Tucker Carlson: Google Is Trying To Rig The 2020 Election

In case you missed, the big news of the day is that Google considers Ben Shapiro to be a pipeline to Neo-Nazism. Also, Tucker Carlson slammed the GOP on his show tonight for doing nothing on both censorship and illegal immigration. They just sit there in Washington and call AOC a socialist.

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  1. The same government that subsidized and is now owned by big tech will some how, some way, turn on them now?


    First the alt right, then yang, now this!

    The only path forward is Partition.

  2. Ben Shapiro a pipeline to Nazis, LOL. This is how purges work: They start with your real enemies and proceed to real friends. In the end only a very select few are allowed to utter the Truth and they’re never above suspicion either.

  3. Migrate off of Gmail before it’s too late.

    Pretty soon Google will start selectively leaking their enemies’ emails to antifa or the Feds. Then you’ll wonder why you get audited by the IRS, your bank accounts cancelled, and antifa tracking your every movement.

    Congress won’t lift a finger to help you. Judges don’t care – hey, private company – your email belongs to Google, not you.

    • It was too late the minute you joined gmail. They have all your emails stored away somewhere. Something I have noticed about email services is they all demand your phone number now. It is because they are collecting data to use against you later.


      Did ya’ll hear that Eric Trump was spat on in a retaurant by a waitress? Don’t the libs know that Donald Trump lowered black and hispanic unemployment and ignored his White base?

      Presidental Harassment!!!

  4. Tucker is right. The AOC stuff is stale now and an obvious foil for the GOP.

    The whole thing is designed to make her some boogeyman and scapegoat of all the problems that the GOP refuses to solve. She was a nobody congresswoman from the state of NY and the GOP made her into a power player with all their obsession & stupid screeching about socialism.

  5. Trump works for the juden cause. What makes you think he’s going fix this?
    Stupid humanity! MIGA the parrots are in control.
    Plenty of water, food, dry ammo and a good hiding place until you can meet with like minded people.
    Yes, we’ve been well occupied. Stay your wits.

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