The Gatekeeper’s Conference

UPDATE: The Zman has breached the kosher perimeter of The Gatekeeper’s Conference and has two reportbacks on Day 1 and Day 2 of the conference.

I haven’t paid any attention to the National Conservatism Conference in Washington, DC. It was made clear from the outset that this was the latest Jewish-controlled rebranding effort and that actual nationalists who have been in the trenches for decades would be excluded.

In my lifetime, I have watched these people destroy and marginalize Pat Buchanan and the paleocons. I watched them take down Ron Paul. I watched them coopt and milk the Tea Party. I should have known better than to back Blompf and Steve Bannon in 2016 and the MAGA movement, but they coopted that too and milked it for all it was worth to secure Jerusalem and the Golan Heights for Israel. After that bitter experience, I vowed that it would never happen again. I’m not putting any time and energy into backing another phony “mainstream” movement that isn’t going to change anything.

We don’t need Jewish-Israeli nationalist gatekeepers creating and policing a phony “national conservatism” for associations. A half century of mainstream conservatism in thrall to the interests of Jewish donors and cowering in fear of the mainstream media has brought us to the precipice of becoming a racial minority in our own country. If the current conservative movement had something to show for all its purges, then maybe I would feel differently but the staffing of the Trump administration and Congress is an ever present reminder that it cultivated absolutely nothing of value.

It couldn’t even stop 9-year-old drag queens in Texas:

Peter Brimelow, Jared Taylor and Patrick Casey were all pointedly excluded from the National Conservatism Conference. Do you know who was invited to address the audience? John Bolton.

Please clap.

That right there tells you everything you need to know. As with Blompf, the goal here is to steer nationalist and populist energies back into the rotting corpse of conservatism.

We’re not going to fall for it again in 2020. Even if Jewish-controlled national conservatism manages to win the election, we know from experience that it is so ineffective in practice that nothing will be done to solve or arrest any of our national problems. It is better to stay out of mainstream politics and focus on our own lives and allow “progressive liberalism” to vanquish the mainstream Right than to get screwed again like we all did after 2016 and 2018 when we voted to Make Israel Great Again.

Note: Mark Zuckerberg owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. There is no choice there either. It is just another Jewish gatekeeper.

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  1. This is about marginalizing Christians. There will be two parties a Democrat part representing blacks and foreigners and a Republican party representing Jews and business. Trump sign on to this when he went against Roy Moore.

  2. That guy “Zman” Has a series on his blog talking about what it’s like inside the conference

    Just google his alias + blog

  3. “We’re not going to fall for it again in 2020.”

    No we are not, though I wouldn’t ever say I fell for Trump, he bought us some time only. Not that I am mathematically eliminating Trump; we don’t have enough information to do that yet. Needless to say, it doesn’t look good (remember 2018 Ethnarch’s “tilt-lean Republican”?!? we’ll be seeing a lot of that)

    If Trump wins, fine, I know what I am doing.

    If he loses, it will be harder, but in a way easier as the case that Take Back America will never work will be iron clad.

    Recall after Obama won those state by state petitions to secede from the Union that went viral. We will be seeing the same thing, but for real this time.

    I think we will ultimately pull it off in time to transition to a global crack down on AI, robotics, and trans-humanism. Yes, it is doable.

  4. NEVER CAMPAIGN FOR A REPUBLICAN FOR FREE! If you do campaign for them, you should bill them for every hour you spend on it, because otherwise you won’t get a thing out of it. The shills have it right in this case. They know the filthy rich jews and shabbos goy they whore for are total scum, so they GET PAID UP FRONT.

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