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  1. Antifa are nothing but mercenaries hired by ZOG to do their dirty work, ie, terrorizing law-abiding citizens who wish to exercise their constitutional right to peaceably assemble in order to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

    At this point anyone who still believes the present system can be reformed is a goddamn fool and a wretched, sniveling coward.

  2. Yeah, the interview Blompf did with Tucker was more of Blompf’s huffing and puffing about the Iran Nuclear Deal and cucking on big tech censorship.

  3. Carlson, Ngo and Trump – what a steaming pile of 21st Century Conservatism shit that those 3 make.

    • There is nothing wrong with Tucka. I actually feel sorry for Ngo. And Trumpenbergstain – anything I write about It will violate all the guidelines in the world

    • Yup, Tucker’s turning sour, spoiling…Drumpf interview was a bust and what about the two straight White Guys who clearly suffered blunt force trauma?

        • They don’t call it controlled opposition for nothing. We’d be better off without it. He’s literally encouraging ignorant whites to believe that nothing is happening to white people and those two old men at these protests.

          It’s outrageous. It’s totally destructive to us. Full media blackout would be better.

        • Oh and Tucker literally promoted psychiatry during the Kavanaugh hearings, including their most absurd and anti-aryan tropes. It was obscene.

          The guy is a whining sociopath whose degenerate mama abandoned his rich kid ass as a child, a crime for which all working whites will have to pay with their lives, apparently. Or just white women rather, if dividing us by sex could actually be done in a manner that still privileged all men. Regardless, his schtick is designed to be a pressure valve that maintains the status quo for his rich cronies – mostly jews and a select group of whites.

          Tucker Carlson is the effete version of Andrew Anglin.

  4. These socialist-communist-anarchist types often kill each other. Think Stalin killing Trotsky.

    Also, we forget the large numbers of these socialist-communist groups who hold Trotsky, Mao, Che, Stalin and others up as role models. Some have thousands of members in the USA.

  5. As bad as some of these conservative takes are, you now have normies in the comment sections asking who the Proud Boys are and why they are bad. This incident is drawing direct correlation to how the right was railroaded in Charlottesville and some of these people are noticing.

    • Breitbart? more like Boomerbart , bunch of retarded christian zionists and atheist zionist boomers post there they hate muslims but boy do they sure LOVE jews conservative inc still lives because of these fags

  6. At any rate, we are losing this fight. I’d rather we thought outside our currently very narrow box, than just fade into obscurity because we can’t see the forest for the trees.

    These antifa people are gonna get scapegoated, and the jews that organized headed and financed it will go underground while the white footsoldiers take the fall.

    It will all be part of the kosher sandwich, and we will be right there rolled up into it with them.

    That article sets the narrative for it.

  7. Actually, Andy Ngo is not anti-white. I have seen many of his Tweets and he defends whites. He appears very fair and well-grounded in reality. I think that is why he was targeted.

    • Ngo seems harmless enough, madame – but never trust an Oriental. Especially a fruity one.

  8. Just goes to show, if they can spin the Proud Boys as WN (a group that is probably 30-40% non-white) and justify beating up a “intersectional” fellow like Ngo, they are pretty much gonna do anything they please. The government knows this, and is explicitly allowing it.

    Pro-communists’ big arguement now is that thry havent killed anyone yet. Given the level of violence a these protests, and the number of armed marches they’ve held, I’d say its just a matter of time, and hasnt been from lack of trying. Check out what happened in the Spanish revolution–thats what these guys are capable of. The only problem is, there is no Franco, no Jose Antonio-led group to oppose them.

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