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    • The president that Israel deserves and boomercucks will still worship him regardless
      No excitement from me hunter I cann’t even stress myself to watch it, i will just watch the cringey highlights on cnn or colbert where trump spouts off more lies and breaks even more promises

  1. If Drimpf had a molecule of decency (which he doesn’t) he would not have sought a second term. Even Lyndon Johnson was decent enough not to do that.

    • Not only is Blompf unable to show a shed of decency or respect for the voters who made him POTUS against all odds, but he has the pathological narcissism to tweet that the American public might want him to serve a third term.

      Perhaps, Blompf can serve his “third term” as prime minister of Israhell.

  2. You know folks, people said it couldn’t be done. They said Donny trust us, we’re doing the best we can. I told them, you’re going to see something you’ve never seen before. Everyone is going to love it, it’s incredible

    None of the experts believed I could do it, well today folks I am proud to tell you we’ve let in more immigration than any other president in the great history of our nation. Isn’t that something!

  3. It’s difficult NOT to support Trump and it’s difficult NOT to vote for Trump when so many basturds hate him so much. I just might vote for him again in the next upcoming presidential election and I’m kinda hoping he wins in 2020 — just to watch the snowflakes melt. It’s alot of fun to watch snowflakes melt. I’m into it. It’s alot of fun watching Hellary and all the other Democrats having temper tantrums. Surely, nobody can deny it’s alot of fun watching the Democrats having their temper tantrums, traitor bastards to the United States.

    • That would be the best thing about it. Watch some more weaklings cry. Might as well get one more out of him, because Whites will be in very bad shape electorally after the next one.

    • @Joe, is watching the ‘snowflakes’ melt worth Blompf getting us into world war three, MIGA, worsening of irl and online censorship and suppression, and globohomo exported?

      You do understand that four more years of Blompf me and four more years of POTUS kushner, right?

  4. Steps needed to vote for Blormpf in 2020:

    1. Free all prisoners from Charlottesville Unite the Right 2017 including Fields and grant pardons.

    2. Declare Antifa a Terrorist Organization and use all federal resources to annihilate them permanently.

    3. Arrest all members of the ADL, SPLC, American Jewish Congress, AIPAC, and B’nei B’Rith and place them in detention at Guantanamo Bay.

    4. Fire Kushner and Bolton.

    5. Remove all military forces, ships, and planes from the Middle East.

    6. Bomb and destroy the entire Israeli Air Force if they try to subvert the American will.

    7. Completely shut down all immigration.

    8. Place military forces on the Southern Border with the order to shoot and kill all trespassers.

    9. Hike income taxes on those making over $500,000/year to 60% with progressive rates on upward.

    10. Hike Capital Gains to 50%.

    11. Amend the Constitution to ensure the Federal Reserve Chairman is elected by 2/3 of State Legislatures with a term of 2 years.

    12. Abolish the Patriot Act and all post-9/11 buildup of the Deep State.

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