Future Technologies

We’ve spent the last few months studying the past.

What is the future going to be like though? Are we ready for it?

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  1. See the top reply under that 15 technologies Tweet:

    “1 and 11 will wreck havoc with all of the above especially 3 and 14. You may want to look into the @QRLedger, #CyberSecurity and #QuantumComputing.”

    He’s right you know.

    “A fully functional robot kitchen ”

    While I was watching that video, it stopped 10 times. I had to wait 30secs for it to start each time. I was thinking sarcastically, We’re in the future now bros! I have to download all videos these days if I want to watch them uninterrupted. I didn’t have to do that a few years ago.

    My thoughts on that kitchen video is they never show it for more than a second or two. They keep cutting away to the race mixing propaganda. The robot looked like CGI to me. Race mixing prop mean Jews running the company, so its probably an invest in us scam.

  2. So who’s going to run and maintain all that next generation technology?

    Incel White bug men and worker drone Asians?

    • Well, I harbor no illusions about my technical skills, they are non existent. Christina Romana Alva H. naively believes that the least educated mass of people on the planet will suddenly begin to excel in math and science and will become the technicians and engineers who will bravely lead us into the future. Never mind that Hispanic drop out rates exceed those of the Negroes, and that they are at the bottom of their classes in reading and writing, in both English and Spanish.

      All of the predictions seem to indicate that we will suddenly have a mass of humanity that is all but dead idle. What is to become of us lowly, redundant people who are filling jobs that will no longer be available? Something will have to be done to decrease the surplus population. War? Famine? Biological Contamination? Euthanasia? Genocide?

      This is why I have firmly embedded myself in the 20th Century and I refuse to budge. Say what you want, but I am very happy living in the past. It is the present that I find uninviting and foreboding. The future appears even less appealing. I guess that is why our lifespans are typically limited to less than a century. Surroundings become so unfamiliar that they become unrelatable and they lose their allure.

      I hear people exclaim, “I wish I had that when I was a kid!” But, I feel sorry for these kids. They can’t ride their bikes to the park without being worried about being abducted. That is, if they even get outside at all. Most of them are spending all of their time diddling with their doodads. And, Toys!!! What cheap pieces of shit they make for children to play with these days! Flimsy plastic crap made in China. One day, I was looking at mid-century cap guns at an antique store and I was marveling at the quality. LEATHER holsters with studs and decorative tooling, large METAL guns with faux ivory or wooden grips and barrels etched with scroll work. Any rootin’ tootin’ kid strapping on those shootin’ irons surely felt like he was the equal to any gunslinger in the neighborhood. And, Tonka Toys! The very definition of Heavy Metal! Once, they were ubiquitous. Now, they are only available at the Feed Store at an exorbitant price, and are mainly manufactured for adult collectors. Imagination has been replaced by Video Games. Physical activity is characterized by arm chair, thumb flexing.

      Brave New World?

        • Theres nothing wrong about being a neo luddite but its definitely not a popular stance I personally love certain technologies and absolutely hate other technologies and inventions. The cellphone has been something that I just flat out hate using for some weird reason but my boomer parents have no problems with

          • I despise them as well. Something about touch screens I really hate, but that is only part of it. Never had a pushbutton phone, either. They are good for serious emergencies, but I think they have added to the overall poisoning of our society, making people even stupider and allowing the spread of some extremely toxic stuff.

  3. I used to like The Flintstones, but I never much cared for The Jetsons. Now, I know why. Does anyone remember the old Twilight Zone episode, where Robby the Robot takes over the guy’s job, and the guy is sitting in a bar when his ex-boss walks in and pulls up a stool next to him, then they cut to a scene where Robby is sitting at the ex-bosses desk?

    I saw an interview that Harvey Levin did with Netanyahu, and Netanyahu made a point of the fact that he did not have a computer in his office and that he did not carry a cell phone, explaining that a cell phone can be tracked and tapped and that you can be compromised. I’m certainly no friend of Ben, but I did find something in common with him. I have long regarded the internet as being Pandora’s Box, and I have never had a connection to the web at my home; preferring to use public access. And, I do not have a cell phone.

    I do not subscribe to direct deposit or automatic withdrawal, nor do I use a debit card. As I believe that is the combination that is necessary for the elimination of cash as an exchange medium; thereby facilitating complete control of an individual’s finances and the regulation of their spending habits. Also, it is a means to fulfill the Biblical prophesy regarding the inability to buy and sell.

    • Re: buying and selling, remember this creepy story from 2017 about that company that was implanting RFID chips in its employees’ hands? I was never one to put much stock in Biblical prophesy but I’m reconsidering…




      16And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark— the name of the beast or the number of its name.

      As an aside, it’s so obvious our government is complicit int this disgusting behavior. First, they normalized chipping with dogs & cats – you wouldn’t want Fluffy to go missing, would you? Next, they’re moving on to chipping your kids – just so they don’t get lost or abducted, ya know. Then they’ll move on to chipping adults – hey, it’s easy to buy your stuff at the grocery store – no debit card required. Truly disgusting.

      From the article:

      Despite the government’s backing, the chip remains a polarizing subject, and the source of conspiracy theory and speculation.

      Westby says this “particular chip” does not have GPS on it, but he said that could change. “We are developing a chip that will be able to use as a GPS device.”

      The company says future uses of the microchip implant could include holding your passport and travel information, medical history, and GPS to safeguard children.

      “You would not believe since this chip came out all of the interest there is in the GPS chip for children and so forth,” the executive said.

      • I remember back around 1986, and DeVry University was touting a microchip so small that it would fit in your fingertip. Even then, I shook with trepidation at the thought. Fast forward to a few years ago, and I was watching a commercial where a store clerk was attempting to scan a credit card, but the laser wouldn’t read it. So, she grabbed the customer and scanned his forehead. It was supposed to be funny, but I was literally horrified!

        Yes, microchipping your pet has become mandatory in some municipalities now. I had a friend whose little dog escaped, and was picked up by Animal Control. They called her to let her know that they had her dog, and advised her how much money to bring to retrieve her pet. The sum was, as I recall, about one hundred dollars, but she withdrew more. It was a good thing that she did, because when she arrived at the pound, they informed her that they had implanted a chip in her dog and that she had to pay an additional one hundred or so dollars.

        If I’m not mistaken, the Mexican government already microchips convicts.

        I do remember a story about a tech company microchipping their employees who were volunteering for it. They were so ecstatic about not having to carry their I. D. Cards to gain entry, or having to remember passwords for their computer. It reminds me of livestock being fattened before being butchered. How content they are to be in a lovely meadow, lazily grazing on the grass and chewing their cud, until the day they are loaded onto a truck and herded into the slaughterhouse.

    • I have a dear friend who won’t use a computer, and only has a flip phone. She’s not looking forward to getting social security, because now you must have direct deposit to get your pension. The control we used to have over how we lived our lives is being taken away. She doesn’t understand why people trust technology, or are so eager to let it run their lives. On the road, she spends most of her time avoiding being hit by people looking at their smartphones. The phones are smart, so they do the thinking, which makes the people dumber. So the dummies can’t drive in a straight line anymore, she thinks. I can’t argue with her.

      • I still read maps. I can locate grid coordinates. I know my left from my right, East from West and North from South. I have a pretty good sense of direction, and can usually find my destination with very little difficulty.

        I occasionally receive a phone call from some poor lost soul whose G.P.S. has led them astray. I’ve experienced several instances where, when I’ve attempted to give the wayward individual directions, and they have insisted that their G.P.S. is advising them differently. In exhaustion, I’ve asked them if they wanted to follow their G.P.S. and remain lost, or if they wanted listen to what I was telling them and get where they trying to go?

        And, who can forget tales of people driving into bodies of water when using some navigational aid? Or, people walking into traffic whilst twiddling with their tweeters?

        Yes, I came to the same conclusion some time ago: Smart Phones = Dumb People.

  4. The love affair with technology is wholly delusional. Oh – it’s amazing and thrilling, don’t get me wrong – but these things are the work of highly creative, intelligent people. Aka White men. Not solely White men – but primarily.

    What’s happened to South Africa, since Negroes took over? The infrastructure and the power?

    As the White population dwindles against the Rising Tide of Mud – who will keep the lights on?

  5. All well and good but natural law dictates technology cannot keep going up while the IQ and racial caliber of the people continues to decline. There has to be a breaking point, a day of reckoning. If we do nothing the future is Chinese. They, and not people of European descent, will colonize the solar system as the white race assimilates itself out of existence.In other words as always the Ethno-State resolution is the only solution!

    • I’m not so certain about colonizing the solar system. This is something that I equate with another Biblical parable. In this instance, I am reminded of the Tower of Babel and man’s attempt to reach the Heavens.

      Aside from that, I don’t believe that we are biologically suited for life in space. The dirty little secret, they don’t often mention, are the effects that living in a weightless environment has on the human body. Weight loss, muscular deterioration and loss of bone density are just a few of the debilitating conditions that only a short time in space will cause. Astronauts returning to Earth must undergo a period of quarantine and readjustment.

      And, who really wants to live in outerspace? No fresh air, no rivers or trees, no birds or flowers, no hiking trails, no snow-capped mountains or deep fragrant forests, nothing but empty space.

      Somebody once pointed out how boring “2001, A Space Odyssey” is, because it’s about “Space.” No Flying Saucers, No Aliens, No Laser Battles, and No Distant Planets with Atmospheres that will support Life (at least not ours). It is my guess is that, if we do find living organisms in space, we will probably wish that we hadn’t. Most likely, whatever we discover will be in the form of some microbe or bacteria, against which we will have no immunity.

  6. Hmm. Imagine large scale virtual rallies- images of hundreds of Confederate cavalry charging over a hill, only the images are really computer generated and projected onto streets, building walls, cars, etc… a ghostly triumph.

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