correctness DEMANDS total obedience from everyone. There is no middle ground. Everyone is either Politically Correct or a “hater.”

    • Honestly, I had never heard of this Likud O’Brien before today. Based on his dishonesty and ad hominem attacks on HW, I haven’t missed anything of substance.

      O’Brien, Mathias, and Holt are nothing more than sewer worms and Fire Island glory hole enthusiasts

  4. Love seeing all that parental bonding with George. He’s a lucky little boy but we knew he would be.

    I see Brad slightly more than Renee, especially around the eyes.

    • The Irish and Jewish power hegemony isn’t just a meme its real they have each others backs most of the time. I’m not saying there isn’t good pro white irish out there but its amazing how often i see a o’brien or a o’keefe or whatever doing there bidding its either a happy irish merchant or a happy anglo merchant if the happy Jewish merchant is too busy counting its shekels from jewing the goyim

  5. I cringe whenever a dissident reveals pictures of family, because the left is so unhinged about attacking those not of the progressive faith. Doxxing is the least of the worries I would have. But it also shows the crazies that you’re unafraid, and won’t be stopped from living your life as you see fit. Being open about having firearms probably helps, too.

    The left controls media, but they are losing power and credibility, along with a lot of money. That explains their desperation to censor and deplatform all of their opposition. We’re making progress in some areas, which is why the hits keep coming. We’ve just got to vow to keep coming back at them, whether through analog or digital means.

    • There aren’t enough of us presenting ourselves as normal people. You’ve seen how it is in the 2.0 movement with the loathing of women, the rejection of marriage and family, crazy people in skull masks martyring themselves under Sonnenrands. My identity is already out there so my message is like just chill and be normal

      • HW, you make those of us who advocate Uncle Charlie’s plan for Helter Skelter look like kooks. We need to present a united front against the enemy, and James Mason’s book will help us do just that.

      • “My identity is already out there so my message is like just chill and be normal.”

        Yep. I just wear normal clothes. I don’t fly flags or wear T-shirts with sayings on them. My opinions are more less held by everybody I meet in everyday life. Conservatism is just normal life as it
        naturally unfolds in time and place.

  6. If you really want to spite the lefty morons of this world – you and Mizzus Hunter need to make for babies. You make excellent ones!

    • If there’s one thing those anti-white cretins like Loser O’Brian hate to see it’s a happy white family such as HW’s, madam.

  7. HW I think you should read Tarrents ‘The Great Replacement’ just maybe you’ll understand this and the other.

  8. Hunter,

    Thank you so much for this post. I’ve been enjoying this site for months now and even went back and read your pieces about Christianity and your journey in rediscovering the old church theologians like Luther to discover the real church.

    My suspicion with this Luke guy is the same suspicion that I have with all of these PC idiots. They have no ties or bonds to anything that is bigger than themselves (IE: God, family and yes tribe as well). Because of this, they have to fill the void with something else, namely ideology. That ideology is a hyper individualism that is destructive to the human spirit and soul.

    These people are hollow on the inside. I ask God to help me sympathize with them because both you and I both know they are lost. Since I am s flawed person as we all are, I find myself having a tougher time sympathizing. At first, I got angry with them. Now I see them as an annoyance much like that stubborn gnat that buzzes near your ear that you can’t seem to get rid of.

    I really believe that to survive as a people we need to focus on strengthening social bonds with other members of our tribe. I think that when things are chaotic, getting back to the basics is the best way to regroup.

    Keep up the good work sir and don’t lose hope. Y

  9. That son of yours sure has his parents joy. And good looks! Your on the right path Brad, keep going that way. Many of us like where your going… Dont get discouraged….

  10. Luke is yet another example of a low T beta cuck like his colleague Christopher Mathias. Seriously these guys are at the lowest end of the Bell Curve. Who appointed them as the Orwellian Thought Police? These so-called ”journalists” sit in sanctimonious judgment of others while they associate with left-wing domestic terrorists aka Antifa. Also, they parrot the ADL that till this very day defends the convicted pedophile Leo Frank. (((They))) have no moral high ground and they’re pseudo-intellectuals that are too stupid to know which fucking bathroom to use. I rest my case…..

    • We are all missing the greater point of Luke O’Brien’s angst.

      Why is the owner of Twitter suddenly talking about opening his platform up to a free exchange of ideas (like it was before Twitter dropped the ban hammer on everyone who didn’t agree with the Left)?

      I imagine Twitter (and other platforms) are losing tons of money. They got triggered and they banned many customers who leaned right, no doubt offending many neutrals who believe in free non-violent expression.

      How many customers who had not been banned, stopped using Twitter, thinking they had already been shadow banned, anyway? How many customers stopped using Twitter, because they were offended, as customers, at the idea of being censored by a service they were patronizing?

      Thanks to its leftist antics, Facebook lost a lot of customer activity. Lots of customers stopped living on Facebook. They saw a big drop in usage. People are using it just to exchange birthday and anniversary greetings or post some announcement and then they get off.

      Banning people they disagree with didn’t change a single mind. The same posters who trended to the right didn’t stay on Twitter and mouth SJW platitudes. They simply stopped using Twitter. This is an unofficial boycott and it is hitting them in their wallets.

      I know a lot here aren’t too happy at the idea, but I think Trump’s chances of being re-elected and winning the popular vote this time are pretty good. NOT because of his actions, but because of the censorship and other silencing antics by the Left. People are annoyed and want to take them to the woodshed and there is no better way to accomplish this than by putting him back in office with even bigger margins. Just my gut feeling on this.

  11. Its cool you dox communists hunter, I remember a old weev video on his old yt channel now deleted where he states the morality of doxxing he made some good points actually but it mostly boiled down to there are more of them doxxing us then us doxxing them so don’t bother goys. I forget what the video was titled but it was in relation to cantwell and someother guy i forget his name for some reason doxxing ricky vaughn

    • I find the yelps of outrage by those doxed Lefties who make a practice of doxing posters they disagree with highly amusing. Evidently that taste of your own medicine is rather nasty, isn’t it?

      As far as I’m concerned, if you can live by the dox, you can die by the dox and that may be what it comes down to. One of these days, one of these Social Justice Wankers is going to dox the wrong person and it’s going to cost them their lives.

      These doxxers are stuck on stupid. They obviously don’t read real news or they’d see how commonplace work violence becomes when someone goes postal at work after being fired. If someone is doxed out of a job, all they have is time on their hands. Time to track down the people who doxed them and retaliate in nasty ways.

      When that inevitable day arrives, I am not going to shed a single damned tear for a doxer, because I figure it’s Social Darwinism in action. If some leftist doxer buys the farm after messing with the wrong person, then the doxee is humanity by getting rid of people who represent a threat to any independent thought out there.

      • Can’t believe I forgot Paul Nehlens name hes the guy who actually originally doxxed Ricky Vaughn, didn’t he turn out to be some kind of fed telling alt righters to doxx themselves lol? Even tho Vaughn was basically a neoconish gatekeeper if the rumours are true boy that whole scene is a real shitshow I dunno Clytemnestra the left is still more accomplished at ruining the lives of the far right but whatever bro i see your point kind of

  12. HW has a lovely wife and a handsome son – two things that Loser O’Brien will NEVER have.

  13. I was unaware the Huffington Post had any male writers, even bad Left wing writers. When I see photos of the Editorial Board of the Huffington Post it is exclusively women – I’m sure, all unmarried, childless, unhappy feminists – hate men, hate American history, hate their lives. They’re miserable and want to make our entire country miserable.

  14. Dude, for your own safety… (Plz excuse the all-caps but in this instance it is warranted…)


    Never, ever, ever. Delete those photos NOW.

    Whether you like it or not, you are a public figure, and as your very post demonstrates, you have become an object of hatred for flaming ignorant psychopathic maniacs.

    You know perfectly well how evil the left has become, and what these lunatics are capable of.

    You are putting your entire family in danger. I understand your idea that it’s important to show the world that WNs are normal people, not tattooed LARPing imbeciles, but your enemies are not rational, they are /evil/.

    Your family’s well-being is of paramount importance. Do not share personal information about them or pictures of them on the Internet. Please.

    • Good point even tho hunter is a populist centrist and despite renouncing, rebuking the toxic views of the alt right and despite voting for yang they will never forgive him for voting for trump even tho trump is doing exactly what hilary would be doing for Israel and deep state if she were president. They still hold grudges no matter what but i think hunter already knows the implications if i’m not mistaken. I mean no point getting paranoid thinking of the worst possible scenarios here

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