The Rise of the Anti-Social Left

I’ve been told by the “mainstream” in their official narrative that Southern segregation was one of the worst things that ever happened in our entire history:

Do I feel any sense of White guilt? No, not really.

In my view, the demise of Jim Crow was simply one step forward in the long term historical process of our transition to our current glorious society of child drag queens and ice cream licking challenges on social media. True Conservatism is the eternal principles of classical liberalism.

New York Times:

“It all started with a video of a teenage girl licking a carton of Blue Bell ice cream in a store — and then putting it back on the shelf. The video, which went viral under the hashtag #icecreamchallenge, grossed out a nation and struck fear in the hearts of ice cream lovers everywhere.

Now the authorities and store owners across the country are wrestling with how to stop a series of copycat videos made by people committing the same crime.

Investigators in East Texas, where the first video originated, tracked down the girl, but turned the case over to the Texas Juvenile Justice Department because she’s a minor. Then on Saturday, the police in Louisiana arrested a man who posted a video on Facebook of himself licking a carton of ice cream in a supermarket, even though he produced a receipt showing that he actually purchased the ice cream afterward.

Lenise Lloyd Martin III, a 36-year-old unemployed man, has been in jail ever since. …”

As liberal democracy is perfected and the social order collapses into anarchy, we will see more things like this. Why not go ahead and give 16-year-olds the right to vote? I’m ready to get it over with for I can at least spend the second half of my life under a different system.

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  1. These freaks need to be executed. If I ever see this – I PROMISE I will do my best to beat the diseased FREAK to a pulp. Years ago, I was shopping in one of those Big box stores. I family of Jews – and it was obvious what they were, were trolling around the store. The father was wearing a very expensive herringbone full length coat. I know clothing – and that coat cost anywhere between 800-1000 dollars. I saw him, with his rat faced son, open a bag of Hershey chocolate morsels (it’s what you’d use for baking) scoop out a handful, and put the bag back on the shelf. I asked him if he was going to pay for that. He and his vermin ignored me – but I followed them up the aisle , telling every-one what he did. I followed them out to the parking lot, and told them to get the EFF back where they came from . They never said a word, but I remember that staring at me with pure hatred. God knows what would happen today – this occurred approx 15 years ago – but it’s DISGUSTING.

    The public health issue is severe. You never know what diseases this TRASH is “sharing”. They should have their ugly heads knocked off. With a sledgehammer.

    • Have you ever seen their houses, madam? Absolute pig sties! The jew is the very embodiment of darkness, uncleanliness and disorder.

    • I caught a darkie cooling his ass in the dairy cooler of a large supermarket. Naturally, I turned the spook in, but, I don’t think anything was done about it, other than making him get out of the dairy cooler!

      True story.

  2. I saw that the police declined to file charges against that first girl. They were leaving it up to the juvenile system. All of these “people” need to be thrashed in public.

    “Greatest Country on Earth”
    “Proud to be an American”

  3. I live in a Venetian area in South America, and this is South America, high crime rates, violence, etc
    In this specific area, there’s also a German, Polish, and Iberian presence, and certainly a negroid/mulatto population in all cities that I know of the region. But I have never heard of a black or mulatto raping a white woman, for example, even asking about it to old people. Why is that? There’s some racial mixing, but it’s relatively rare, and at the very bottom of the social scale. A mulatto partner or child is not an asset, it’s a huge liability. If you have, you try to hide it. People unconsciously know it. No need to read books about it, to discuss it, to rationalize about IQ differences, to have abstract thoughts if this fair or not.

    It seems that negroes and mulattos know their place, they are supposed to work in menial jobs, be joyful, tell jokes, etc. They are supposed to not enter certain areas or stores, etc.
    I think that’s only because of the nocive influence of certain stupid autistic countries like US that we don’t have massive sterilization programs around the world.
    So it’s seems clear that the behavior of Africans is the direct result of the behavior of Europeans. Be a weakling fool, then deal with an abusive resentful negro.

    • Nemo,

      Well said Captain. As far as I have been told the few blacks in Mexico (around 1%) do not cause much trouble. There is alot of lynching in Mexico. That might keep crime down as well. Also anyone with any negro blood is considered black in Mexico. So mostly Indians with a little negro blood are usually considered black. So our 1% black population is really smaller than that I would imagine.

      Most blacks I think are around Vera Cruz. I had never seen a black person in real life until I went to Mexico City on a trip. It was an American black tourist couple.

      • Good morning Christina R. I want to thank you for your many very intelligent, productive comments. You have a unique perspective. Would you like to write for us here and in Dissident Right circles? I would recommend you use a pen name as Antifa, BlackLiesMatter, SPLC and various Cuckservatives, Conservative Inc, Christian Zionists will come after and dox anyone who challenges their monopoly of public opinion.

        I would also recommend you write about other subjects besides politics – how about writing about some positive, Latin/Latina oriented popular music?

        Much as I love Black AA soul, R&B, Blues, Motown music from the early 1970s, I have to pretty much throw in the towel as today’s Black AA music is #*$&@, same as most everything defiled by the lowest class/ Black welfare, criminal underclass.

        • Mr. Ryan,

          That is extremely flattering. Mr. Hunter would never approve of someone like me doing that. And the non-stop hatred I would get for even non political information would be incredible.

          Seeing how my beliefs sometimes are not flattering to the anglo I do not think my problem would be with the left but with white nationalists. No left wing person ever has insulted me or condemned me even last year when the left ran amok on this site.

          Yet I have been non stop insulted on this site by white nationalists even being called a Shiksa whore twice last year. Granted censorship on this site has helped. The comment section before the New Zealand shootings was horrible. Almost stereotypical in many cases of what the left says white nationalist are. The comment sections became halfway decent for awhile as the commenters were afraid but now they are out in force again.

          Then there are my parents. I try to imagine how I could approach my father for permission.

        • @Ryan — another groveling White fawning over the precious, exotic Browns….
          She, “Christina”, can go write for La Raza.
          Can’t White people have anything of their own? ?!

    • Once the darkies lose their fear of the white man they become very aggressive. There have been numerous university studies which confirm this.

    • The African and indigenous races of South America, when they are doing low-level jobs, have the most inconstant facades I’ve ever encountered. They will often go from such a happy-go-lucky, polite grinning to visible bad temper, in the blink of an eye, after one irritation.

    • What is a “Venetian area in South America”?

      I’m looking to visit, do an extended stay in some Whiter area of South America, Mexico or Puerto Rico. The higher class/Whiter Puerto Ricans have been very nice to me and they seem to be a good people with sensible views about race, sexual relations.

      My Puerto Rican salsa dance instructor is great fun, very beautiful. She’s happily married with 2 small children. She’s taken an interest in me and my life and is encouraging me to find positive Hispanic culture.

      It’s reality that American big cities like Chicago are dominated by Jews, Lesbians, resentful Blacks and strange combinations of the 3.

      Jussie Smollet the Empire Actor who faked the TRUMP MAGA hate crime was apparently some mix of all three:


      It’s also reality that the supposedly “best” American colleges and universities like my Alma Mater Vanderbilt University are also increasingly dominated by the worst:


      These people have lots and lots of free time as they don’t have family responsibilities and get devote their time and effort to the worst anti White causes.

      • Mr. Ryan,

        The whitest state in Mexico is Sonora as far as I am aware. One of my grandmothers was born there. And any anglo that likes latin girls is okay. I think we are the best.

        • Yes, I am definitely acquiring a taste for… Latin Girls/Gals.

          My target market is a little older than you, maybe your mom’s age, but not yet your grandmother’s age.


          I’m not Hispanic but any future children I have will be half Hispanic.


          John Wayne’s Hispanic Latina wives were great. I hope to do as well.

          • So, you’re on the side of the damn beaners taking over the USA, eh?

            Always had you pegged for a scoundrel, Ryan. I hope you stay down there so you don’t pollute this country with more half-breed spawn.


          • Mr. Ryan,

            That was good. Out and out the best looking girl I have ever seen is my friend from Argentina.

            This website really hates my people. White nationalists hate us more than blacks. i am used to it. But you write for these people. How and why do you do so?

          • For the record, I don’t hate you, Christina.

            I mostly write about the history and culture of my own people. It sometimes intersects with yours as in the case of Texas and the Mexican War which you and others have been carrying on about in the comments.

      • If you ever wanted to see paradise in South America, you might try visiting El Dorado. But one word of advice: make sure you have a good map before you go. It’s not called “the lost city of gold” for nothing.

  4. NASA needed to build a tracking station in Africa during the 1960s. To discourage the kangs from attacking and destroying the “blue eyed devil’s” radar complex, NASA showed the warlords a photograph of a negro “astronaut candidate.’ That psyop kept them at bay. Though I have a hunch that Snickers candy bars, menthol cigarettes, and malt liquor was used as behavioral incentives.

    Black skin. Black thoughts. Black deeds.

    Mother Nature was based when she segregated the races.

  5. Meh. That girl should be arrested, but I don’t care if someone licks an ice cream container that they actually bought. It’s only disgusting if they leave it for someone else – like that brat, underage girl.

    Ice cream is disgusting enough on its own. The fact that so many Americans pig out on it (leading to us being one of the most obese nations in the world) is a much bigger scandal than two people licking ice cream containers. A nothing story.

  6. ***As liberal democracy is perfected and the social order collapses into anarchy, we will see more things like this. Why not go ahead and give 16-year-olds the right to vote? I’m ready to get it over with for I can at least spend the second half of my life under a different system.***
    Yes, Hunter, yes! I too yearn to see what will emerge from the ashes of the dying American system, when it finally does collapse. I am not voting for any of the liberals in 2020, Democrat or Republican. I wrote *Rethinking The Propositions* last year to get people thinking about America’s historically inevitable demise, and how we should think as we rebuild.

  7. In food desert ghetto areas, it’s a been a long, long tradition (since the late 1960s) that extremely expensive convenience stores (once run by Jewish Kaufman merchants, now run by Indians and Arabs) never allow the customers to touch the food/merchandise. The main reason is shop lifting, but things like low life ghetto people contaminating the food is another reason.

    So the system is that customers see signs of a product and the owners then get the product behind bullet proof glass.

    These merchants treat their lowest life (Black) customers all as potential shop lifters and the ghetto Blacks despise these alien merchants who make big $s selling poor quality food at outrageous $ prices. It’s no accident that Korean Merchants were targeted for arson and murder during the Rodney King LA riots and Chinese merchants were targeted by the victorious Vietnamese Communists in ~ 1974. The Original Vietnamese boat people were ethnic Han Chinese merchants.

    Jews usually enter White societies as merchants, Kaufmen – another reason Jews were hated in Weimar Germany.

  8. Today, America and all White, Western, Christian nations are divided as
    never before. Here in the U.S.A. they have us divided into Republican and
    Democrat, Catholic and Protestant, rich and poor, Yankees and Confederates, Capital and Labor, Liberals and Conservatives, etc., etc.

    Nothing is so completely insane and suicidal as the eager rush of White
    men all over the world to murder each other by the millions whenever it
    suits the Jews and their lying, liberal friends to set us at each other’s

    “The Jews are one of the principal forces attempting to lead the U.S. into
    the war. The Jews’ greatest danger to this country lies in their large
    ownership and influence in our motion pictures, our press, our radio, and
    our Government. I am saying that the leaders of the Jewish race wish to
    involve us in the war for reasons that are not American.”

    Charles Lindbergh, Sept 11, 1941

  9. From the Sixties onward leftist screamers and thugs have been anti-social. Our anti-White overlords give them a free hand because they’re both on the same team. They work together like a pair of scissors with Whites between the cutting edges.

    • In those pictures except for one deranged misfit, I see brown people messing with the food.

      All brown countries are poor, they are also dirty and unhygenic. America is making the transition to third world country.

  10. Mr. Wallace,

    That was nice of you to say. I of course meant some of your shall we say eccentric commentators.

    What is interesting is that if I were to click my magic shoes 3 times and become Queen Christina of the USA with the military fully behind me. I do the following:

    I ban homosexual marriages, I ban abortion. I ban legal immigration except under individual rare exceptions. I pull the military out of all foreign bases. I only fight a war for serious moral reasons. Illegal immigrants are stopped by force if they resist by force they are shot. In rare individual cases I would help them. If their country lacks the basic necessities of life I provide them with aid until they are back on their feet. Being poor and wanting more is no moral excuse to steal if they possess the basics. Transgenderism operations made illegal.

    The Catholic prerequisites for a just war are the following:

    1. The rights of the State are threatened in a serious manner and violence is the only possible course.
    2. The authority of the Sovereign
    3.A right and just intent
    4. The War is not continued after the unjust aggressor has offered due satisfaction and has stopped their aggression.

    How many of America’s wars have been just since say 1900?

    So you see Mr. Wallace a good portion of my beliefs are yours as well.

      • Mr. Wallace,

        Thank you.

        So I would make a better ruler for America than any current politician. And it is not even close.

  11. Two points: this is particularly repulsive, and shows how it’s all just falling apart socially. I agree ice cream isn’t that great for you. I lost all taste for it a while ago, and use vanilla yogurt for topping with fruit or pie, and don’t notice any loss. It’s also not meant to be eaten every day. Like Michael Savage said, it’s essentially cow fat. But these blacks are doing it to show their contempt for white society.
    What annoys me are people in stores picking off grapes and eating them, to ‘sample’ them. Especially a lot of older men, who seem to think they’re entitled. One old guy was doing this, and I said ‘you should buy that if you eat it.’
    ‘Naw,’ he said, ‘just seeing it they’re okay. Hey, it’s accepted.’
    ‘Why don’t I call the manager over and we can ask him? I’ll do it now.’
    The old guy frowned and took off.
    It’s all this freeloading that now is part of our life, combined with the sense that blacks can do whatever they please.

    As for Christina Romana Alva H., my feeling are that as white people, we deserve our own country and not be flooded by hordes of Mexicans. Granted, too many people in my country are in favor of this invasion, especially the powerful. As a Mexican friend of mine said, the migrants are a pressure value Mexico needs to remain stable, but it’s not our business to keep Mexico stable. He also said, in the end, Mexico will take back the southwest, and there’s nothing we anglos can do about it. Said in a kindly way, of course.
    There is a lot of debate over how ‘Mexican’ anything is above the Rio Grande, but I don’t fault Mexico wanting to be stable and offer a decent life to its people, but not at our expense.

    I went to Mexico (the real Mexico, not the border…Mexico City has many beautiful parts to it), and there are many good things about it, and my friend and I shared other things…its literature, art, etc. He was in love with Sorjuana, and I like her, too, and Mexico could have been more progressive and had a better start if your revolution in the 1800’s went off better. Shame you didn’t have a Washington instead of Hidalgo. I know my friend always said the 1900’s revolution was much more solidifying. He always felt sorry for the Puerto Ricans. ‘They’re sad…so proud, but always sucking that Yankee tit. They need to break off and stand free. We Mexicans would never be that subservient.’
    Like I said to my friend, ‘I really like Sorjuana.’ He mugged. ‘No! She’s mine! You can’t have her.’
    Have you ever read the memoirs of Frances Calderon de la Barca? She was an English woman who married a Mexican diplomat, and offered a very insightful view of Mexico in the 1830s-40s.

    • Dargason,

      A very nice and informative comment on your part. You put some time into it.

  12. Also, my friend made a very pithy comment some years ago.
    ‘You know there are no coups in America? Because there are American embassies there.’

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