President Trump Steps Into North Korea

This is Blompf at his best:

For a fleeting moment, I remembered why I voted for him which is summed up in the tagline of this site: Peace, Populism, Progress, Prosperity. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a united, wealthy and denuclearized Korea without American troops on the DMZ?

Meanwhile, the Democrats are striking a different tone on North Korea:

To his credit, Yang chimed in to strike a different tone:

Advantage Trump on North Korea.

This is nothing new though. North Korea has always been one of the few bright spots in this otherwise dismal administration. Sheldon Adelson is reason why we can’t have a similar approach to Iran. The Iranians were also willing to negotiate and hold up their end of the nuclear deal.

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  1. why American White nationalists are, apparently, against an US war with Iran? It doesn’t make sense.
    Unless it’s only theater. The unwinnable war would benefit China, maybe Russia, and white nationalists.

    • Mostly because all the people who will end up dying and getting mutilated in such a war will be from around here. That’s what happened to a lot of people from my generation in Iraq and Afghanistan.

      • I just saw that around 4.000 died and 30.000 plus wounded in the middle Eastern wars.
        Yet circa 70.000 die because of opiods and 45.0000 per year by suicide PER YEAR in America.
        In the bigger picture the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were beneficial to white nationalist interests in the US (and abroad), only financially it drained about 7 trillion (if I’m not mistaken) out of the beast, so a war with Iran would be highly beneficial. Many times the worse is better.
        Like the 1 million black african immigrants into some parts of Europe in 2016 and 2017.
        I say invasion!!, white genocide!!, it must stop!!
        tragedy!i!! But in reality I think with negroes, is beneficial in the bigger picture. It surely awakens a portion of the dumb masses.
        Moslems are insidious, so much more dangerous, negroes are in your face. Worse is better at this point.

        I hope nobody calls me a Jewish shill for thinking this way. Shalom.

    • If we bomb the hell out of Iran, what is the benefit to white people? Only Israel will get bigger, Jews will become richer and more powerful and white population will continue to be shrinking.

      Besides Iranians are the only decent people in the Middle East. The rest are Wahhabi subhumans and Kikes.

  2. The Jews must not hate North Korea…..yet. The Jews are busy in the Middle East right now getting Christian Zionists and Americans into fighting stupid foreign Wars for Israel. However the Jew will never be happy with Israel. The Jews want all the Middle East and the rest of the World. The goal should be peace, friendship, and commerce with all nations. That was more a quote from Thomas Jefferson. I guess the Jews would really hate Thomas Jefferson. Deo Vindice !

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