MIGA: Mike Pence, John Bolton and Mike Pompeo Address The Christians United For Israel Summit

In the 2020 election, Blompf is going to have a very difficult time rallying his former Alt-Right base behind MIGA 2020. It mixes with the ISRAEL IS OUR GREATEST ALLY crowd like oil and water.

The only reason it worked in 2016 is because there were all these other key populist and nationalist promises that were enticing enough to offset our traditional distaste for the Zionism of mainstream conservatism. Blompf promised to build the wall, deport millions of illegal aliens, end the suicide and opioid epidemic in White America, spend trillions of dollars to rebuild our infrastructure, avoid stupid neocon foreign wars, end tax loopholes for Wall Street and end chronic trade imbalances with China and Mexico and other foreign countries. He has delivered the pro-Israel agenda across the board while letting down his populist and nationalist supporters on ALL of their key issues. In fact, he has left them worse off than they were before he was elected on border security, censorship and Antifa violence.

He is going to pay a big price for it in 2020.

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  1. Christ was the biggest anti-Shem there ever was. The biggest. Pence and all the other fake Christian Zionist are spitting in the face of Christ. Such sickening filthy disgusting whores.

    • Christianity was invented by pro-Flavian Jews, such as Philo Judeus, “Josephus”, Tiberius Alexander and Berenice to offer a counterweight to the Zealots and Sicarii. Yeshua was a fictional character plagiarized from John the Baptist and others.

      Initially anti-Zealot and anti-Pharisee, Christianity later became anti-Jewish with further Jewish uprisings, eg Bar Kokhba in 132.

      For those of you cognizant of the tectonic impact of the 2010 sequencing of the neanderthal genome, consider that 9 years later we are still sifting through the wreckage of Out of Africa.

      I mention that because recent scholarship has hit the study of Christianity as hard or harder, showing that it was an invention of the Flavian Party. Like a tsunami, you first see the water receding from the coast, only for the wave to hit you some time later. Same here; it takes a while for these things to filter out to the rank-and-file, but the die is cast, the writing is on the wall, so to speak









      • Not only do you never provide any info on your vaunted Partition, this time you simply provide Wikipedia links that do not prove or even discuss the subjects you discuss as though they are already proven. Why do you have such a problem providing any information on views you insist are true? If your views were obviously true, it would be easy to “show your work.” I can’t figure out if you’re lazy, afraid of being challenged, stupid, or all or some of those things.

      • @Afterthought

        I for one would be on board with embracing the religion of my neanderthal ancestors, since I know I have more than my share given where muh peoples come from.

        But since we have no idea what that is, or what the Celts were doing, or even really the Saxons/Vikings or Franks, Christianity is kinda all we have that makes any sense or is grounded in our heritage, be it rightly or wrongly.

        Maybe if the pagans weren’t so cringy I would wear a thors hammer necklace and drink too much beer like they do instead of showing some passing respect for what my ancestors for at least the last 1000 yrs have believed.

        If only we knew what the Neanderthals believed, then I would feel just fine taking a big steaming shit on all my civilized ancestors that lived since with deeply held beliefs.

        • IronicSockAccount, Pagans are cringy?

          Until there’s a Pagans United for Israhell Summit, Christians are the most embarrassing by far.

  2. Looking at that porcine con-man Rev. Pigee makes me curious about what kind of dirt his jew masters have on him. Kiddie porn? Fag orgies? Twinks and trannies? Mike Penis looks like a queer as well. When this country falls it will crumble into a pile of dust and then blow away, like it never even existed.

  3. Before the Jews held all the money and controlled our politics, it was the WASP aristocracy that gave similarly few shits about common folks, or anyone too poor to own land (my family basically, since the English stole it all and drove us out, both Irish and Scots Irish ancestors).

    Now, as then, whats left of the WASPs aristocracy have sold out to globohomo and here we find ourselves.

    I have more land and money now than almost anybody in my family ever has. Nothing else has changed, as the current elite still give no shits. Has that really ever been not the case for anybody who is reading this? Do we have any actual nobility or old money aristocracy in here?

    Why are we not just putting our heads together and taking advantage of the free for all society we currently are living in? We could be modern day pirates if we wanted, instead we are here…. bellyaching about bullshit our ancestors had worse.

    • This certainly isn’t a “free for all society” if you are white. Go ahead and try to be a “modern day pirate” and see how long you get away with it.

  4. The Religious Right has always been a pro-Zionist mainstay. Time for the Shabbos Goy traitors to rally the “Christian” useful idiots.

  5. Just move to Appalachia where there are few colored people.

    Get a job, drink good whiskey, eat too much good food, work hard, die fat and happy.

    Look me up when you do, I already did the above.

    This defeatism that is streaking through this thing is getting old.

    My Grandpa was a union coal miner in Appalachia when that could get your homestead burned out by strikebreakers. He was blacklisted, so he drug a coal cart from shack to shack every day up and down the hollar delivering coal for heat to folks homes for a living.

    Thats a tough life. This aint shit. He moved his family to Detroit to join the unionized workforce of Chrysler. He died a lifelong Democrat, was a staunch labor activist all his life. When he died, he was so big it took 8 of us to move move his coffin easily. Nobody ever gave him anything either, but I never heard him complain. He died fat and happy sleeping in his recliner.

    Thats how I plan to go, though it will be a tree stand if I have a say in it. I want it to be a royal pain in the ass to get me down from there too so it will be miles back haha.

    • GREAT post, @Ironic.. My family history similar , but Dad’s a wiry old energizer bunny nearing 80, still mowing his lawn & cutting brush week after week.
      They sure don’t make hillbillies like they used to.

  6. There is no such thing as a Judeo-Christian religion. We consider the two religions so different that one excludes the other.

    Rabbi Moshe Maggal

    Judaism is not the religion of the Bible.

    Rabbi Ben Zion Bokser

    Dr. Abba Hillel Silver, a well known Jew, when writing in the Jewish publication, Liberal Judaism, January, 1949, about the newly created state of Israel declared:

    “For the curse of Cain, the curse of being an outcast and a wanderer over the face of the earth has been removed.”

    The 1980 Jewish Almanac says; “Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an ‘Israelite’ or a ‘Hebrew.”

  7. Even SNL in its prime could never write a skit as ridiculous as the shabbos goy minstrel show MIGA puts on.

    Thirty gold shekels for pence, pompeo, and bolton. They earn a bonus dreidel too.

  8. Phony Christians everyone of them, Mike Pence should really start reading the book of revelation and then he might realize that Israel,rome and the jews are not are greatest ally but are biggest enemies Christian zionists are such gullible bedazzled idiots tho so not much of a chance of him changing

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