Trump Demands Sweden Release A$AP Rocky From Jail

As I was just saying, you are wasting your time like Tommy Robinson appealing to Blompf to do anything for you. He is far more interested in A$AP Rocky than the plight of South African farmers. He can’t let down A$AP Rocky who endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Look, I am not an American Nationalist who waves the Star Spangled Banner and who preaches good optics, but it was wrong what Blompf’s Justice Department did to RAM for defending his supporters. They’re going to be rotting in prison for the next three years for getting jumped by Antifa. Charlottesville didn’t even think it had enough evidence to press charges against them.

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  1. Well, Sweden certainly does have some crime problems that did not exist at all 30 years ago. I can’t for the life of me figure out what changed.

  2. Nothing new t-rump making overtures to the blacks in America (for the black vote in 2020) with a tweet to swedenistan cause (surprisingly jailing a person of color) they have locked up a thug. Meanwhile White Americans rot in prisons for standing up for their rights in their own country and Freedom of Speech is being destroyed while numb nut t-rump worries about doing all he can for a middle eastern country.

  3. A$$hole rocky can join all the recently released felons back on the streets to cause menace and mayhem thanks in due to blompf/kushner prison reform (first step) act.

    I doubt even Scott Baio will endorse blompf in 2020.

  4. Does Trump know he is the President of the United States and just associating with these scumbags demeans him and the office? Does he really take advice from the likes of trash such as assorted “rappers” and the Kardashians? How serious is he as President to waste any time on these idiots, it’s not going to win him the black vote anyway in 2020.

    Maybe he should have kept his TV career.

  5. The Commander in Chief virtue signaler is at it again.
    He can’t build the wall.
    He can’t stop the 3rd world invasion pouring in over our borders.
    But he can turn loose incarcerated felons and bully a foreign country.

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