Black Pigeon Speaks Has Been Purged From YouTube

I’m not familiar with the channel.

I had all of two videos uploaded to the Occidental Dissent YouTube channel which was purged the moment that YouTube rolled out its new censorship policy. The videos were unedited Periscope livestreams from my POV of the Unite the Right rally which contradict the mainstream media narrative of Charlottesville. My channel was suspended for “repeated” and “severe violations” of YouTube’s “hate speech” policy for simply documenting an important historical event.

I never developed our channel on YouTube mainly because I thought it wasn’t worth the time and effort due to what I perceived as the creeping censorship that has been going on since Trump won the 2016 election. After I was banned from Twitter in December 2017, it made much more sense to continue to develop this blog rather than waste so much of my time creating content on social media platforms only to have my entire audience and network shot out from underneath me again.

I have only heard of Black Pigeon Speaks because I spent all my time at YouTube watching historical documentaries, religion and philosophy videos and health and fitness videos. I’ve never had the time to do all that, maintain this website, a Twitter account and keep up with all the political channels. I’m sure the gist of this is correct and that he was purged after speaking out against the censorship. Obviously, there is a black list as my own experience at YouTube demonstrates.

Note: Watch the video that got Black Pigeon Speaks purged on Bitchute. I’m about to watch it myself. If it was good enough to get his whole channel banned from YouTube, I am sure that I will agree with his message. Everyone needs to put their differences aside and start calling out the ADL by name which is responsible for the censorship and deplatforming.

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    • BPS has called out the adl/splc quite a few times… of course he never touched on the JQ for obvious reasons

    • You’re right, that’s why I have no sympathy for alt-lite cowards who know what the jews are guilty of but refuse to name them.

  1. Black pigeon speaks was a great channel. Always classy, very well produced. I saw that video, YouTube just made the whole point of his video for him. He never used Bulger or ethinic smears. Very classy.

  2. > I’m not familiar with the channel.

    I’ve seen his stuff. Moderately right-wing. Don’t think he ever touched the JQ. But alas, not good enough for JewTube…

  3. G*d damned sheenie bastards never know when to quit aggravating their ‘nice until they’re not’ opposition.

    The ADL must think that they’re immune from any backlash. That’s the arrogance of their tribe, and that will up being respected for their downfall permanently this time.

  4. Black Pigeon really bored me to tears.
    His themes were actually interesting.
    But his delivery was excruciatingly convoluted and pretentious. He had this really annoying habit of interrupting the subject-verb connection with long clauses, endless adjectives, and tangent ideas and phrases that made him sound super smart, but really cluttered the clarity of his sentences. In other words; it took him forever to get to the point. This is the perfect way to bore a person to death. I once even gave him this constructive piece of criticism. But he ignored it and continued with this awefully constructed prose. Coherence was not one of his strong points. I can’t say I will miss his channel. But I tried to like it.

    • I totally agree with your analysis. I also thought Black Pigeon had a robotic cadence to his voice that I found quite monotonous. Good riddance.

  5. ……………. and lauren southern has “retired” to go and suck nigger dick full time.

    • Re: Lauren Southern’s interview with BPS above.

      Were Lauren’s Hope Not Hate gays doing the filming for that? If so, BPS will be doxxed soon.

  6. Why are people agonizing over this?

    What is digital separation compared to what is coming: the break up of the United States plus or minus one of the bloodiest conflagrations in history?

    PS I signed up for Jordan Peterson’s new video streaming platform – ultimately we will win as defined by the 14 words, this period is a necessary purgative, learning what doesnt work (evil be my good) and having nowhere else to turn, turning towards Righteousness.

    • Jordan Peteron? What are you smoking? He is an enemy of nationalism. He will ban and doxx nationalists too.

      • Don’t you mean Juden Peterstein the guy who says jews are too high iq and we should never criticise them?

  7. peterson.. seems to think identity politics is ok for everbody except Whitey. w/Pinker as wingman.. i know all i need to know.

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