MIGA: Jews Are Really Creeped Out By Trump’s Hardcore Zionism

I believe this is true.

As we saw the other day, Bibi Netanyahu has less support in Israel than in Washington, DC. Generally speaking, we give the Jews a hard time on this website, so I felt like drawing attention to this and saying, wow, we agree on something important for once.

Note: The MIGApede below gets all his opinions from Mark Levin and Glenn Beck. He’s not an original thinker and ought not to be taken seriously. Most people in life are born to be followers.

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  1. Tho new American nutjob class known as “Evangelicals” is one copulation closer to being Jewish themselves with each passing day. Why don’t they just convert, they’re already there.

    Disgusting, pathetic, loser morons and not much else. Praise the Lord!

    • Old Testament wackjobs in essence. They’ve read the book and completely missed or blotted out the scheming sneaks of the Sanhedrin and gone into the mumbo jumbo pseudo history of the OT as if was Gospel. These Hebrews will genocide you dumb bastards!

      • Captain John, I hate to burst your antinomian bubble, but the VAST MAJORITY of “Evanjellygoo” Xtians are neither NT Wackjobs, nor OT wackjobs.

        They are heretics- which the Church designated as such, somewhere between AD 100- AD 1500. What this group is, is that THEY ARE TALMUDIC WORSHIPERS (along the lines of ‘easter worshipers’ as the Jewsmedia called it, during the Paschal Season) . They literally are IDOLATORS, worshiping a false group who claim an ethnic/racial heritage they neither possess, nor hold in holiness, as the Bible (Both OT AND NT) command.

        The Talmudics (thanks to Michael Hoffman for giving them this moniker, which is the ONLY true name for them) are neither: OT descendants, Bible Believers, or Hebrews. Even less are they the ‘Chosen People of God,’ or the “Lawful inhabitants of Palestine.”

    • The evil-jelly cucks would never be accepted into mainstream jewdayizm, madame. However, if some SHIKSA were to marry a jew and give birth to a Rosemary Woodhouse type baby it would be considered as part of the tribe.

    • No, they are smart.

      War is over when it is over and greatest victories have gained not by attacks but by retreats. Napoleon and Hitler in Russia for example.

      Trump actions will doom Jewry in longer perspective and smarter ones understand that. Trump is using Jew greed against them. Trump has not given Jews nothing except growing Jew awareness and war with Arabs and probably with all Islamic world.

  2. The Jews are creeped out by Trump because his vulgar grovelling is exposing their power for all to see. Could he be an anti-semite who is trying to undermine them by going over the top in his grovelling to them, or is he a philosemite of the most vulgar and obvious kind?

    I saw a tweet today of a wedding on a beach. The husband is labeled Evangelical. His wife, America. While the married couple hold each other, the man is not looking at his beautiful wife, he looking at another man walking out of the water in a bathing suit, labeled Israel. Gaaaaaay!

      • I tried to find it but can’t remember where I saw it. It should be easy to recreate using a similar picture and an online meme generator.

  3. I think the Jew has mixed feelings on Trump. He’s all about Israel. However he hasn’t declared War on all Islamics on Earth. So the Jew has mixed feelings. The Jew probably don’t trust him. Deo Vindice !

    • There is some speculation that the three “great” Abrahamic religions can trace their origins, at least in part, from Zoroastrianism.

    • You just keep avoiding the reality of he Word of God, After. It will do you no good, come your judgment.

  4. The Way of the World has endorsed Tulsi Gabbard as the best American candidate for POTUS after the Blompf delusion.

  5. It’s no coincidence that Deep State attempts at COUNTERFEIT religious ‘miracles’ (“Jerusalem for the US Embassy,” the ‘creation of Israel in 1948,’ the ‘Six Day war’ starting the Scofield ‘this generation’ madness that has not abated since 1988, but only gotten worse. ALL OF IT began back as far as the false “6 Million Dead” in WWII, (Nego, nego, nego!) the Planned JFK Killing, and only ramped up during the Apollo years, as this quote clearly points out:

    “In One Small Step? The Great Moon Hoax and the Race to Dominate Earth from Space, Gerhard Wisnewski explains, “Of course one might understandably assume that what NASA has published and put on the Internet are only the best photos, with any amount of duds being omitted. But this is not the case. NASA has supplied the Internet with the complete first film supposedly shot by Neil Armstrong. The pictures are numbered consecutively with no gaps, and are shown under the heading: ‘Apollo 11 Hasselblad Film Magazine 40/S Unabridged – First Lunar EVA (digitally scanned by JSC in 2004 from original film roll).’ There are exactly 120 pictures – numbered from 5850 to 5970. Although a handful are ‘unintentional’ releases of the shutter, the ‘intentional’ ones are all perfect. In that sense none of the pictures on that film are failures.”

    That’s impossible, even if Armstrong wasn’t shooting with a camera attached to his chest, with only the vaguest idea of what he was aiming at.”

    The MIGA ploy is just the latest in a series of false religious ‘miracles’ or ‘attacks’ (9/11 was an Israeli inside job) – https://russia-insider.com/en/fbi-evidence-shows-israel-knew-about-911-it-happened/ri27136

    that were planned long ago- going back to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, even.

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