Koch Brothers Team Up With George Soros, ADL and Big Tech To Fight Online Extremism


“The Koch Brothers are teaming up with tech companies, universities and other fellow billionaires to combat online extremism.

On July 17, the After Charlottesville Project will host its second summit in San Francisco, California. Founded in the aftermath of the deadly 2017 white supremacist attacks in Virginia, the conference brings together political and business leaders to discuss solutions for curbing political terrorism. While last year’s gathering in Missouri involved grassroots and city response initiatives, the focus of this year’s summit will involve the “private tech sector” and “best practices on the fight against hate and extremism online,” according to the event’s press release.

Representatives for the Charles Koch Institute and the Anti-Defamation League will join executives from tech companies which currently include Eventbrite, Mozilla, Pinterest, Patreon and Airbnb. …”

Oh look … all the billionaires and special interests who are currently corrupting our political system by suppressing free speech on the internet and buying our elections are gathering in San Francisco to plot their next wave of censorship. Is Sheldon Adelson going to be on a panel?

Note: The Koch Brothers are why we need Universal Maximum Income.

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  1. I don’t understand. I thought the Koch brothers were hardcore neo-Nazis/Fascists, according to the media and leftists?

  2. These men should be supporting WN, not working against it.

    When we come to power, confiscate everything they own.

  3. Sheldon probably doesn’t have long to live hes getting so old sick an frail i only hope the scumlord passes away soon. I try not to wish death on any man but scum like adeleson i take the rare exception. Isn’t it orwellian how the media doesn’t discuss how sheldon helped trump win but they do this weird russia helped trump win hoax

    • I have no problem wishing pain and death upon people like Adelson and Soros. Just remember, they are trying to wipe your people off the Earth.

      • True which is why i take the rare exception, soros has a hatchling spawn too and hes already mingling with politicians and celebrites and taking photos with them pure evil these ugly semitic aliens

  4. And we all know who they mean when they say ‘online extremism’. It is not Islam or violent anti-white antifas, or anarchists who are doing 95% of the terrorism around the world. They mean anyone with white skin, who doesn’t go along with their White Genocide agenda.

    The architects of White Genocide are revealing themselves. We now know their names, addresses, and the contents of their bank accounts. White Genocide lawsuits when?

  5. Respectable conservatives serve as ratifiers of Political Correctness. When “both sides” agree, the Thought Police have a license to kill.

  6. “Founded in the aftermath of the deadly 2017 white supremacist attacks in Virginia…”

    NO ONE DIED. Heather Heyer had a heart attack because she was an obese, out-of-shape, cigarette-smoking LIBERAL.

    Fake News, has now morphed into propaganda news. On the level of MLK was a godly, intelligent, moral man…. Yeah, right.

    • “Deadly white supremacist attacks” — what a filthy, stinking, detestable, bald-faced, unspeakably slimy lie.

    • Under 5 feet tall, THREE HUNDRED AND THIRTY POUNDS! That’s a lot of freakin’ woke social vibrancy!

  7. If they are successful in suppressing ALL “online extremism” do they really think everyone will start believing their lies again?

    The alternative to free speech is violence.

  8. Money is speech, sometimes capital filed under the right paper work is a human. You say the kochs brothers are against freedom of speech? Who’s trying to silence every corporations human rights by preventing corporations right to speak! Corporations don’t have a vocal box like blood & flesh humans, corporations communicate by transferring large funds from one bank account to another.

    You english only bigots are corporate xenophobes and abilitists! just because corporations talk differently than you and me is no reason to silence their voices!

    i hope this freeze peach activist(bunter fallace) realizes his efforts are only silencing the most marginalized community, corporations didn’t even get personhood until 2010! Don’t get me started on the persecution of the successful hard working billionaires either. We’re not going to let you turn back the clock on non-blood and flesh humans, sorry pal!!

  9. I recall some Leftist friends of mind were protesting the FSU president taking Koch Bros donations back in 2010. How little they knew that the Koch’s were on their side.

  10. White Solidarity is Mount Olympus without cables or sherpas and myriad self-implanted landmines from Olympian whisperings……

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