David French: Josh Hawley’s Internet Censorship Bill Is an Unwise, Unconstitutional Mess

In his recent interview with Charlie Sykes, David French chuckled at the notion that he is “a milquetoast libertarian who is extremely meek about confronting the challenges of our time.”

Over the past month, French has written an article in Time magazine about joining the military and fighting in Iraq War to show his son how to be a man, justified the censorship of Steven Crowder by YouTube and whined about the blacklisting of Kyle Kashuv by Harvard and the “cruelty” of all those mean people on the “gutter right” who are mocking him.

David French has a new article out in National Review this afternoon in which he comes to the defense of Silicon Valley and decries Sen. Josh Hawley’s bill to tackle social media censorship:

“It’s often the case in Washington that the title of a bill communicates the exact opposite of its content or effect. Think, for example of the Affordable Care Act — a title that seemed almost laughable in the face of skyrocketing insurance premiums. Now we have the Republican version of a deceptively named bill, Missouri senator Josh Hawley’s Ending Support for Internet Censorship Act.

In reality, it’s a bill that would inject the federal government directly into the private social-media business and grant it enormous power over social-media content. It would enable public censorship in the name of limiting private control. …”

After doing the Charlie Sykes show, Pastor French has done a new podcast with Nick Gillespie of Reason.com to cry about the “illiberal right”:

“So why are some on the right attacking David French and why should his travails be of interest to libertarians?

French is being attacked because he believes in the classical liberal ideal of a marketplace of ideas, where people civilly argue over ideas and agree to abide peacefully by the outcomes of elections. He mostly believes in the power of persuasion rather than coercion. Unlike a growing number of conservatives and Republicans, he thinks that social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube have the right to kick off whomever they want, even if that leads to fewer conservative voices. And he’s a resolute civil libertarian who remains skeptical of government power, even or maybe especially when his own side is wielding it. …”

We’re mischaracterizing him though!

In spite of what you may have heard, he is not a milquetoast libertarian evangelical cuckservative who is content to get steamrolled in the culture war!

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  1. Race Riot in London will kick off this summer. QT hosted by Fiona Bruce in Tottenham.

    The darkies in the audience want to kill whitey over Brexit.

  2. David French enlisting in the military!?! That pipsqeek is just blowing smoke. He knows damn well that he’s too old to enlist or quality for OCS. The cucks at the (((national review))) probably don’t believe his attempt at machismo anymore than we do.

    The Coast Guard Auxiliary would tell him to get lost, and they take almost anyone.

    David French and Charlie Kirk are the faces of conservative, inc. Who in their right mind outside of head in the sand boomers takes anything these dolts say seriously?

    In the near future, even French’s cuckservatism will be verboten by the neo-libs. Is he expecting a soft landing in Tel Aviv with the other gentile ziocons?

    • The Hebes won’t let that repulsive slug into Israel. Kirk -mebbe. He’s relatively young, and Tel Aviv hosts the largest Homo Parade in the world.

  3. Isn’t it odd that all of his positions just happen to aline with whatever the Jewish olygarchy wants.

    Supports the censorship of the right by Silicon Valley, because they are privately owned. Yet complains that a Jew was barred from a private institution like Harvard. Supports war for Iran. A war Israel has been lobbying for since the 1980s.

    French has a big hooked nose. Has anyone DNA tested the old creeper?

  4. French can barely conceal his chronic case of butthurt over the ridicule he received in 2016. Everything he says on this topic can be understood in this light.

  5. Regarding censorship and immigration … I have a strange happy feeling Trump is waiting to be re elected to unleash a far right punch. He – and his advisors – think he has to kiss butt to some of those we hate to either get their votes or get them to sit it out … so in next term he can do what he feels he can’t now !??

    I give a 70 + % chance after re election we’ll see the wall, massive 3rd world darkie deportations, and arrests of big tech CEO’s under RICO among other things.

    Censorship may be a thing of the past. Speaking of which, O D was shut down last night ? Some lefty didn’t like the truth or what ?

    • Hunter said he forgot to pay the bill. Your more optimistic then I am, but lets hope this is the case on the immigration and censorship.

  6. As much as I hate the bastards, keep the French articles rolling, Mr. Wallace. This is a cockroach who needs the bright light of truth shined on him at every turn.

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