Live Thread: First 2020 Democratic Presidential Debate (Round 1)

UPDATE: I say this as a disaffected populist and swing voter who is not voting for Blompf in 2020 and who watched this debate with an open mind. This debate was boring as hell. It came across as two hours of the same old Democrats one upping each other about open borders and taking away guns. The most cringe part of the debate was Booker, BETO and Julian Castro speaking Spanish.

As expected, Tulsi had some great moments and got in some good shots against Blompf and his neocon chickenhawks. No one else on that stage said anything that I found remotely interesting. The big takeaway of the first debate is how much Yang and Tulsi stand out from the other candidates. The awfulness of the rest of the field really hits you when you see them droning on side by side on the same stage.

Yang will be making his debut on the debate stage tomorrow night. I strongly suspect he will get hit with a gotcha question like Tulsi was tonight.

I’m on Team Tulsi tonight.

While I am out of the Yang Gang for now, I still don’t believe all these Democratic candidates are equally bad. Yang and Tulsi are still the best of the bunch for a variety of reasons. In my view, the question now is to what extent should we support them over their rivals.

I mean … I want to support Yang and Tulsi because I share some common ground with them. I strongly agree with Yang on Universal Basic Income and Humane Capitalism. I strongly agree with Tulsi on foreign policy. It is just that their positions on immigration and other social issues like abortion are too liberal and a major stumbling block for populist voters who are social conservatives.

This is only the Democratic primary though. I’m still hoping that one of these two candidates wins the nomination. They will always have time to move to the center in the general election and by definition that means finding common ground with populist voters in the center of the electorate. I will say at the outset that I expect the Democratic primary to be a roller coaster ride like the 2016 Republican primary. I don’t believe Joe Biden will be the nominee. I believe it will be someone else.

We shall see though.

Note: Comments are open through the evening for live reactions.

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  1. Ryan, the Irish Roman Catholic asshole, who put Jim Traficant in prison over a used welding machine?

    • What is it with those potato niggers? Maybe the English should’ve let ’em all starve.

        • What’s interesting is that the blonde/nordic northern and western europeans are actually the least racist, most cucked, and have the most self hatred for being white. On the other side, you have the dark complexion mediterranean italians, for example, who tend to act the opposite of them for the most part.

          • Even among Northern European cucked peoples, the English stand out due to a lack of philosophical introspection in their national character. In the nineteenth century, when they needed to rethink everything, the English should have produced, but never did produce, a figure like Friedrich Nietzsche.

      • Hey, they are kin, all of European’s are related cousins (see the genetics) … perhaps it’s the religion of globalist “messianic” monarchy of the Jerusalem Temple of Usury programming that is to blame …

      • White anti-White traitors are not exclusive to “potato niggers”. Treason always starts with the Founding Stock descendants of which there are very few if any Irish Catholics. Anyway, it’s counter productive to alienate pro-White potato niggers like myself.

        • Teddy Kennedy played a huge role in delivering what probably was the death blow to this country. But yes, mistakes were made before he came along.

  2. HW, as the South’s preeminent historian I am disappointed that you are unaware of the fact we are on Daylight Time, not Standard Time. It’s minor oversights like that which can impugn one’s credibility.

  3. Bibi Shitpiro endorsed Andrew Yang as his favorite democratic presidential candidate.

    I hope that will be the final kosher straw that breaks the #yanggangs back.

    Oy vey!

  4. I think it will be Biden but his age could be a problem. If Biden starts showing blatant sign of health issues and old age then he will be done.

    The main event debate will be the one to watch.

  5. Back in 2016 I went online and made a bumper sticker with patriotic flair.
    “Wilson/Zimmerman 2016” honoring
    Darren Wilson and George Zimmerman of the NDL (Negro Disposal League)

    Now I’m solidly on team SMOD here.


  6. Hunter, I was just about to comment on the Spanish speaking also. It is so disgusting. And most of these people on stage look to me like they are currently on something.

  7. With a couple exceptions like Tulsi, I just assume most of them be beaten and then drowned. Anti-gun, pro open borders, free stuff for the retards, reparation, anything gay is awesome. Few of them have ever produced anything of value in their lives. Almost all are a parasite of some sort.

  8. This debate is boring AF … basically, it is a bunch of people arguing for open borders and taking away guns. Tulsi just got hit with her gotcha question about LGBTQ rights.

  9. The Universal Basic Income deal is a great idea for Workers. The key is don’t raise taxes but lower taxes for the Middle Class and Working Poor. Doing those 2 things would trigger the greatest economic prosperity in many Years. All Trump did was cut taxes for the rich. Conservatives are a joke for still supporting Trump. The guy literally has rainbow flag Make America Great Again merchandise for sale. He did nothing about Abortion. Think forward. Deo Vindice !

      • I didn’t watch because I knew it would add no insight or revelation. My life would be improved in no way, whatsoever. I read PG Wodehouse stories, instead.

        • LOVE P.G. Wodehouse!! Truly a refuge for the White soul. Lots of great audio on the site if you just want to listen. Why lose brain cells listening to anti-White fanatics? Reading about it is triggering enough.

  10. Beto suffers very very seriously from being bad at give and take and going the Rubio-style media crafted candidate route over his more authentic origins. Overall ranking of who overperformed their previous standings is something like this:
    De Blasio

    Closing statement propelled Beto from last place to third last.

    Gabbard was very wise to go after Ryan, which was the most notable spar of the night. Overall, Warren still remains dominant, and avoided being pwned. Notable was that De Blasio was the only one to call Russia the top geopolitical threat.

    • Haha! I like Russia much more than I like De Blasio. (Did he take his mother’s surname to hide his Jewishness?)

      I couldn’t bring myself to watch these creeps. Ok, just a few minutes on guns and gays. That was enough.

      What did Gabbard say to get Ryan?

      • That the Taliban did not attack us on 9-11 and that the Taliban cannot be gotten rid of. That’s why his claim that we must remain in Afghanistan to ensure our security over here is bogus.[ the Taliban are part of the culture of Afghanistan. They predate Islam even. They harbored alqauda cause they were paid when their people were in dire poverty but had no interest in the US, or knowledge of what alqauda were planning over here .That’s me saying this].

    • Russia is not a geopolitical threat to the United States. The United States is a geopolitical threat to Russia, and just about every other country on the planet.

  11. Jury Verdict For Bryan Reo, $105,000 from Pastor Lindstedt, $400 from Aryan Nations

    A Painesville Ohio jury awarded Bryan Reo $40,000 from Pastor Martin Lindstedt, $50,000 in punitive damages and an additional $15,000 on addition charges for somehow hurting Bryan Reo’s feelings today on 26 June 2019 around 2:35pm. Additionally the corporate veil was pierced and Pastor Lindstedt’s Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri was assessed $200 in damges and $200 in punitive damages by a one negress, four whiggresses, and three whigger cuck jewrors.

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    • She will be the only person I will vote for. Period. She’s far from my ideal – but she actually served in the military. She knows just how evil the Jew Wars are.

  12. hola compañeros americanos! Hay que rechazar el miedo que migra nuestro país está cambiando. Nadie quiere cambiar a América, ahora celebremos los grandes avances que ha hecho nuestro país. América ya no es un país de viejos hombres!!

  13. That was morally demoralizing to watch. It was like looking at a convention in hell. They are all evil and stupid. Those fools are trying to give the election to Trump who I despise.

    All they have to do to win is support the working class, be against wars, quit hating whites, and pretend to be against illegal immigration. They are trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Now is this some plot behind the scene by the donors or are the Democrats really this stupid? Evil I understand but dumb dumb people?

    Whenever I hear conservatives say America is the exceptional nation I do not know whether to laugh or choke.

  14. Gabbard is just as nutty as any other dem running. She is just sane, or talks like she is, with regard to foreign war policy. She is fine with globohomo, fine with abortion at any time, fine with trade deals that ensure American job losses, fine with the insane climate change crowd and fine with America turning into a third world country via immigration.

    There is literally no one to vote for.

  15. The solution for America is for it to Balkanize.

    It’s already happening…..

    We’re not a real nation that can be held together anymore with plausible myths.

    It doesn’t work anymore and we’re all well aware of it…….

    The solution for Whites is to do what The League of the South and TWP have done.

    There will be no Universal White Solidarity……..

    It’s not possible.

    We’re not Jews…….

    Blormpf was a Major Failure and the GOP is the consistent Knife in the Back.

    But, there are still hundreds of millions of White Europeans that can CLAN up.

    Take it BACK…….

  16. “There will be no Universal White solidarity .” A sad and profound truth. Once one realizes that, everything becomes more clear.

    • We’re a minority in our own group. The “Magic Dirt” theory and CivNat kumbaya nonsense is strong with most Whites. Most of us have been trained to think that way since birth. Best to concentrate on gathering together the few of us that get the reality of human nature.

  17. Who else has called out Saudi Arabia and Israel besides Tulsi? Who else has talked about the loss of free speech? A bought government? The constitution? So glad to see her give school on who the enemy is. When a three letter agency changes the enemy to a good guy it creates a bitterness that’s hard to swallow.

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