Sean Hannity: We Have To Bomb Iran To Stop Another Holocaust

Hannity argues we have to bomb Iran for Israel:


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  1. why don’t the Germans demolish the stupid scam? what’s wrong with those freaks?

    There are at least two German ships in the Mediterranean right now, SeaWatch and Lifeline, picking up negroes from dinghies to try to dump the biotrash in Malta or Italy.
    They never ever stop causing mayhem, in the last 2.100 years, since the filthy scum, Cimbri and Teutones
    Gradually I’m starting to hate them.

    • Yes, it totally has been the Germans all along! Those ships aren’t full of Soros-backed communists, it’s just typical dispicable German behavior. Its good to hate a sizable portion of the white race. Rock on!

  2. Get us to exhaust our wealth and resources for their war. So much good could have been accomplished from the trillions spent.


  3. Hannity is the official MIGA cheerleader at Fox News.

    I would go as far as to say that hannity is even more of a shabbos goy than Alex jones when it comes to shilling for every plank on the AIPAC itenerary.

    The only holocaust that I am itching for is the one predicted by Ernest Zündel.

    • On a side note. It appears that Boris Johnson had Jews in the attic at his girlfriend Carrie Symonds house. The Jews lived in an apartment within the same house. They are Eve Leigh and Tom Penn. It turns out they were secretly evesdropping on Carrie and Boris and then decided to nuke him by calling the cops when they heard the couple rowing about spilled wine. Eve deleted around 7 years of twitter posts once/before her identity got out. She’s a millionairess playwrite, with a penchant for harassing a shiksa neighbour.

      Don’t have Jews in your attic or under the floorboards.

      • Interesting @ Captain John!! I appreciate the info — I’m a BBC (Biased British Cucks) newshour listener and they were working this non-incident over like a pit bull with a bloody rag. …Very interesting, indeed!

  4. These people are sick. With all the information available at their fingertips, it is beyond belief that there are still so many out there that believe The Big Jew Lie. Well. come to think of it, it really is The Jew & Allied Forces Big Lie. The Globalists Big Lie. Why weren’t the Japanese tried at Nuremberg or something similar?

    It is no longer a matter of… is this country worth saving? We all know it can’t be saved. The new dilemma is… is it safe and logical to remain in this hellhole?

  5. It’s all so tiresome. I always wondered about the Europe of 1913, how it would be like in a world about to be thrown into turmoil: I guess I’ll get my answer.

  6. We have to start a Holocaust to stop a Holocaust. Of course the slaughter of gentiles is nothing compared to the slaughter of Jews. Neocons and their Shabbos Goy lackeys are bloodthirsty psychopaths.

    • The “holohoax ” myth was deliberately foisted and deeply imprinted onto a gullible gentile populace via media, Hollywood, academia outlets to deflect the jew’s culpability for the Ukrainian Holomodor.

      Hey goys we murdered 6-10 million people from 1932-1933, but muh holocaust.

  7. Hey Sean, “you’re a great American!” lol, these losers are going to tank the country, in the end, it will have been their fault.

  8. I think I’m going to get my arm stamped with a Holohoax number (I’ll use Elie Weasel’s). I can’t wait for all the opportunities to start piling up. When I get the coveted insider trading information, I’ll pass it on to all of you.

    • Interestingly, Elie Wiesel let people believe he had a number tattooed on his arm, but he never, ever displayed it. There are a couple of blurry fotos (taken without his knowledge) showing his uncovered arms, and there’s no sign of a tattoo. There are many odd inconsistencies about the Wiesel’s tale — changing dates, changing names, ever-changing anecdotes and allegations. Someone discovered he’d been using the personal info of an older man with a similar name — sort of how Obama used the Connecticut Social Security number of a dead man — never explained.

  9. Do you understand why Hannity has 16 gun safes and has to take martial arts classes. Somebody is going to kill this stupid Mick. Hannity is going to get Meir Kahaned for sure.

    • Hand job Hannity has also described Russia as a hostile adversary. He needs to be dealt with.

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