Trump: The Squad Hates Israel

Oh … so that’s what it was about. No wonder.

This has nothing to do with White Nationalism.

The GOP has repeatedly condemned White Nationalism. It has removed Steve King from committee assignments for merely defending Western civilization. This is all about “fighting anti-Semitism.”

Blompf isn’t “stoking White Nationalism” in his tweets. White Nationalists aren’t supporting him anymore. AIPAC has a bone to pick with The Squad because of their lack of subservience to Israel.

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  1. Of course, he’s a Zionist. It’s why he ran on an anti-Muslim platform and white nationalists stretched it to include the other unwanted. Then, there was Kushner always nearby. At his level, marriages are business decisions and are part of agendas and Ivanka’s was no different.

    These people make me nauseous. The more you scrutinize their words and deeds, the more you realize the crap is what rises to the top. The cream is in the middle.

  2. The most pertinent quote from that article, linked above.. then Think of Trump the Apostate, while you ‘read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest’…

    “Julian felt if he could encourage the Jews to rebuild the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, such would be a monument to the falsity of Christ as a prophet, and therefore contribute to the downfall of the Christian system. He thus issued an official document praising the Jews; he eased their tax burdens, and provided funds from the public treasury for the rebuilding of the temple. The young heathen even promised that, upon completion, he would officiate in the consecration of the sacred building.

    The Jews seized the moment with unbounded zest. They engaged the work of rebuilding with fervor, under the conviction that this project would usher in the reign of the “true Messiah” (rather than that of this “Jesus” imposter).”

  3. Brad, you should be sounding this theme over and over, as loudly as possible. Whites need to disengage from the system and this defection needs to be recognized.

    Trump was placed in the Oval Office to lull whites into believing they’re actually being represented by somebody in the system, while he packs the country with more non-whites but gets pilloried for being pro-white anyway.

  4. We are out in the cold. White Christians no longer have a party representing us. Was this planned? It seems like it.

  5. This should have been obvious by his groveling before AIPAC even before the 2016 GOP convention. Hillary did the same the very next night.

  6. Hottest take I’ve seen on this was:

    Trump telling rashid talib to go home was him coming out in support of Palestinians right of return. Zionists BTFO’d

    What sucks is blompf makes me want to take the squads side when in reality they’re anti Israel schtick is left Zionists anti Zionists, if they were pressed they’d probably have some cold take like israel should stop building settlements

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