Vladimir Putin: Liberalism Has Become Obsolete

In between the dumpster fire that is Blompf and MIGA and the dumpster fire that is the Democratic field on illegal immigration, a challenger steps forward … and it’s Vladimir Putin!

“Vladimir Putin has trumpeted the growth of national populist movements in Europe and America, crowing that liberalism is spent as an ideological force.

In an FT interview in the Kremlin on the eve of the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, the Russian president said “the liberal idea” had “outlived its purpose” as the public turned against immigration, open borders and multiculturalism.

Mr Putin’s evisceration of liberalism — the dominant western ideology since the end of the second world war in 1945 — chimes with anti-establishment leaders from US president Donald Trump to Hungary’s Viktor Orban, Matteo Salvini in Italy, and the Brexit insurgency in the UK.

“[Liberals] cannot simply dictate anything to anyone just like they have been attempting to do over the recent decades,” he said. Mr Putin branded Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to admit more than 1m refugees to Germany, mainly from war-ravaged Syria, as a “cardinal mistake”.

“This liberal idea presupposes that nothing needs to be done. That migrants can kill, plunder and rape with impunity because their rights as migrants have to be protected.”

He added: “Every crime must have its punishment. The liberal idea has become obsolete. It has come into conflict with the interests of the overwhelming majority of the population.” …”

Finally, a candidate who gets us!

All the GOP wants to talk about it is what is doing for Israel. All the Democrats want to talk about is what they are doing for illegal aliens. Where does that leave the disaffected middle?

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  1. It used to be fashionable for “white nationalists” to bash Putin. They cited his crack down on “white nationalists” in Russia and opposition to Wolfsangel in Ukraine.

    My retort? He wasn’t cracking down hard enough!

    As we saw with Wolfsangel in the Ukraine and the Alt Right in the US, some people, wittingly or not, work for the Enemy.

  2. Not fond of Russian language to begin with, it would be very hard to learn even just the basics but you are glazing over the fact Putin is a zionist kikesucker just like Trump is. He didn’t abolish the Jewish oligarchy like some nazbols claim he got rid of 1or 2 of them thats it. Also hes screwing Assad around hes doing a pay for protection extortion type thing to him and is best buddies with Bibi

    • um, he seems to be the only one to choke chain those [redacted] oligarchs that have held White Russia by the throat since the f’n commie red bolsheviks took over.

    • Unfortunately, I think this is true. Jews still control Russia as they do the U.S. Putin likes to talk a big talk, but Russia still has serious issues. He’s kind of like Trump, imo.

      Some facts about Russia.

      1. World’s top heroin consumer. (2014 data)
      2. Russia has one of the fastest growing HIV/AIDS epidemics on the planet. Rates of these diseases (caused by sharing dirty needles) rose faster in Russia than anywhere outside of sub-Saharan Africa.
      3. Highest mortality caused by alcohol abuse. (2015)
      4. Highest divorce rate in the world. (2013)
      5. Highest number of abortions per woman of child-bearing age in the world. (2010)
      6. Highest number of orphans and abandoned children in the world. (2011)
      7. Highest rate of child and teenage suicides in Europe. (2013)
      8. World’s highest income inequality (Jews highly disproportionally represented in the wealthiest). (2016)
      9. World’s second-largest immigration haven. (2014)
      10. Largest Muslim population in Europe.
      11. People convicted for “hateful” or “extremist speech in 2015 – 544. 20-30% rise from 2014-2016.

      • I would guess #8 is probably true in just about every country on the planet. Jews gravitate towards power and money, and facilitate their own kind in doing the same.

  3. I have reservations about Putin but only a bloodthirsty psychopath wants to make an enemy out of him.

  4. What a great guy. The best Russian leader since my ancestor Catherine the Great. Such strange times. Everything in Russia and most of Central and Eastern Europe is very good, people are sane, leaders are intelligent, well versed in history – all of the SH#*$&## that we must suffer every single day, they don’t put up with it. Putin and Orban also really know how to put the Jews in their place – it’s just made clear to everyone that what the Jews do in the USA, it’s not tolerated in Central and Eastern Europe.

    • Ryan’s got blue blood. No wonder you delete or don’t post my comments on your ridiculous articles regarding knights templar jesuit freemasonry.
      You’re one of them, the enemy within!

      • That’s only 25% of my family heritage is European noble blue blood. The rest is Midwestern Anglo Saxon, WASP. Some German farm gal on my mother’s side saved the gene pool in ~ 1840.

        Plus my Russian noble side intermarried with tough Slavic School teacher – so I’m around 10% Slavic. I wouldn’t trade that Slavic blood for anything, makes me immune to all things Liberal/Libertarian/Constitutionalist bull sh**&# that sort of thing.

        Whenever I’m super depressed about crime, culture and politics in our disunited USA of A, throwing up my hands about Cuckservatives, Christian Zionists – I watch this video of Russian Cossacks dealing with Pussy Riot at the Russian Winter Olympics.

        How cool is this?


        I love how the Cossacks call the Pussy Riot protesters “American Whores”. Ha Ha.

        • Catherine the great best russian leader ever? How so, she paid muslims and jews lip service, was a early zionist whore, twice refused to exile them, and allowed the Jesuits to reform after most of Europe abolished them yep great leader alright

  5. Russia and Russians are way more popular among Mexicans than Americans. In school one of our priests/teachers spoke highly of Russia saying it is continuing to improve while the United States might be worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.

    A few months ago I went with my father into a liquor store owned by a Mexican in Texas. It was winter and I had on a Russian fur hat my family bought me for Christmas. My image is fair so he thought I was Russian. And since I have been studying Russian for a couple of years I could fake it and sound Russian to him. Anyway the owner and one of the workers kept talking to me in English about how wonderful they thought Putin and Russia is.

    I did not know at the time that i was not permitted due to age to enter the liquor store and no one brought it up for awhile. Then it was commented on and I had to leave the store.

    • Russian fur hats are really expensive your average one costs anywhere from 80-200 dollars and even more if you want a more expensive fur used. They are really cozy tho don’t even need a jacket

      • Thom,

        A sister told me mine cost over $200. It is made from Russian beaver. You must know your Russian hats.

        • I have a moderate amount of knowledge of them, they are called ushanka in russia usually made from inexpensive sheepskin or muskrats and the more expensive ones made from finer furs of course. By a sister did you mean nun or actually your sister?

          • Oh okay just wondering lol i didn’t think so the sisterhood of the rcc is basically a dissolved order now only a few thousand left in the world now i believe. My mother is friends with a few of them with her work

  6. Proverbs 28:2 When a land rebels it has many rulers; but with an intelligent ruler there is lasting order.

  7. This is why both sides of the political isle brand Russia as our biggest geopolitical enemy. They are the only Western Christian power left that is challenging the West on every front.

    Did you see Trump tell Putin not to interfere in our elections in 2020? lol

    Trump is submitting to the left that he is only President because the Russians helped him – so why doesn’t he just resign then?

    • Btw I was wrong on this. Trump did this as a joke and it was funny. I had just seen the headline without watching the video.

      • It was funny! And predictably media heads spun dizzingly. Trump can still to the ‘bit’, but probably just did it to rattle the medias cage. Or maybe he’s just a completely un-selfaware idiot.

  8. Sometimes he seems says all the right things but ultimately it doesn’t matter because Russia is still going to the dogs on his watch. Their military will soon have a Muslim majority and the entire country as well not too far into the future. It’s empire by way of Muslim union and he’s not assailing multiculturalism, he’s proffering his own brand called Eurasianism.

  9. Thanks to Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Assad, Christians are returning to Syria and Christmas is celebrated once again in Aleppo. No thanks to US that ISIS is dead in the water out there.

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