Virginia Beach Shooting

A few days ago, I predicted there would be another mass shooting within the next two months because it happens like clockwork now. Observe how the news cycle has moved on from the guy who set himself on fire DC two days ago before we even learned the cause of that incident.

The shooter was this black guy who was a disgruntled former employee:

The mainstream media has already lost interest in the story out of disappointment.

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  1. If the news story dies out its because the shooter is a person of color.

    If the shooter is a frustrated white man, it will be international news for two weeks.

    • It’s a nigger. Complete with photographs and the name “Dewayne.”

      This won’t last long in the news.

    • I guess what the kike-run press is basically saying is they expect violent, irrational behavior from niggers, but it’s unusual when White people engage in it; Then it becomes a man-bites-dog kind of story.

      • Anti-whites FREAK OUT when whites attack, because they think whites are responsible for EVERYTHING they do – like real human beings would be.

        Anti-whites SHRUG THEIR SHOULDERS when non-whites attack, because they they think non-whites are responsible for NOTHING they do – like animals.

        They are more white supremacist than anyone here.

  2. “O’ lordie, baby jesus … eleven dead at da’ community center … must be anudda white boy dun got a assault gun and be killing a whole bunch of god’s chilluns … ah lordie …”


    “Oy vey, it’s just like hilter’s germany … oy vey!”

    • Funny, I recently had a gentleman complaining about how the Blacks were ruining Virginia Beach on my GAB feed.

    • You’re right but people have to come to the reality that the gop will hand gun control reform to the democrats on a silver platter or the republicucks can do gun control themselves an own the libtards epic style lol demonRats are the real mass shooters

  3. According to Microsoft news officials will give the name of the shooter but only once, Now I know why. This story will go down the Memory Hole PDQ.

  4. Interestingly Ed Henry on Fox and Friends said the Police had a drill that day.

    Beware when you here the word drill because more than likely it was a false flag.

  5. News Breaking Lies: Pubic works managers

    ‘Tis just another hoax event, leaven sent, triple 6 encoded, crisis actors the common factors, no guns in plain sight, Sandy Crook, Mandalay Gay, Boston no-Bombing and Pulse Nightclub in play, not to mention those dozens of others where drills were uncovered, did I mention that none died and many crocodile tears were cried, ’tis all fake, Hegelian Dialectics, black vs. white stirred by the kike, make no mistake, they would the genuine white suffer and break!

    • You nailed it. These hysterical media narratives are piggybacked onto DHS “drills” and “exercises”, which either precede or coincide with the staged “event”. People need to open their eyes and understand the hoaxed character of these things.

  6. I found it interesting they did mention the race. I was wondering about that. Yeah, black educated man kills whites and blacks. But hey, the solution is always more asinine gun laws.

    • Thank you @ Captain John for sharing that link — My Whitey-senses were telling me sense I first heard this shooting break into the headlines that an anti- White agenda was lurking somewhere in there .

  7. He’s not a Muslim so they refer to him as a “suspect” and only once mentioned his name;no picture of him.Had he been Muslims it would have been non stop ,the opposite. Amerikans protecting their own; the association of mass murder with Muslim names and middle east faces, is a tool of the media to inflame hatred and more wars against Muslims. Everyone else who murders is “suffering from mental illness”, or now as the media reports it, will not be mentioned by name [ so as to not give him notoriety, is the stated rationale]. The real reason is cause he’s not Muslim and so mass murder by a non Muslim Merikan will be diminished in the new reports. as it does not fit the anti Muslim agenda.

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