President Trump: I’m a Great Looking, Smart, True Stable Genius!

This is comforting to know:

I’m feeling reassured now.

I’m back on board the Trump Train now. #MIGA2020

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  1. Aw, it looks like somebody taught him how fractions work between his original tweet and this one.

    I was trying to figure out how Warren was 1000/24th Native American.

      • Hey Potatus blumpf is a good meme and its true bronald blumpf is a fucking stupid potato president and a zionist boomer traitor

        FFS those tweets are pure cringe man If social media is so powerful and influential Don why are your supporters being banned purged and silenced you dumb mofo?

  2. He’s a clown.

    Just how many times has he threatened to do one thing or another and then folded? Of course he only fails to deliver on these threats when it’s something we want.

    • “I’m giving democrats 5 million more chances to fix the border an come up with a better backstabbing bill that I say i won’t sign but actually will sign and I’m depending on Mexicos strong border patrol to stop illegals while my stepson Jared fast tracks illegals at the fastest rate ever MIGA’ -potatus blumpf

  3. Just heard an “ACLU lawyer” on the hourly Nogger Public Radio (NPR) advising illegal aliens how to defy ICE — HOW is this ‘PSA’ allowed in nation with a legal system…in any nation ??!

    Hey, Stable Genuis — a nation that allows this will eventually not allow YOU to leave office without putting you behind bars or in your grave!

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