Trump: Millions of Illegal Aliens Will Be Deported Starting Immediately

I’m guessing that FOX News poll landed on the target:

Jared, I have to look like I am doing something!

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  1. 1. Trump enforces the spirit and letter of immigration law and reverses the demographic decline even modestly, but with no foreseeable end in sight. This would rebuild his political base for 2020 overnight.

    2. The Enemy rises up: Jews, blacks, Mexicans and so forth start protests, civil disobedience, court challenges, and of course, it spills over into violence, anarchy, arson

    3. ???

    3a. Trump backs down quickly, loses 2020, and then we are fighting for Partition from a very weak position

    3b. Trump holds steadfast, here things get interesting

    at this point the Democratic party comes under extreme pressure as the faction of Jewish techno-billionaire incrementalists try to keep the aggressive young brown muscle of the party in check in order to contest 2020, which now looks competitive for the first time since Trump’s strikes on Syria and Trump’s failed Health Care fiasco.

    The brown folk, seeing their hopes of stealing everything we have begin to fade and they may just burn it all down, a realization of the threat tabled in the 1960s.

    Trump could be assassinated, or a coup could declare a new Executive in breech of Constitutional order forcing whites to call with similar measures or fold.

    In this chaotic “tipping point”, anything can happen. I wish Trump did this in 2017, but 2019 is still salvageable.

    Does he have the balls to go for it all? To be a true Modern Cyrus the Great?

  2. If Blompf doesn’t come through on this, he is toast. Blaming the dems on Twitter won’t work, because this is the issue that got him elected, and the issue on which he has been the most disappointing. People will now expect action. Inflated stock market and employment numbers won’t save him if he doesn’t come through this time.

        • “if he doesn’t come through this time”

          IF??? There is no “If” with Drumpf.

          by November 2020 there will be another 2,000,000+ illegal shitskins in ‘Murka.

          and 50-60 million deluded White cucks will still go out and vote for him.


          • I was looking at the situation through a pro-Trump normie’s eyes. They’re the ones who vote in large enough numbers to keep him in office or not. They watch Fox and listen to Rush Limbaugh, and don’t read blogs like this one. “Race realism” is close-up video of a crash at the Indy 500 to those people. Positive economic propaganda keeps them mesmerized most of the time. But even those sheeple have wanted Blompf to move on the border. If he wants to hold onto power, he had better not break this particular promise.

  3. He knows it is too little too late. He just wants to avoid the embarassment of impeachment, which is a garuntee if his poll numbers hit the 39% threshold.

    • Ditto. This is bullsh#t — he couldn’t deport that many if he wanted to. He doesn’t. And even more he doesn’t want to be called a mean ol’ racissst. He’ll back down immediately all the while saying (tweeting) how he’s tough but compassionate.

  4. Maybe one of the big legacies of Trump is that he did pave the way for what happened in other countries, where ‘Trump-like’ figures really did fulfil their campaign promises

    Matteo Salvini in Italy, is more popular than a movie star after having stopped the migrant boats from arriving … 30% of the EU Parliament is now populist, and now ‘remigration’ – i.e., sending them back – has bubbled into the European agenda

    In Brazil, new President Jair Bolsonaro, ‘Bolsomito’, also fighting the leftist hordes, has achieved some quick success and acclaim for his ‘more guns and tough on crime’ plan –

    “Brasil’s Sergio Moro, now the Attorney General, has achieved excellent results for only a couple of months of work in his position, like a 23% decrease in the number of homicides, and similar drops in cargo theft, robbery, carjacking, etc”

    Bolsonaro also faces attacks from a well-entrenched and devious Left, including from the oily Glenn Greenwald with his Brazil dude gay husband

    Greenwald of course – formerly in the gay pornography biz (‘hairystuds’) – has been sequentially on the payroll of 3 billionaires, Bill Gates, Rothschilds, and now the CIA-tied, internet-propaganda freak Pierre Omidyar, brought in to fund Greenwald’s ‘Edward Snowden’ hoax.

    Eddie Snowden started his ‘leaking’ to the WashPost biographer of George Bush’s war-monger VP Dick Cheney, but that was so stupid and unbelievable they switched the Snowden game to Greenwald, backed by CIA money-man Omidyar

    Even Putin has hinted out loud that Snowden is an intel hoax, much like Zbig Brzezinski and Israel’s Netanyahu admitted back in 2010, that fanatically pro-Israel Julian Assange is run by intel, and ‘editing’ things to keep the heat off Israel.

    Assange has shared lawyers with the Rothschilds, and they still don’t de-platform Assange’s funding and shilling for shekels, despite ‘USA federal criminal indictments’, ha!

    It’s not clear that Snowden is really in Russia, that Assange was ever really ‘living’ at the London Ecuador embassy, or that Assange is really in Brit jail right now. All these things are easily faked.

    Apparently part of the game with these fake ‘dissidents’ is to de-legitimise anyone trying to tell the real truth about anything … ‘If it was true, Glenn Greenwald would be covering it just like he covered Eddie Snowden’ … ha!

  5. Trump bows before every federal judge, even when they rule contrary to recent SC decisions. Now that the Ninth Circuit has somehow found a right not to be deported, there is no chance to deport them “as fast as they arrive” even if Trump weren’t just running off at the mouth as usual.

  6. This is probably the biggest bluff in history and is a huge fucking lie how anyone even magatards be this gullible is beyond me ‘Jared fox says i’m losing my reelection what do i do, what you always do blumpf tell them the biggest unbelievable lie ever and they will vote for you again gee thanks jared you truly are my greatest friend ever’


    Every “migrant” that has come across can’t be kicked out because they have a court date. Trump has released 100% of scabs family’s. If a scab has a little baby scab with them, they’re in and they’re given work permits while they await their court date, which can be anywhere from 2-7 years.

    The illegals who have been here for years, well anybody could’ve deported them if they wanted to so I don’t see why they would really start now. Maybe some business’s who support democrats might get some workplace raids but that’ll simply be a republican shake down, as soon as they donate to republicans they’ll be fine.

    Without a strong mandatory e-verify with prison time for corporate executives who hire illegals there’s no way you could get them all out by 2020. If trump(or anyone) actually mandated a strong e-verify we would see 85+% illegals leave over several months. The only illegals who would stick around would be career criminal aliens, who if they don’t have a crying child to hide behind become very unsympathetic and could be rounded up in a hard sweep. That’s if anyone in politics really wanted to

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