President Trump Speaks At 400th Anniversary In Jamestown

This was … awkward.

Blompf read his speech off the teleprompter. There was no feeling or emotion behind his words. Basically, he was there to celebrate 400 years of self government in Virginia, but condemned the civilization that Jamestown spawned in the South as barbaric and illegitimate until it was redeemed by Martin Luther King, Jr.’s interpretation of “the true of meaning of its creed” in 1965:

“As we mark the first representative legislature at Jamestown, our nation also reflects upon an anniversary from that same summer four centuries ago.  In August 1619, the first enslaved Africans in the English colonies arrived in Virginia.  It was the beginning of a barbaric trade in human lives.  Today, in honor, we remember every sacred soul who suffered the horrors of slavery and the anguish of bondage.

More than 150 years later, at America’s founding, our Declaration of Independence recognized the immortal truth that “all men are created equal.”  (Applause.)  Yet, it would ultimately take a Civil War, 85 years after that document was signed, to abolish the evil of slavery.  It would take more than another century for our nation, in the words of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., to live out “the true meaning of its creed” and extend the blessings of freedom to all Americans.  (Applause.)

In the face of grave oppression and grave injustice, African Americans have built, strengthened, inspired, uplifted, protected, defended, and sustained our nation from its very earliest days.  Last year, I was privileged to sign the law establishing a commission to commemorate the arrival of the first Africans to the English colonies, and the 400 years of African American history that have followed.  That was an incredible day.  That was an incredible event.”

The speech was interrupted by a non-White protester.

Rep. Ibraheem S. Samirah, the son of Palestinian refugees from Chicago, interrupted the speech with a sign that said “Deport Hate” and “Reunite My Family And All Shattered By Systemic Discrimination.” In other words, the natives who have been here for centuries are motivated by “hatred” and should be deported by immigrants who have an inalienable right to reunite with their families.

It is hard not to conclude from this event that America’s effort to live up to “the true meaning of its creed” has been a failure. As a proposition nation, this country is rapidly unraveling. There are millions of people here now who have nothing in common with the founding stock.

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  1. I hope these minorities keep it up and accelerate it. Why the hell would any thinking white person believe it’s a good idea to have them around even if only to clean toilets?

    We should have picked our own cotton.
    We need to clean our own toilets.
    We need to mow our own grass.
    We need to install our own roofs.

      • From “Grammarist”:

        Roofs vs. rooves

        Roofs is the plural of roof in all varieties of English. Rooves is an old secondary form, and it still appears occasionally by analogy with other irregular plurals such as hooves, but it is not common enough to be considered standard.

        • Thanks for the updated format. It was rooves when I was much younger and it’s what I learned in a NYC Catholic school. Go figure.

          • I was also going to correct that aberrant plural, but I am astounded (and somewhat ashamed) that you learned that odd plural in a RC school. Jannie, I’ve NEVER seen it, and I have read a LOT of Victorian literature. Unless it pre-dates even that…..

  2. “Don’t think demographically,” people like Owen Benjamin say. In other words, there are good people in every group, jews and blacks included. We’ve got to make room for everybody. Well, we already have, and it’s a bloody disaster. Anyplace run by blacks is a cesspool, they’re predisposed to violent crime at an alarming rate, and so on. Jews look for ways to undermine and pervert the dominant culture wherever they’re welcomed. They’re internal saboteurs. As are any other minority group, looking out for their own over others through any means necessary.

    “Goodwhites” cooperate with this societal destruction and descent into barbarism. They’re happy to see our way of life disappear, if they can get praise for it from those that hate them. Feeling good about themselves now matters more than doing good for others in the long-term to those emptyheaded traitors.

    We need to think ONLY demographically, like our enemies. They probably laugh at our self-destructive generosity. The world is made up of tribes, and we need to understand that modern technology and deeply-reasoned philosophy is a thin veneer covering up the eternal nature of humankind. Look out for your own, or get wiped out by those that do.

  3. So the National Archives has released an audio tape of Reagan calling blacks in Africa ‘monkeys’ to Nixon:

    Folks should know that, as of around 2014, the best audio mixers in the country (or those working in media who knew of the best) told me that the government was getting either very close or already on top of falsifying audio from real tapes of people. This could be totally faked, as far as I could discern from my source’s (tv…film) opinion.

    It’s been 6 years since he and I spoke; I highly doubt the government hasn’t been working fiendishly to master this technology and art.

    Just an FYI.

    • It’s here and apparently not being totally hidden, at least by the private sector:

      Also remember that there are ingenious people who could easily ‘plant’ probably entire half-dialogues for Reagan, based on studying his persona – personality/character, speech patterns when he was spontaneous and also when he worked with his speech writers. Such people would go for some comment Americans could imagine Reagan might have said as some extrapolation from what the public and also his closer contemporaries picked up about him.

    • Oh and I’ve suspected for awhile that some of the lore we hear about MLK Jr. and ‘audio tapes’ is indeed at least part lore. They’ve known for years that at some point the technology would exist to clone voices, as it were. So the apocrypha predated the concrete ability.

      They’ll demonize anyone they want, when they want, to whomever they want.

      I don’t respect MLK as some saint but I highly doubt he was as evil as (((expedience))) might suggest. He probably had or witnessed orgies. But I’m skeptical he oversaw actual rape for some reason. You never know…my intuition just tells me it’s unlikely.

  4. Blompf is such an empty suit as a conman. As you wrote, his speeches lack genuine sincerity and emotion. It’s so easy to see that he doesn’t mean a damn word he utters, unless he’s defending Israel.

    Kowtowing to negroes that have little to no understanding of their own history on the North American continent, expect what the jews in Hollywood, fake news, and academia dispense as truth.

    That dune coon that wants to deport the founding stock of Americans and reunite his Islamic brood is yet another example of of how diversity is the leading cause of conflict.

    All of this shitting on our heritage isn’t going to end well for anyone, except the jews that will flee to Israhell when the SHTF when the dominoes fall down.

  5. “All of this shitting on our heritage isn’t going to end well for anyone, except the jews that will flee to Israhell when the SHTF when the dominoes fall down.”

    They all keep their bug out bags and El Al tickets close to hand. Old Jews keep their Cadillacs handy in case they haf to escape from Yankeedom, to Las Vegas or someplace.

      • @MakePieGreatAgain

        Are you serious here, James? Even halfway?

        About the bug out bags, yes.

        The Cadillac story was about some Jew’s senile grandfather in New Jersey. I read it online, somewhere.

        Given the craziness of people, I don’t doubt that it’s true. A lot of those old Jews supposedly experience nightly visits by ghostly GESTAPO and SD officers.

        • @ James Owen,

          Oh the Gestopo and SD. Those were the days.

          You’re correct about the bug out bags. Investigators found several passports, diamonds, and lots of folding money in Jeffrey Epstein’s safe.

          After Bernie Madoff got life in federal prison for ripping off other wealthy jews, all the zog oligarchs have their getaway bags packed and their Gulf Stream jet idling on the runway.

          Hyman Roth in the Godfather Part Two was the only criminal jew that Israel ever expelled back to the goys, and that’s a work of fiction.

      • @Denise

        I read some article by some Jew in New Jersey who said his senile grandfather kept his Cadillac ready in case the “NAZIs” came back, and he had to outrun them somehow, or other. I presume to Las Vegas or someplace outside of reality.

      • @Denise

        @Owen – Jews have been crawling all OVER the South, and TX especially, since the beginning.

        Yes, Ms. Denise, I’m aware of the fact. However, 90% of them live in the BosWash Megalopolis.

  6. Trump can virtue signal and lick their boots all he wants but they’re still going to hate him. He’s White.
    It’s not ideology. It’s race stupid.

    • All of Blormp’s pandering to the coloreds isn’t going to make them change their minds about that bum. Surely he knows that! So he must be doing it in an attempt to disarm his critics. Or to keep his jew handlers off his back.

      • Blumpf is absolutely clueless, Jared and Invaka tells him to jump and Blumpf says how high? Span You say jew handlers like they are his enemies, when really some of his handlers are his best friends and closest confidants

    • Every aspect of civilization and society boils down to race. That is why the Left constantly screams “racist!” It would be very bad for them if truthful discussions on race were allowed, and they know it.

      • Powell,

        Dr. Carl of Cambridge University is the latest victim of academic heresy.

        Dr. Carl demonstrated correlations between genes and intelligence, criminality, and other verboten taboos.

        The Way of the World did a video of his lynching by zealots of political correctness.

        • Any deviation from the Teachings of The High anti-White Church of Political Correctness is heresy and cannot go unpunished. The truth is no defense.

  7. A Palestinian muslim (i’m assuming) republican, hmm sure why not the party is already filled with shills, homos and traitors

  8. A Palestinian showing up? That’s an assassination warning.

    Also had Werhner von Braun lived into the 1980s he’d have been stripped of citizenship and dragged through the MUD. He’s lucky he died in the 1970s. He’d have been attacked by the weasels.

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