Smoked Sausage and Queso Fresco Recipe

We learned about this breakfast combination from Katherine Michelle who is a Keto YouTuber from Texas who now lives in Alabama.

Here are the ingredients: a pack of smoked sausage and a pack of queso fresco. All you do is cut it up and sauté it in a skillet. Feel free to cook the queso fresco by itself as a tasty and filling low-carb snack.

I like to cycle through my breakfast combinations which I have saved in MyFitnessPal on my smartphone as meals. This morning I had the usual 3 oz of smoked sausage and 3 oz of queso fresco.

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  1. Smoked sausage, a big part of Texas BBQ.

    I like to cook it up in the oven, slice it up, and eat it with BBQ sauce and Pinto beans.

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