Low Carb Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

Food Porn July continues with Shepherd’s Pie.

The regular version with mashed potatoes was one of our favorite family meals before we started our low-carb diet. Basically, the low-carb or Keto version of Shepherd’s Pie just replaces mashed potatoes with mashed cauliflower. While it is not as good as the regular version, your success in sticking to a low-carb or Keto diet depends on finding creative ways to incorporate your favorite foods.

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  1. Never tried mashed cauliflower before doesn’t look too bad but i can see it would be hard to replace the taste of potatos

    • Honestly I don’t think potatoes would add much to your waistline if you cooked them right. If you fry them in oil you will put on weight. If you boil them they are fine.

      Sweet potato would be an interesting variation on this recipie. If you boil it, it is low GI and will keep you feeling full for many hours. Potato however is high GI so it will not have the same effect as sweet potato.

      • Sweet potatoes instead of normal potatoes would be interesting in shepherds pie i like the idea more then mashed cauliflower. Though I would opt out for white sweet potatoes if possible the orange sweet potatoes taste too sweet and tangy they are better for fries.

        The only problem with white sweet potatoes is they are harder to find usually seasonal from july to November so now shouldn’t be a problem

  2. The Diamond’s ‘Fit for Life’ diet had a killer recipe for ‘Cauliflower Mashed Fauxtatoes’ which (if memory serves) had both a lot of cream and butter in it). But that was back in the 1980’s…..

  3. I’ll have to try this, too. I love cauliflower but nothing can replace potatoes in my book. But, I am starting Keto August 1st no doubt due, in large part, to Mr. Griffin posting some fabulous recipes.

    Now, if I can only return the favor by getting Mr. Griffin to eat more organic.

    • The trick to good mashed cauliflower is to dry fry it for a couple of minutes before mashing. Gets rid of excess moisture. Then use a hand mixer to get it whipped up with cream and butter. Using this on shepherds pie with cheese is really good and low carb. If I could get the hubby to eat this version with cauli mash vs. potatoes, we would both be in better shape!

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