Salute to America: President Trump Gives Independence Day Speech At Lincoln Memorial

Blompf doesn’t come across as any more impressive to me reading a flat speech written by someone else off a teleprompter amid a militaristic parade of tanks and jets. In the backdrop of the Lincoln Memorial, he laughably claimed this country is “stronger than ever before” – the proof being the stock market – while name dropping MLK, Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass. Even though he hasn’t built a single new mile of his wall, I was in tears when he vowed to plant the American flag on Mars.

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  1. That “National Independence Day Parade” was not exactly an event directed by Leni Reifenstahl, I’ll tell you what. And way too many jigaboos.

    • spahnranch1969, thank you for using the word “jigaboos.” That was my great grandmother’s favorite word for the dark savages. I haven’t heard anyone other than myself you it in over 30 years.

      I had feared that jigaboo had gone extinct from the lexicon of White vocabulary along with the davenport (sofa or couch).


    As a Yankee supremacist(hyperbole) I strong disavow this coked-out-man-balloon repurposing the great Abe for this gay shit.

    Regardless of how you feel about the north, this is not what Lincoln was fighting for.

    I’m not even going to give you the old tires line of Lincoln wanting to send blacks back. Lincoln’s greatest strength was he trying to be an American Bismarck.

    Lincoln would’ve seen trump’s subservience to Wall Street as treasonous.

    *i love my southern brothers and while I don’t think we’ll ever agree on the war or other things. I want to generate a new prowhite narrative about our divide that gives dignity to both southerners and northerners, unfortunately I’m probably not intelligent to square that circle

  3. A. Weak. Pathetic. Joke. If I wanta’ watch a Real Parade…I’ll watch Victory Day, from the Beautiful Square, in the shadow of Krimla Moskvasii…Russia knows how to march.

    • No one has ever marched better than the Germans. No one has ever come close. Talk about goosestepbumps.

    • Brian Douglas Frakes, The North Koreas put on a better show of military might when they conduct their propaganda parades than that NYC homo erotic Broadway display of Blompf’s.

  4. I spent the day driving around town with my Confederate Flags flying on my vehicle and I walked around reminding people to Remember Vicksburg! I don’t give a damn about the Left Coast, DamnedYankeeLand or those Mid-West Children of the Corny who are too isolated and insulated to know how lucky they are that they don’t have to live around the “minority” hordes.

    Lincoln never had an original thought. Every policy that he ever advocated was one that his mentor Henry Clay had already long promoted. The major difference between Clay and Lincoln was, Clay was known as The Great Compromiser, whereas Lincoln was nothing more than a hypocritical Railroad Lawyer and one term member of The House, who became a despot and a tyrant once he assumed the office of the Chief Executive.

    If your idea of great is depriving people of due process and incarcerating them without charging them; if you condone the wholesale destruction of towns and cities and depriving innocent women and children of food, shelter and medicine; if you are willing to let the P.O.W.’s of your own nation’s army rot in internment camps and sacrifice them by the thousands in futile charges against an entrenched enemy, just because you can easily replace them; If you subscribe to any unscrupulous and diabolical effort to retain power and subjugate others… If those are the principles, or lack of them, that you embrace, then Lincoln is certainly your man. You probably also admire Lenin and Mao for the same reasons.

    Also, Lincoln, the man that “saved the union,” was in favor of severing it during the U. S. – Mexican war, while he was a representative from Illinois. Like every other dictator, he was in favor of revolution when he was powerless, but sought to quell any form of dissent once he gained an assured sense of supreme authority.

      • Well, from what little I’ve gathered on it, it seems that it was the same old concern about the expansion of Slave territory. Lincoln was basically speaking for the Free Soilers who strongly, and, I admit, rightfully, objected to having Negroes around. However, it has been pretty much acknowledged that you can’t grow cotton in the desert. Interestingly, California had already established a practice of enslaving Indians who had been convicted of crimes or who had wandered off the reservations.

        But, Lincoln’s words on the matter are very interesting to anyone who believes in the doctrine of States Rights. “Any people anywhere being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable and a most sacred right. A right which we hope is to liberate the world. Nor is this right confined to cases in which the whole people of an existing government may choose to exercise it. Any portion of such people that can, may revolutionize, putting down a minority intermingled with or near about them who oppose their movements.” – Abraham Lincoln, January 12, 1848.

    • “Mid-West Children of the Corny who are too isolated and insulated to know how lucky they are that they don’t have to live around the “minority” hordes.”

      I know damn well how relatively nice it is to live in a 90% white area. Thankfully, the people who settled this region did their own work. Even a 5% orcish population is way too many.

      • My experience with people from the Mid-West has generally been that they view themselves as morally superior because their society wasn’t tarnished by the institution of Slavery and they were on the winning side of war. They also believe that they aided in freeing the slaves from bondage and ending the practice. But, even more irritating, is the fact that many of them refuse to acknowledge that their forebears had an intense aversion to Negroes and did everything they could to discourage them from settling in their territories. Today, the Mid-Westerner appears to think himself as the liberating friend of the Negro, and they tend to view us Southerners as villainous racists.

        Interestingly, Henry Clay, and many other Westerners thought that the West and the South had common cause, and that both regions were being exploited by New England banks and manufacturers. The reward that the border States received was: Kentucky’s mineral wealth was extracted and its populace was impoverished (the same as West Virginia), Maryland’s largest city, Baltimore, has been ceded to Negroes, and Missouri has had very little investment in its infrastructure. Outside of a few cities like Chicago and Detroit, the Mid-West is deemed fly-over country, and even before that, it was considered just a series of stopovers on the rail lines between the gold mines and sea ports on the west coast and the banks and factories in the Northeast. Those two continental bookends have always thought of the rest of the country as existing solely for their benefit.

        As for doing our own work, the vast majority of people in the South did not own even a single slave. The bulk of slave owners possessed no more than five servants and worked alongside them. Those that had large plantations were today’s equivalent of multi-millionaires or billionaires, and were a very minute fraction of the population. The greatest portion of the plain folks in the South did their own work, just as poor people, and those of modest means, did everywhere else. Slavery was a system that had deep roots, was firmly entrenched, and was not easily eradicated. Even Lincoln admitted that he wasn’t sure how to address the situation, and acknowledged that the entire country had a hand in fostering and nurturing it.

        • On second thought, perhaps Clay was a poor choice to cite as an example of Mid-West empathy with the South, being as his American Plan was one of the prime motivations for Southern departure from the union. This scheme was responsible for the system of tariffs that enriched Northern industry at the expense of Southern taxation. This was a point of contention that had been festering from the very beginning, starting with the assumption of debt policy that was promoted by Alexander Hamilton, whereby the Federal Government assumed the debts of the States. The problem with the plan, not only being disproportionate and unfair in its outcome, was that the Southern States were economically solvent at the nation’s inception, the Northern States were not. So, we were paying their way from the start.

          Another, largely overlooked, aspect of the decision to secede was the course of the Trans-Continental Railroad, and whether it would take a Northern or Southern route. Weather, terrain, and logic, all suggested that a Southern route was more practical. But, the election of a Railroad lawyer virtually assured that the first rails to the coast would traverse the Northern states, putting the South at an economic disadvantage by denying them access to markets that would be readily available to their neighbors in the North. In fact, it would be nearly two decades after the war was over before Southern cities had coast to coast rail access, and all of it was controlled by Northern interests. Southern railroads did not begin to fully realize their potential until the 1900’s. By that time, Northern, government subsidized, railways were over built and they simply sought to expand their domain. Of course, the impoverished and devastated South, whose cities and towns had been laid to waste, and whose starving and thread bare populace had nothing left because their personal possessions had been stolen, their livestock slaughtered, and their homes burned down, had no other alternative but to welcome any kind of industry, no matter how usurious it was.

  5. All that grovelling to non-Whites and they still want to impeach the old fool anyway,

    “Other than “Democrat,” the category most likely to want Trump impeached is: “Non-White.” I wonder if dragging the 3d world here has anything to do with winning elections …”

    What will it take to snap the Boomers out of it?

  6. “Salute to America”? WTF?!? Does /anybody/ copy-edit this nonsense?

    You /can’t/ salute yourself, in the same way you can’t give yourself a nickname, you can’t pour your own sake, and you can’t sing “Happy Birthday” to yourself. Somebody else has to do these things for you.

    If you are America, you can salute Australia, for instance. No reason not to have a big silly parade (I couldn’t bear to look, I’m sure it was bombastic, tacky and militarized), you just have to call it something else.

    We look like retards in front of the world. Granted that’s been true for ages, but still.

    • That “salute to America” is being given by ZOG – and it’s a middle finger salute.

  7. Both my grandfathers served in the US Military. One served in WWII. When he died the family was given a beautifully ornate American flag after the funeral. It’s a really nice flag.

    If they only could’ve realized the Lies of History. These American Myths will remain very powerful because staring Reality in the face without blinking is an uncommon trait. I wish I could be part of a Real Nation with a Real Flag that actually stood for something noble. The innate desire to be nationalistic and patriotic is good.

    But, the innate desire to be a Dissident is sometimes much more necessary.

  8. Did the state give ANTIFA the day off on Blompfs 4th of July party?
    It’s so easy to see the hypocrisy.

    • Akshually, I was waiting with baited breath for the slump-shuffle-stagger-past of the ANTIFA contingent.
      Unfortunately, they were all on the nod’. Thanx, Heroin!

  9. The whole speech was nothing but American boilerplate like we heard from W. Bush and a million other politicians. Muh Freedoms! Muh civil rights! Muh American greatness! Muh we are strong! Muh we are united! The S&P 500 has never been higher! Muh great military! Muh great police!

    Trump has become nothing more than a generic politician who comes off like a retard constantly making gaffes and looking stupid. There is nothing special about him anymore. He repeats the same canned nonsense that we have heard a thousand times. Very very different from what he gave us during the campaign in 2016.

    He is a con man.

    My favorite part was Trump congratulating ICE and the border patrol on a job well done with over a million crossings this year alone and that is an estimate.

    • “we love our cops our law enforcement we love our military they’re important!”

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