Owen Shroyer Rips Social Media Summit

I can barely contain my excitement.

This is going to be the most exciting thing to happen since Blompf started deporting millions of illegal aliens after July the 4th:

Owen Shroyer is expecting this event to be another big optics charade and a pat on the head for the base to make it appear like Blompf and the GOP are doing something about the issue. Ted Cruz is also planning to hold failure theater hearings in Congress.

Ben Garrison is too edgy to come now after being labeled an anti-Semite for doing a George Soros cartoon.

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  1. The purpose of social media is to reinforce the acceptable and approved public narrative of events while collecting volumes of information about everyone who uses their platforms. FB, Twitter et al. provide the guardrails for public discourse allowing controlled opposition to uselessly dissipate anger against the establishment. Detailed dossiers are now available for future rewards, blackmail and indictments under the next Pocohantas, Cameltoe Harris or President Buttplug administration.

    Social media filled the vacuum left by the imlposion of network news and legacy newspapers keeping a steady stream of propoganda ready at hand. The censorship is blatant with FB, Twitter et al. whereas legacy media at least pretended that they believed in a “free press” citing their beloved Constitution when it suited them. Their next motto will be straight out of the NKVD archives; “Show me the man and I will show you the crime”.

  2. Our own territory, and of course our own technology sector.

    There is no living with these hate-filled lunatics.

  3. Alex Jones and his Info Wars. What was….I was a fan for years. That all ended when Info Wars became TNN….Trump News Network. What was…..Deo Vindice !

  4. Fake Ben Garrison cartoons are exactly six million times better than real Ben Garrison cartoons. And I’m glad he got disinvited to the Dark House. Serves him right for sucking up to Trump and that Yugoslavian goldigger wife of his.

    • Boomer Garrison deserves everything he is getting. When Ann Coulter was holding Trump to his promises on the wall and immigration, Ben was one of those that attacked her for it.

      Conservatives don’t care about the principle of free speech, they only care that they be able to speak, They are quite happy to make a deal with liberals that everyone else be banned, as long as liberals let paycheck conservatives run their grifts on liberal owned media.

      • True the fake edited pol/ garrisons are the real garrisons cause they actually tell the truth about jews and the zog empire

        Screw boomer garrison for being a MIGA trumptard Tfw you suck blumpfs cock an appease zog and you still get disinvited by them lol

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