Parkland Survivor Kyle Kashuv Rejected By Harvard Over Politically Incorrect Comments

This is where we are at today under the political correctness.

I’ve repeatedly explained here why political correctness is a terrible moral system because unlike classical moral systems or Christianity, which can be practiced by anyone, it is particular not universal. It simply damns the “sinner” forever on the basis of immutable characteristics.

I fully understand this kid is Jewish and worked for Charlie Kirk at Talking Points USA and groveled before Harvard, but he supports the NRA and Trump so he is getting the “you’re a White male” treatment. Laura Loomer got the same treatment in spite of being Jewish over her politics. If Kyle Kashuv was just a White Christian kid from a place like Arkansas, he would have been dealt with even more harshly under the current system and probably wouldn’t have benefited so much from Jewish nepotism:

Kyle Kashuv has committed the unforgivable “sin” of racism which didn’t exist until the “mainstream” created it in the 1960s. Just read the Southern History Series if you doubt me:

BTW, the “mainstream” is what people on television say is morality. It didn’t exist until the creation of the mass media in the 20th century:

What is stopping the “mainstream” from using the mass media to completely redefine the nature of morality by manipulating social status signals? It turns out nothing.

It is now just holier-than-thou “journalists” and self-selected important people on television and in newspapers and magazines making shit up and changing moral discourse. Morality isn’t today what it was in the 1990s when I was growing up or even the 2000s:

Say the wrong thing in private and you won’t get into Harvard.

Say the wrong thing on social media or associate with the wrong people and you will become a designated “hate agent,” deplatformed from social media and cut off from the financial system by your bank.

Like the wrong comment on Facebook and The Huffington Post will write articles about you to get you fired from your job.

Note: Some people will inevitably just reject this evil system root and branch. They will be labeled “extremists.”

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  1. We’ve had the Chinese social credit system since Potatus got elected. Doxxing and swatting of people on the right was already happening, but now the left has gone full Orwell and cranked up repression to 11. Do they not think at all? What is happening to us today could easily happen to them tomorrow. Even if they maintain near-total cultural control, eventually blowback will come, and it will be a major bitch.

    • They are pushing and finding no resistance, though.

      Why would they stop?

      We are paralyzed by a lack of imagination. No one is doing the math: America is dead, the ONLY play is separating, and you don’t hear enough people calling for it.

  2. Abortion is already opening cracks between the Heartland (Texas, Alabama, Montana, etc.) and the Left Coast (NY, CA). It could be the “slavery issue” that leads to break up.

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