American History Series: Who Is Uncle Sam?

Here’s an amusing story.

Who is this patriotic figure commonly known as Uncle Sam and what does he have to do with the Real America? What are his origins? Where does he come from?

“Our popular image of Uncle Sam (As seen in the image on the top of this page) was defined in large part by Thomas Nast, who was one of the most popular artists of the 1800’s. Nast was also responsible for our popular images of Santa Claus, the Republican Elephant, and the Democratic Donkey. Nast’s first illustration of Uncle Sam appeared in the November 20, 1869 edition of Harper’s Weekly.

“While Uncle Sam does not show the top hat and striped pants that we have come to associate with him, he shows something much more important in this image. In this image, Uncle Sam is a symbol of unity and equality. The image shows many people welcomed at Uncle Sam’s Thanksgiving table . . . Black, White, Chinese, and Indian, as wall as many others are seen sitting around the table. The image is captioned, “Uncle Sam’s Thanksgiving Dinner; Come One, Come All, Free and Equal.” The image clearly shows that Uncle Sam was originally a symbol of freedom, and equality. Uncle Sam was a unifying symbol.

By 1876, Nast’s Image of Uncle Sam had evolved into one that we would recognize today. The image to the left is the cover of the November 24, 1876 Harper’s Weekly. The image features Uncle Sam with striped pants, a long overcoat, and a top hat. In this image, the top hat also has feathers. This image deals with Reform of the Civil Service System.

While the exact image of Uncle Sam has evolved over the years, one thing remains constant. He is a symbol of the best ideals of the United States. From the earliest days until today, he has stood for Freedom, Equality, and Justice. While as a Nation, we do not always perfectly achieve these ideals, Uncle Sam remains a poignant symbol and reminder of the goal and objective . . . One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.”

Uncle Sam is a super patriotic Yankee who practices social equality. He is a symbol of the Second Republic that was defined in the Reconstruction era by the German immigrant cartoonist Thomas Nast.

In his book Reconstruction: America’s Unfinished Revolution, 1863-1877, Eric Foner observes that the Radical Republicans were ethnic Yankees, descendants of New England settlers in the Deep North:

“With the exception of Stevens they represented constituencies centered in New England and the belt of New England migration that stretched across the rural North through upstate New York, Ohio’s Western Reserve, northern Illinois, and the Upper Northwest.

Here lay rapidly growing communities of family farms and small towns, where the superiority of the free labor system appeared self-evident, antebellum reform had flourished, and the Republican party, from the moment of its birth, commanded overwhelming majorities.”

Thaddeus Stevens was originally from Vermont.

In 1865, referendums on black suffrage were defeated in Wisconsin (47 percent), Minnesota (45 percent), Connecticut (43 percent) and later in Kansas, Ohio, New York and Nebraska Territory. Iowa and Minnesota granted black suffrage in 1868. The question of black citizenship was far more controversial in the Lower North where the Yankee influence was the weakest.

“Moderates generally represented districts outside the belt of New England migration where Radicalism flourished, or states of the Lower North internally divided (like the nation itself) into northern and southern sections, each with distinct political traditions. Occupying the middle ground in politics was the key to victory in states like Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, and well before 1865, moderates had sought to limit Radicalism’s influence there.”

The Lower North (Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey) is distinct from the Deep North. Below the New England band of settlement, there are fewer Yankees in the region, and more Scots-Irish, Germans and Irish Catholics.

In American Nations, Colin Woodard argued that “Midlands” and “Greater Appalachia” stretched through the Lower North. The “Midlands” is the band of settlement below Yankeedom that attracted German immigrants. “Greater Appalachia” is the Scots-Irish borderlands in the Ohio River Valley where the Butternuts and Copperheads were predominant.

We have already seen how Scots-Irish women in Southern Indiana who supported the Democratic Party carried banners before elections that said, “Fathers, save us from nigger husbands.” This is the sentiment that made Indiana the premiere Klan state and also made Illinois and Indiana strongholds of the “sundown town” in the “Nadir of the Negro” between 1890 and 1910.

There was major tension during the War Between the States between the ethnic Yankees who were 100% behind the conflict and other groups of settlers and immigrants in the Lower North.

In the movie Glory, Matthew Broderick plays Col. Robert Gould Shaw leading the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment of U.S. Colored Troops:

Shaw was killed at Fort Wagner outside of Charleston.

“A Union officer had asked the Confederates at Battery Wagner for the return of Shaw’s body but was informed by the Confederate commander, Brigadier General Johnson Hagood, “We buried him with his niggers.” Shaw’s father wrote in response that he was proud that Robert, a fierce fighter for equality, had been buried in that manner.” Some things never change.

More than any other factor, it was the war against the Confederacy and the triumph of the Radical Republicans within the Union that set the North down the long road to becoming the integrated multiracial society that is so resented today by White Nationalists. The Jewish historian Eric Foner has a new book about their importance coming out in September called Second Founding: How The Civil War and Reconstruction Remade the Constitution.

Here’s an excerpt from Foner’s book Reconstruction about how White racial attitudes were changed in the North during the postwar years:

“Partly because of Congressional measures that applied throughout the country, and partly due to actions at the state and local level, the decade following the Civil War witnessed astonishing advances in the political, civil, and social rights of Northern blacks. The Civil Rights Act of 1866 and postwar amendments voided laws barring blacks from entering Northern states, testifying in court, and voting, and were successfully employed by individuals pressing damaging claims against railroads and streetcars that excluded them altogether or barred them from first-class compartments. Although state courts generally held that segregated facilities, if truly equal, did not violate the Fourteenth Amendment, discrimination in transportation faded in many parts of the North. Pennsylvania’s legislature prohibited streetcar segregation in 1867 and New York Republicans six years later enacted a pioneering civil rights law that outlawed discrimination in public accommodations. Blacks also gained access to public schools in state that had previously made no provision for their education. Some cities with sizable black populations, like New York and Cincinnati, maintained separate schools, but others, like Chicago, Cleveland, and Milwaukee, not only operated integrated systems but occasionally employed a black teacher. In a few states, integrated education now became the norm. Michigan’s legislature outlawed school segregation in 1867 (although Detroit’s school board refused to comply for four years), and the state university admitted its first black students in 1868. And Iowa’s Supreme Court ruled separate schooling a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment.” …

Perhaps this was inevitable for a group mostly derived from the tiny black business class and representing a politically marginal constituency (blacks still comprised less than 2 percent of the North’s population). Although black politicos won seats in the Massachusetts and Illinois legislatures, most, with no realistic prospect of elective office, found themselves beholden for position to patronage from white Republicans.

Nonetheless, blacks now found the North’s public life open to them in ways inconceivable before the war. A recognition for their claim to equal civil and political rights had become so much a part of what it meant to be a Republican that no fewer than 90 percent of the party’s voters in New York State supported equal suffrage in an unsuccessful 1869 referendum.”

The North was only 2 percent black when the Radical Republicans passed the Civil Rights Act of 1866 (the first federal civil rights law in American history) which repealed the state laws in Indiana, Illinois and Oregon which excluded or heavily fined the settlement of free blacks.

Before the War Between the States, Southern planters often came to the North to capture fugitive slaves and bring them back to the South. In response, Northern states like Massachusetts (the citadel of abolitionism) passed “personal liberty laws” to nullify the Fugitive Slave Act and keep a small and growing black population in the North.

In the space of twenty years (1860 to 1880), everything from black citizenship to black voting rights to black state legislators to repeal of the anti-miscegenation laws to repeal of the laws that banned free black settlement to integrated public education became the norm in the East and Midwest.

Yankees had won the war. In every conceivable way, they proceeded to reconstruct the Union in their own image. What had previously been a New England regional peculiarity (i.e., black citizenship) was now enshrined in the Constitution in the form of the 14th Amendment.

The constitutional foundation had been laid for the mass migration of African-Americans to the Northern states in the 20th century. For several decades, it seemed as though Reconstruction would survive in the South, but after the Jim Crow system was created in the 1890s and 1900s, millions of blacks would start moving to Northern states like Michigan and Illinois.

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  1. Negroes, Greasers, Injuns, Chinamen and Mohammedans sitting at the same thanksgiving table with white folks? Was Nast a Marxist?

    • Thomas Nast and his “Uncle Sam” were predecessors to TPUSA’s Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens.

    • @Denise

      AAAGGGHHHH – now I understand why you hate Yankees. Thank you. AAAGGGHHH.

      You are detailing the ruling Elite, though

      Now, Ms Denise, I hope that you’ll understand that “Yankees” are the Leftists and Jews in the North. Not your New England apple farmer.

      They’re the “Yids and Bugmen” described by one Northern gentleman, online.

      Aside from Southern independence, how do we Normies, North, South, East and West, get out from under the Jews and their hordes of ostensibly White minions and coloured auxiliaries?

      • Us Yankees need to rediscover our nativist heritage and drive these foreigners out of our shores.

        Bill the Butcher’s battle against elites like Boss Tweed and their foreign mobs are a perfect parallel to our struggles today.

      • I’ve bene thinking about this post all day. Since this AM. I’ve learned things I didn’t know – which is why I’ve been following your blog for years. Thanks.

        Here’s the thing – the Yankees you’ve detailed had very little day to day experience with the racial aliens they romanticized, and advocated for. Most Whites still don’t, today. Interactions are carefully moderated, in (mis) educational institutions and workplaces. Most Whites, even today, have NEVER had the up close and personal, UN moderated experiences of Negroes, and other non-Whites, that White Southerners had. So they didn’t know any better and largely still don’t.

        Whites have to learn the hard way. And are going to learn the very, very hard way.

        I’ve written many times before that it’s NOT “White Guilt” but White Vanity and Egoism, wrapped up in suicidally self flattering “Idealism”.

        I “engaged” with a handful of extremely obnoxious SJW University students, and a few of their cohorts. They grew up in very well-protected “bubbles”. Their social milieu has protected them from un-moderated experiences with the “minorities” they advocate for, and delude themselves into thinking they shar solidarity with. These benighted creatures are wholly indoctrinated by their Marxist “teachers”, cannot tolerate ANY contradiction to their brainwashing, know NOTHING about actual history, causation, or the beliefs of people of other Races, and yet disdained, insulted, and mocked me as a “Nazi racist”. I’m not complaining; when yo engage you get what you get. I was actually shocked by the exchange; these morons have absolutely NO CLUE or conception AT ALL about the ruin they are summoning on themselves. They can’t imagine that members of other Races won’t worship them as the Godlike beings they imagine themselves to be. They aren’t uber wealthy or “connected”; they can’t conceive of the fact that they will be tossed aside by the Rising Other – or worse. I actually want them to be slaughtered by the Orcs they adore. They deserve aa terrible Fate, because their SJW ilk will wreak immense harm on all the innocents around them Several of them were gloating over the demise of the White Race, most likely to trigger me – but they can’t hurt me. They are only setting themselves up for oblivion, They won’t like what is going to happen to them – and won’t believe it when it does happen.

        The creatures I encountered are the logical end-of-the-road of the “Yankee elites” you detailed in this post, of the 19th Century. Those people existed in almost entirely White social orders, and could not have known how this all would end. I’m not making excuses for any of these people. You can’t blame people for the beliefs of their Era. You can only try to learn from their mistakes.

  2. The one great thing about the flooding of the country with brown ppl is that the yankees are finally being swamped demographically. It is glorious to see folks like AOC not give a f*ck about white liberal yankee sensibilities.

    • Gunther,

      You are correct. We do not care about liberal whites. They are useful worms. And we are not wracked with groveling or guilt about anything. We only want victory.

      • Christina, your comments on this and other posts here are yet another proof that all people prefer their own to others. Except, for some weird reason, a substantial proportion of Europeans. There’s a theory that northern Europeans feared expulsion from the tribe during winter, so social shaming became an easy way to manipulate them into behaving the way the tribal elites mandated.

        But there’s a suicidal quality to the self-hatred amongst some of us. It’s contrary to the survival instinct we are all supposedly born with. I can’t figure it out, and I don’t want to, actually. Like you, I don’t respect traitors to their own kind. My feelings about them threaten to contradict some of my Christian beliefs, because they are an existential danger to our group’s common survival.

        I’ve read with interest your comments on “stolen” Mexican land. I found your arguments easy to dismiss, probably because I’m loyal to my own people, just as you are. It galls me that there are so many amongst my own kind that are willing to stab our “tribe” in the back. The willingness to let Hispanics come in such large numbers, knowing that beyond the economic reasons some have a goal of retaking the Southwest, astonishes and disgusts me to my core.

        There is a tendency to blame elites like Soros for funding all this societal destruction, but the sad fact is a great many of us of European descent support and encourage it all. They’re lemmings, but more sinister, because they want to force us all over the cliff with them in a bizarre suicide ritual. I don’t know what can actually be done about it, other than separating ourselves from the traitors. They don’t want to allow it, so there may be internecine violence in the future. I hope that won’t happen, but ideologues usually demand total submission to their rule.

        • Rich L,

          You have another thoughtful comment. I will go over it with complete honesty. No fake politician caca.

          No. you stole what was ours. You cannot dismiss that at all much less easily. You cannot just push into Texas and the Southwest and then take it and somehow justify it. You were the aggressors. You do not know the difference between right and wrong in this case. Amazing. Why not just conquer Mexico and say it is right? If we would have done the same to you it would have been considered horrible. I mean you walked from the Atlantic to the Pacific and somehow everything become yours and you did nothing wrong? You must take me for a fool. Saying others did the same everywhere including ourselves I admit so why cannot you admit any wrong? I agree on the right of conquest after the fact. But saying you can do what you want at the time of conquest is insane. My people have done wrong at time so why not yours?

          Either way I am the bitter enemy of the WASP. I do not hate you but your people are getting yours and no one cares. Unlike most of your enemies I do not hate you however. I have been studying you to see if there is any danger from your people. i currently find none.

          You are going to be surprised what is going to hit you very soon. For some reason I sometimes feel sympathy for you. All my family and friends say why. I do not know why.
          You do not deserve sympathy. Do worms deserve sympathy when they are crushed?

          Here is more complete honesty. I don not care for your Republic or your institutions or your founding fathers. They have views i disagree with across the board.

          Your place in the sun is soon over. What happens afterwards I do not know. The evil and stupid Democrats are trying hard to lose the election.

          • We didn’t steal ANYTHING. California as paid for outright, and Texas ? Whites were invited in to improve the place.

            All your people will create is what you have in Mexico. Culture is an expression of genetics. Period.

        • Rich L,

          I will tell you what I told Cowtown Rebel in that I am at war with several of you on this issue. I am not going to say the same things 4 times non stop. Therefore, I will address Denise on this issue. I seem to like her alot.

          • i find you a despicable anti white piece of trash and wish you nothing but what you deserve, nothing, you arrogant spic.

        • Denise,

          I want the Southwest to be latin and Catholic again. Especially the latter. I actually despise the AOC woman. She is a disgrace.

          I will not however actively support illegal immigration in the USA. That is immoral and my hands are tied. What I wish for and what I can support are not the same.

          Victory to me is the dissolution of the USA into separate countries. Partition. When that happens I want my people to have a piece of the pie. The Anglo can have the rest.

          • Denise,

            When I say Catholic again I do not mean anything like the heretical, apostate, creepy, evil, degenerate, non Pope called Francis.

          • Christina, because one imperial power claims land as theirs doesn’t make it so. To get that land in the first place, one must conquer and subdue those already there. The incompetence, corruption, and turnover of Mexican governments and militaries of that time (not to mention now) been discussed in other posts, so I won’t rehash that here. We were able to outfox and outfight your countrymen in the 19th century. Call it betrayal (I term it the lusting for territory; most nations have had it), but we were looking out for our perceived interests at the time, just like every other nation does. Including yours, which is why so many are encouraged to helped to illegally migrate here by your own gov’t. It is in their interest to get rid of those they cannot or will not help or care for. We exist as a safety valve for Mexican gov’t incompetence, corruption, and indifference to the plight of their own people.

            If you want to deal with treachery, in other words, look to your own people and history first. Personally, I don’t think the Mexican gov’t has the capability to overtake US territory by force, and they couldn’t hold it for long even if they did manage it. But the encouraged infiltration of your poor into our society by the millions quite possibly will alter the power dynamics of certain parts of the US. And no violence will be necessary. Plus their access to gov’t welfare programs will be unrestrained. That dooms our health care, educational, and welfare systems, but as long as Dems get power through it, they don’t care.

            Considering how poorly most Latin American nations are run, though, I wonder how long it would be before groups were at each other’s throats, and when the corruption will eat at the political class and the bureaucracy. People bring their preconceptions, and social and cultural conditioning, with them. Somalis and Hmong, for example, have largely kept from becoming too Americanized, imo. The process of becoming immersed in the American way of life has long been discontinued by the people in the immigration system. They now tell people that their cultures are equal or superior to ours, even though if that were so they wouldn’t be so desperately trying to make it here. That’s another unnecessary and foolish risk on our part, but as I previously said, many Europeans are suicidal these days.

          • Here’s some honesty for YOU, @Christina — No self-respecting White person cares what you and your people think or want. You’re just another despicable Brown person who can’t help gloating prematurely over the demographic replacement of Western White people, which our own governments have made inevitable.

            It is sickening to me how you revel in the fawning, carefully respectful attention of America- hating Whites here who find you so exotic and interesting.

            America as it now exists IS worthy of hate. But I’ll be DAMNED if I’m going smile & nod as the country of my ancestry is over-run by preening entitled Sh#tholers.

          • @Christina Romana Alva H.

            “I want the Southwest to be Latin and Catholic again.

            What does that mean? Mexico is Latin and Catholic. It is rich in minerals and natural resources. Yet it is a country with such substandard conditions that your people are fleeing from in order to sneak into the United States.

            Do you want to transform the rest of the Southwest like you did California? Under Anglo control it was known as The Golden State. As Mexifornia, it is also known as the State of Feces and the incubator of nasty diseases only known in the undeveloped world.

            What is particularly interesting is that Mexicans can’t even maintain the magnificent infrastructure that the Americans who “stole” California put in.

            I have seen Mexicans living in states that were never “stolen” from them, like Virginia and Illinois. There is a huge Mexican colony in Chicago.

            It seems to me, that if Mexico had held on to the Southwest, it would be just as poor, violent, and corrupt as Mexico now and Mexicans would just have a longer trek to travel before sneaking into the United States.

          • “Victory to me is the dissolution of the USA into separate countries. Partition. When that happens I want my people to have a piece of the pie. The Anglo can have the rest.”

            Nope, it will never be enough. Low IQ, low impulse control brown people will destroy any area they hold and would once again be clamoring to get to where the whites are, where for some reason it is cleaner, safer, and more prosperous.

        • Denise,

          You unjustly took California and then gave us some money where it was take some money and lose California or just take California.

          • Christina – we did not unjustly take California. We offered payment and your country took the money. End of story. Mexico fyi wasn’t doing anything with it. You can have it back now, as far as I am concerned. I am actually sending mental energy to the San Andreas Fault to MOVE.

            Thank you for saying you like me! I like you, too. There is a lot we don’t have in common – but I think there are certain fundamental things that we do have in common. I find your frankness about the beliefs of you and your family regarding The American Republic, and Anglos, to be refreshing. I think you sense, from my comments, that I am not a groveling White Liberal, and I am not interested in appeasing any-one. That I despise people who do. I am an Anglo, technically – but I’m really of Welsh descent. We are not….English. Thank DAGDA!

            Cofiwch – peidiwch byth â goddef triniaeth wael gan unrhyw un. Llawenydd!

  3. Rich L,

    I do not expect that Mexicans can currently take the Southwest by force of arms. It is being taken by immigration. Those immigrants will vote and breed. That is how it is being lost by your people.

    I agree the land currently belongs to the USA. After land is conquered and treaties are signed assuming any semblance of fairness in a treaty——-and fairness is usually in the eyes of the beholder. Then it becomes part of the conquering territory. It is the custom of man to do so. Morality aside, without such peace the whole world would be fighting all the time. Who would own any land? The Indians met by Europeans conquered each other. In Europe, France is called France because of the German tribe Franks that invaded 1500 years ago. And so on.

    I am against illegal immigration to the USA. I have to be. I do not want to be. The black birth rate is below replacement level as well as the white. In fact whites in America I believe have the 2nd highest birth rate in the USA after Hispanics,. Though still below replacement level. Depends on which chart to use. The stated birth rate of Hispanics has dropped but is higher than reported. A lot of latin births I believe are not reported. How many? I do not know.

    Either way time is not your friend. Can you vote your way out? I do not see how. Can you shoot your way out? No. Outside a major crisis like financial, natural, major wars the constant erosion will occur. A major war would just see a rally around the flag situation.

    Until whites realize the danger and want to do something about it the situation will continue. The Democrats winning the election in 2020 and go haywire would only cause the Dems to wise up and pretend. That last democrat debate was sickening.

  4. Carl Green,

    I am not brown. My family is well off. We have houses and land on both sides of the border. Most of our American properties are in Texas. And tough talk on the internet is worthless. But it is all you have.

    Probably Mexico will continue to tick long after the USA is fragmented. You cannot blame it all on the leaders. Did not Steve King from Iowa grovel? And he is not even very important. Joe Biden sure collapsed quickly. i cannot respect a race that does not respect itself. Blaming me is putting the blame on the wrong party.
    You can also blame your standards of universal ideas of freedom and equality. Once that becomes paramount it eats all in it’s path.

    As for reveling in your demise? When not pushed I prefer anglos to most of your enemies. At least the ones I know personally. On this site? Depends.

    Opening the floodgates of immigration in the last generation or two is seemingly irreversible. Does writing and pressuring your representatives get anything done? That is not a rhetorical question but an honest inquiry.

  5. Denise,

    Most of the Texans who fought against the Mexican govt. in 1836 were illegal aliens. Look it up. One American professor found that it was 78%.

    Mexico has a life expectancy of around 78 years old roughly the same as the USA. We are more poor than you but probably happier. We treat our elderly better . Lots of Americans are putting their old people in Mexican nursing centers where there treatment is better and cheaper. At least according to an article I read.

    To say the anglo just went from the Atlantic to the Pacific and never stole any land is incredible even by the standards of this website. Every people in the New World and everywhere else has stolen alot when they could. Naturally I am more concerned when Mexico is on the losing end like you are concerned with America on the losing end.

    I recognize that this is the USA now. You should remind your politicians about that. They are the ones aiding your invasion.

    • Christina,

      The West aka Whitey World has already fallen. No, we can’t vote our way out of it. No – our politicians don’t listen at all. The GOP, ostensibly the White People’s de facto party DESPISES the constituency. The Dems say “all the right things” to their voter base, and they stick up for their voters in public – but they still use and abuse them. Both parties are pretty much exclusively concerned with “getting theirs” and doing Israel’s bidding to the letter. The JewOP is worse than the Dems, on that issue. As far as the invasion – all the Latin Americans are getting goodies now – but it won’t last much longer. They’ll be fast breeding easily replaceable helots soon enough. The diminishing White population isn’t going to be able to afford to support the Forever Wars for Israel, and the Welfare Gibs for Browns and Blacks. There won’t be enough of us, very soon to pay the taxes to sustain all of this. Cracks in everything are already obvious.

      I think the White population is just going to wind down into….the Brown and Black masses. Most Northern Europeans are do deracinated and Mind Fcked that there is a massive desire to end it all. The Ultimate White Flight. We always try to flee. Now there is no place left to go. I think we’ll end up like the Redlegs of Barbados. Unless we Race Up FAST.

      Oh well. No one will miss us when we’re gone.

      • Denise,

        Thank you for the youtube link. I did find your comment sad regarding the realistic appraisal of the situation.

        It is strange that if you were a species of rhino or elephant going belly up whites would be working fanatically to preserve you. Anglos love animals and hate people.

        • Christina – I try to be optimistic – but – I calls ’em like I sees ’em.

          “It is strange that if you were a species of rhino or elephant going belly up whites would be working fanatically to preserve you. Anglos love animals and hate people”.

          Anglos don’t hate people. We just hate our own. And that is a long standing issue. We’ll do everything for every-one else, excepting our own. I’ve seen this again and again. I don’t know why it’s come to this. There are always this tendency – but it’s accelerated in the last few decades, due to the Jewish psy opps campaign. I do NOT know why our People are so very willing to believe every negative thing every-one says about us. Whites have done very bad things – but so has every-one else. But we are willing to eviscerate ourselves, because the Other says we are mean.

          Those us that are not like that are few and far between – and my own People will attack and work to destroy White Advocates faster than ANYTHING.

          • Denise,

            You are not inherently weak and self hating. I mean your Vikings, your Queen Boadiciea, the Crusaders etc, Vandals,and Goths were strong. You have become weak due to soft living, liberalism, and propaganda. Still others have an easy life and are not near as far gone as the northern/western European types.

            You are just a more open trusting naive people. I do not understand this. It leaves you wide open for manipulation.

          • @Christina & Denise:

            I am more optimistic about our chances.

            Who is going to liberate White America? So-called “people of color,” that’s who.

            We are already seeing the rumblings of Deliverance right now.

            You see, when “minorities” reach any kind of demographic superiority, the first thing they do is vote out the White liberal who made those demographics possible and vote in one of their own.

            Who is rattling ZOG’s cage, but AOC (love that girl), Ilhan Omar, and Sandra Tlaib?

            You see, the poster I agree with the most is Juri, who has had practical experience with and doesn’t hesitate to name our REAL enemy; Genetic White Liberals. They are our biggest problems. They are the enforcers of Cultural Marxism and are zealous martinets who are deadly competent when it comes to destroying the White race.

            The one feature of Latin countries is incompetence and corruption. I lived in cities where the city council was controlled by Mexicans. All they are interested in is enriching themselves, so bribery and corruption scandals abound there.

            They are not interested in harassing and controlling Whites the way White Liberals do. They aren’t interested in moving Blacks into White neighborhoods or busing Whites to Black schools. I never saw a bunch of articles about helping Whites defeat Toxic Whiteness and Fair/Unfair ads like all-White cities.

            Whites like us would have a better chance of thriving in such an environment than we have with White Liberals running everything. Yes, the Latinx politicians would get greedy and bankrupt the treasury, but then all the Latinx colonizers would take their stuff and move back to Mexico just like they were doing when Obama was tanking the economy.

            In the meantime, White Liberals would be shut out of power and that is what is needed more desperately than anything else.

            Just my two cents’ worth.

  6. Denise,

    Was that Welsh? That is amazing. Translate please.

    As for California now? Make me Queen Christina of California with an army behind me and I can solve the problems. It would take blood spilled to do it. I am not squeamish. Under democracy? No way to solve it. Mexicans in America are not afraid of you and there are no controls over them. In Mexico there are social controls and the authorities are feared by the lower classes and even some of the middle classes. I am under no delusions of what uncontrolled masses are like including my own people.

    One of our properties is in Northern California which is beautiful.

  7. Christina,

    Mexicans are very fortunate that the American military didn’t have a great general like Lothar Von Trotha leading the troops in the Mexican-American War.

    Men like General Von Trotha understood that in war the ends justify the means, even if it means the complete extermination of the enemy.

    There wouldn’t be one mestizo, America Indian, or Hispanic left alive south of the U.S. southern border.

    All of North America would be White European stock.

    Unfortunately, this didn’t come to pass.

    Like yourself, I fight to win.

    • November,

      I will have to look up this General von Trotha. When I said fight to win that did not mean to commit atrocities.

      The whites on this website can irritate me greatly but still it is nice to deal with whites with backbone. White worms you crush and then clean your shoes. Whites that are honest and push hard I can appreciate.

      Either way I am exhausted writing on the Mexican American War. It is tiring to fight an internet war against half a dozen people at once. And everything on both sides has already been repeatedly mentioned——————except your comment of course.

      • Christina,

        History has demonstrated over and over again that the only crime in war is losing.

        • November,

          I forgot to mention that I find your honesty impressive. A lot better than the convoluted current justifications for the actions of the anglos in the USA in the 19th century. You people gobbled up everything. You were like sharks in a feeding frenzy or a gigantic Pacman. You on the other hand do not even try to justify it. You just say we did, we should have done more and that is that.

  8. I believe that if an American white nationalist took power, it would probably agree to a Southern partition. This would benefit everyone as Southerners get their sovereignty and Americans get to focus on cleaning the out the rot.

    As for borders, how about you get all of the former Confederacy, plus Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia? Seems fair. We will split Missouri into Northern and Southern halves. You guys can have Maryland, but we will keep Delaware.

    Out West, you guys can also have Oklahoma and New Mexico.

    We will have our inevitable Anschluss with Anglo-Canada and you guys can conquer Cuba and the Bahamas.

  9. Clytemnestra,

    Mexico has the same life expectancy as America. Mexico really got healthier after the adoption of Socialist Health Care. The USA owes 23 trillion dollars in debt. If you were to pay your debt you would collapse. You are living on borrowed time. Even without the racial time bomb.

    If Americans would not hire non-Americans would this be happening to the same extent?

    Mexicans and others come to the USA because they are allowed. You started allowing that in the 1960’s. You said come one come all. And most whites have and still agree with that just as long as they are legal. Perhaps your speeches are better spent on talking to your politicians and people. Do you do that? If not then start. If you do and they do not listen then your people are temporarily hopeless.

    America is collapsing. What happens afterwards is anybody’s guess. Maybe a free for all. But the collapse could still be years away—–though a Democrat victory will certainly speed it up.

    I am quite aware of the differences between Indian, Mixed, and White. More than you.

    Mexico is mostly Catholic in name only just like most American Catholics. Either way I have no power to speed up or slow down America’s decline. I just know my people will get part of it. The problems in Mexico and the USA cannot be solved through democracy.

    Anyway I believe Mexico will outlast the USA. And I bet we find out relatively shortly. Mexicans are used to going without things that would be considered hardships in the USA. Time for the white American to toughen up.

  10. Clymenstrats,

    I almost missed your second comment. You are right in that we do not care about busing or bending over backwards for blacks. And I cannot imagine as a people caring about removing confederate statues.

    But no we would not move back to Mexico. That is wishful thinking. With a weakened USA our leaders would adopt strict government and knock heads together in order to keep an established society. Only the American influence keeps us from doing that. You would stop our loans etc.Sanction us. We are not adverse to shooting and stacking.

    Why would Mexicans with the same way of life in California move out? Mexicans are used to less. They come to the USA because they are not only allowed but invited.

  11. Powell,

    I see you had a comment squeezed in there. Every one wants what belongs to someone else. Just arrest and or shoot your invaders. I have no problem with that. I am aware that currently the best you can do is stop and deport. If you were to do that it would be an excellent start. See I would do more for the USA than your eunuch rulers if I were in control.

    Fine things in life mean nothing without the means and will to fight to preserve them.

    Either way I do not support your invasion but I note an accomplished fact.

    I keep wondering what will wake white people up. Homosexual marriages were an easy accomplishment that the Republicans support. Legal mass immigration is popular with conservatives. Transgender stuff as well.

    Have you ever really thought that instead of always insulting non-whites that maybe whites are now so pathetic in the USA that nothing will wake them up and they do not deserve your efforts?

  12. Christina keeps commenting, so more commenting by others is invited. She continually avoids acknowledging criticism of Mexican incompetence and corruption. Mexicans are only coming here because it is allowed, not because of poverty or lack or opportunity in their country? You wish to see Hispanics as superior, but if Hispanic society and culture were actually superior, if life there was so good, there quite obviously would be no need for any of you to come here. La Raza is only able to rise here due to the cooperation of greedy and short-sighted whites. Your people aren’t doing it on your own, because the capability isn’t there. It is the imaginings of people wishing to see themselves as greater than they are. Without the peculiar weakness we have had inculcated in is by our elites through constant programming in education and media, not to mention the destructive policies they’ve handed down though gov’t fiat, this sick and strange situation of allowed invasion would not be happening.

    I do agree that wholesale cleansing of invaders is necessary. Eisenhower got rid of Hispanic illegals in a comprehensive fashion back in the Fifties. There seems to be a long history of Hispanics not being able to provide for their own, and so looking to the anglos for rescue. I would love to do the same as Ike, but I’d include all the other groups that should work on raising up their own countries and people, from Laotian Hmong to African Somalis. Send them all back, and keep them out on penalty of death. Thanks for helping me to become more hardcore on this issue.

  13. Rich L,

    Oh I am quite aware of Mexican corruption and incompetence. I own up to our sins. But you make excuses for the anglo. You do not admit any fault in anything except being weak nowadays. The white nationalist or whatever you people call yourselves never seem to admit any wrong doing. Not in the comment sections anyway.

    Of course illegal immigration only succeeds because the American govt. wishes it to.

    Overall even with our drug wars if we have the same life expectancy as you then we are not doing too badly. Now how much of that is self improvement and how much is American help I am not sure of. Our socialist Health Care has helped. NAFTA I believe cost alot of jobs in Mexico. That situation warrants more research perhaps.

    I see nothing wrong with Mexican guest workers in the USA as long as they remain guests. Of course Americans could do the agricultural work and be construction workers. This would mean higher wages and therefore higher costs for Americans. My father said when he was young that the roofers, and construction workers were generally white in Texas. But businessmen are greedy and frequently have no loyalty to their people in American society.

    We have lots more Indians and mixes than you do. Have you ever tried to deal with that? It is quite a burden I assure you. Are not you carrying the blacks on your shoulders? Well imagine if your black population was doubled or tripled and you get the point.

    We are best in ways that matter to us——–more social, more group oriented, more caring of our elderly when it comes to the nursing center controversy, less heart disease and cancer. We seem happier as well. Our drug cartels are really a problem. Needs military solution. America might be outraged if we really cracked down. Or maybe not.

    The anglo mistake is in judging us by your standards.We do not think as you.

    Here is where you are better in ways that matter to you————-more organized, orderly, peaceful. More productive etc. But that matters more to you than to us.

    • Christina, I appreciate you dealing with your own society’s inadequacies. It’s a good point you make, that I do not have or truly understand your mindset. All of the history I read these days deals with European and American history, so I’m lacking in some areas. The only Latin American history I’ve ever read is de las Casas and some things about Cortes and the early conquistadors, so I’m woefully uniformed there.

      Right now, I’m now digging deep into how Christian monasteries and clerics saved and reshaped European civilization from the barbarians that took over during the Middle Ages. I’m hoping to find ideas for what we can do when outsiders threaten to, or actually do, overtake a higher civilization that has experienced great decadence that led to a serious decline. I desperately want to know how to help save us from ourselves, if possible. So I do know our inadequacies, and I and others frequently comment on them here. I worry that our collective inadequacies will be our ultimate destruction, as a matter of fact.

      Actually, Christina, if you’ve been reading my comments, and the comments of many others here on some OD posts, you should see that I and they have been harshly critical of our own fellow White people. We go after Trump, our educational system, the media, the “civic nationalism” programmed into us through movies and television (not just school), the false choices offered by our political system, the absurdity of criticizing and punishing those of us defending the rights of fellow White people, and many other instances of the dangerous nonsense we are forced to accept by our elites. We criticize ourselves and each other here, and disagree on how to accomplish our goals. We don’t even know if we can achieve our goals, at this point. I want to try, though.

      BTW, I think the term “White Nationalist” is a meaningless one. It’s like calling a Hungarian a White Supremacist for only wanting Hungarians in his country. The US has a wider mix of European ethnicities, of course, but the desire to associate with one’s own group is a natural human instinct. I would like to only live around, as much as possible or as is practical, with people of European descent. Even though there are plenty of White people I don’t like, especially progressives. But you get what I mean, right? Sorry for rambling on.

      • Rich L,

        Thank you for such a detailed and thoughtful and lengthy response. That had to take a lot of time. You are to be commended for it.

        Yes, the term white nationalist can mean anything. Just being pro white with an identity and ruling what is yours is a basic right in my belief.

        Check out the Cloud People of South America. The Spanish found them very European in features and skin color. It was mentioned that their women were beautiful and extremely sweet and modest. Unfortunately, they fell to European diseases. The Spanish did not mean for it to happen and were sorrowful. It also shows that there were white people in the New World before Columbus or the Vikings.

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