Trump: The Border Patrol Just Apprehended The Largest Group of Illegal Aliens Ever!

Still not tired of winning!

Watch how easily the illegal aliens pass through the border fence:

Fortunately, Blompf is our president.

If he hadn’t won the 2016 election, we wouldn’t be hitting new record highs of legal and illegal immigration that surpass the worst days of the Obama administration!

Note: Don’t miss Sean Hannity’s special tonight on The Deep State!

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  1. Sean Hannity has a special on the Deep State? Is that a joke? I’m sure he’ll get to the bottom of everything.

  2. The people coming in now are Central Americans. Even Mexicans don’t want squatemalans in their country!

    • Its a shame Mexico is such a corrupt guerilla warfare shithole run country I heard abunch of rich castizo spanairds basically run Mexico not sure if its 100 percent true but vicente fox will tell his followers on twitter how to take advantage of America and the republicuck party will yawn and double down on big business tax cuts that utilize cheap labor its unbelievably sickening god please curse the cia and fbi and zog America

  3. We apprehended them and we are releasing them right back into America to own the racist libtards epic style i don’t care if a Mexican rapes your daughter or kills your son but they have to do it LEGALLY also black and Hispanic employment all time high, Winning!

    • Thom,

      The black and latin unemployment rates dropping is due to the Democrat Party under Obama. Black unemployment was 16.6% in april 2010 but had dropped to 7.8% in January 2017.

      The Hispanic unemployment rate was 13% in August 2009 but had dropped to 5.9% in january 2017—the last month Obama was in office.

      In short the Democrat Party brought the rates down drastically. Not the Republicans. The whole truth is different than Trump and his bellowing.

      Massive immigration will make those figures climb. Unless they count new illegals as legitimate in order to pad the statistics lower for latins.

      White unemployment rate is currently 3.5%.

      Overall American unemployment rates have fallen under Trump but not drastically like under Obama.

      The historic low for America was 2.5%.

      Mexico currently is 3.5%–overall lower than the USA.

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