Never Again: 1,000+ Jews Protest ICE In Washington, DC

Yes, it’s the Jews.

The anti-Semites have been right all along. The Jews are censoring the internet. The Jews are dissolving our borders. The Jews are teaching our kids to become trannies. The Jews are trying to start a war with Iran for the sake of Israel. The conservatives are also afraid to tell you the truth about this because they are all owned by a handful of Jewish billionaires who have power over them.

The Daily Beast:

“At least 1,000 Jews, immigrants, and activists protested outside Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Washington, D.C., headquarters on Tuesday afternoon, shutting down all points of entry for several hours.

“Never again means close the camps,” the protesters chanted in sweltering, 95-degree heat, as they stood together with linked arms outside the doors of the building. They hung an enormous banner over the entry ramp to ICE headquarters that read, “Pelosi, Never Again Is Now.” 

The demonstrators, several of whom were arrested Tuesday afternoon, were part of an event organized by Never Again Action, a Jewish activist group that’s been protesting outside ICE facilities around America, and Movimiento Cosecha, an organization fighting for undocumented immigrants. Their goal was to disrupt ICE’s daily work, and they surrounded the headquarters at 1 p.m., hoping to grab people getting back from lunch.  …”

Imagine a world in which all conservative politicians were owned lock, stock and barrel by a handful of wealthy donors like Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein and all whistleblowers were demonized and have their lives destroyed. This is the world you are living in right now.

Who do you think is telling you the truth about this? Are you going to believe conservatives or your own eyes? Do we have any incentive to make all this up?

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  1. The $3.8 billion a year we give to the biblical theme park in the middle east would do wonders for Honduras and Guatemala. Just sayin’.

  2. We are living in one of those periods of history where we are witnessing why Jews got kicked out of countries 109 times. We are watching them go for 110.

  3. Can we go to Israhell and agitate for the right of return of millions of Palestinians?

    I’ve only seen humanitarian Scandinavians attempting to get the rightful residents of Palestine back home.

    This shit is getting close to blowing its lid, and there’s no safety valve built into the critique culture of the jews.

  4. The eternal victims are at it again, making this out to be about themselves, like a bunch of phony losers. This is the race of people bronald blumpf does absolutely everything for yet we are told by cnn fox and whatever media outlet that says his base are white supremacists

    This clownworld is starting to become bizzaroworld

  5. I would like white normies to see Jews protesting for illegal aliens, blocking ICE offices, and yelling for open borders over and over again.

    Of course no one in the media asks these Jew protestors if Palestinians have a human right to return to their own homes in Israel as they assert a human right for Central Americans to move here.

  6. I’m starting to think jews are actually devils or goblins in quasi-human form. They are the very embodiment of darkness and disorder.

    • The self-proclaimed “most moral army in the world” (IDF) shoots little Palestinian kids in the head near their border. I don’t see these scumbag Jews demonstrating against that. There is no comparison between what ultra-evil, ethnic-cleansing Israel does and what the US under Trump does with respect to borders, entry and migrants (or those who wish to go home). Has the US sterilized immigrants? Israel has…

  7. Sweet Jesus were they really forming a cluster blocking a road under a bridge? That’s a bullseye.

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