Keto Cheesecake Bars

This looks tasty.

I love both pecan pie and cheesecake. It would be great to have a go to recipe that combines both of those things in a delicious, guilt-free, low-carb dessert.

Note: If Rise Above Movement was filling the physical fitness niche, why don’t we have vloggers who focus on diet and nutrition? More White people are actually dropping dead from obesity related illnesses in this country than from violent crime.

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  1. “why don’t we have vloggers who focus on diet and nutrition”

    Renegade Tribune has been covering health, diet and nutrition for years, however they encourage veganism. Even if you are not a vegan, they have some good health tips there.

  2. Arrrgh. DON’T start posting crappy videos of lisping white incels, (even if they are shacking up with butt-ugly Pakis) about KETO recipes.

    My God, HW, where is your brain? Do you REALLY think that the OD audience wants to start using YT and other social media for fuzzy kitties, recipes, and the only other ‘approved’ trash (((THEY))) will allow us? I can look this stuff up, on my own, anytime. I come to OD to LEARN things…..

      • Gee whiz. People accuse me of “purity spiraling” on the Der ewige Jude issue – but some Daily Sewer types can’t even handle ONE post about a healthy recipe. No wonder they can’t get girls.

        • Denise shows her arse again, considering that the Stormer has advocated good diet and has had articles on it on numerous occasions — but of course, she’s too stupid to know anything about it other than her typical braindead female narcissism take.

          But, since she’s a useless feminist dolt who forgot she should shut up and get back in the kitchen, who is surprised?

    • Fr. John lol,

      I hear ya but,

      This is Brad’s blog and he posts 30 plus articles a week of pure southern autism for educational purposes.

      Don’t bust his chops because he posts a cheesecake video once in a while.

      Keto is a thing that merits far more consideration by our fat and sloppy race.

      Im down 40 lbs in 5 months on this type of dieting. I have another 40 i want to lose. How many other people on here could lose a few?

      • If you look at the 25 Points of 3.0, Point #8 is Health and Fitness:

        I’ve lost a ton of weight through regular exercise, low-carb dieting and intermittent fasting. It left me in an all around more positive mood. The leading cause of death in this country for White people is heart disease. So, if we really and truly want to help out White people, then it seems to me that an obvious way to do so is to show them how to eat more intelligently.

        One more thing: maintaining a proper diet and exercise routine basically works for everyone. Sure, it is affected by genetics and racial differences to some degree, but this is one area where there are universal solutions.

      • Ditto for me. I’m down 25 pounds, and the wife and kids are most congratulatory. But that was not the point. Denise’s feeble attempt at either sarcasm, humor, or merely posting to keep in the game ignores the fact that Andrew Anglin was talking about this stuff over three years ago, but he had been on this kick for some time. To have HW do the same ‘in the present year’ (especially with all the vituperation for AA’s site… and what it supposedly stands for, from the vast majority of posters on THIS site) seems duplicitous… or just in bad taste.

        So, Ironic. I’m not without ‘skin in the game,’ as it were. But that one guy just annoys me, and when I see someone as literate as HW posting cheesecake recipes, well, might as well include Paula Deen’s columns as implicit White Awareness posts just to cover all our bases, nomeimsayin’…?

          • @hunter

            Wanglin has specifically denounced keto in favor of a 33/33/33 macro diet…. for, no real reason at all. He doesn’t know shit about nutrition, hes just urbanite scum whose mom probably never cooked him a real meal.

            Like most things his reasons make no sense and are as likely to be intended to cause confusion as anything constructive.

            In this and all things, you should take the word of an eceleb for what its worth on something like this, absolutely nothing.

            Do you buy cereal because peyton manning shows up on a cornflakes box or whatever the fuck? If you do, lol you’re gay and should turn in your ‘White’ card.

            So don’t listen to Wanglin. A crypto jew runs his IT and server infrastructure. He’s at best an idiot, and at worst a shabbos goy.

        • Paula Deen is fat and old. But she is white and at least aware enough to be racist. I’ll not besmirch her Southern Cooking, as its very similar to food I grew up eating way too much of when I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the holler where my family came from.

          Low carb dieting is, put simply, a superior way to lose weight for people with the ability to cook.

          Its not going to work for the atomized urban scum unless they spend tons of money on gimmicky packaged foods.

          It won’t work for negros or latinos (or any other flavor of brown folks) because its too complicated.

          Asians dont need it.

          Who cares if Jews do it.

          So the diet for all intents and purposes may well be the last bastion of implicit white identity.

          I subsist quite happlily on mostly salad that I grow myself, with olive oil and vinegar dressing. Add a few additional things here and there for variety and you have a perfect keto meal. Need protein? Add some ham, chicken breast, egg, hard cheese etc.

          Naturally low carb and high fat. Filling. Light, cheap and very healthy.

          Snacks are veggie sticks dipped in mayo. Same concept. Low carb, high fat, moderate protein. Low cost, low food prep, clean and fresh whole food.

          If after doing this 99% of the time i decide to make a cheesecake from a recipe with a fag narrating, sue me all to hell for selling out the white race.

          Or, maybe you could lighten up…

          We all need to eat better.

  3. Keto cheesecake bars does sound like some kind of decadent Millennial confection, though. I doubt the Chinx or the Vietcong are as fussy about the food they eat.

    • “I doubt the Chinx or the Vietcong are as fussy about the food they eat.”


      If you can make something good-tasting that’s healthy for you, or something that’s shitty tasting that’s healthy for you, why not make the good-tasting thing? Masochism?

  4. Looks good! I’ve always said that if you are offered good cheesecake or barbecue, and you don’t have some, it’s a sin, in it’s in the Bible somewhere, I know it is!

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