Lee Stranahan Exposes The Grift Right

There were people who bought into this hook, line and sinker in 2016.

I was never one of them. I supported Trump in the 2016 election, but I never supported this clique of people. At the time, I suspected they were trying to use and manipulate the Alt-Right. It turned out to be worse than I thought because they were a reflection of Blompf himself.

Lee Stranahan has the mindset of a detective and his been digging into these people and the psyop they pulled on the movement back in 2016. They duped a bunch of Alt-Right leaders into thinking that they were on the verge of power only to dump them after the 2016 election. After Blompf won the election and sold out to the donors during the transition, these pawns had served their purpose.

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  1. I’d thought it was more likely that Trump was going to expect far right groups to settle down and do other things. Charlottesville debacle required an actual crackdown on the nationalist right. A public flogging.

    • Charlottesville could have been avoided with simple Google searches. Kessler is a German Jewish name. The Mayor of Charlottesville, Jewish. The city, very, very, liberal.

      And a New York billionaire with a bad reputation shows up with a bunch of Jews in tow, and nationalists are suprised when he screws them over. Isn’t warning that Jews are scammers, supposed to be White Nationalism’s bread and butter? lol

    • Your timeline is all fucked, trump started throwing his supporters under the bus as soon as he took office.

      The autistic white kid who was kidnapped and tortured by four black teens months before his election was a perfect case to grandstand on, and crack down on people attacking his supporters but no. Not only did trump not direct his doj to look into it when he took office, he was ok with female participants only getting probation!

      Then after his election Milo at Berkeley happened, that was before any nationalists fought back. It was all Antifa aggression, leaving an old man unconscious in the street with a brain bleed. Again blompf did nothing.

      Then several weeks later Milo in Seattle happened where an anti milo protester shot a fellow protester who he thought was alt right, again, nothing.

      Then there was the Bernie boomer shot up a Congressional baseball game, again, nothing.

      After the republicans and blompfs inaction on the Bernie shooter I knew we hit a turning point. The establishment was so desperate not to share the mantel of domestic terrorism with anyone but pro white men they were even willing to eat a shooting on sitting members of congress. Republicans will literally get shot and say, our real problem is white nationalism…

  2. Mr. Wallace,

    I was in Mexico for the last 2 weeks. I showed the heads of my family and others many of your articles. They found them interesting. They liked your calm analysis of history. They were not irritated in the slightest with your support for the WASP. After their approval i was allowed to share some of the information and conclusions with regular family. When I say family that includes cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. No one seemed upset with the 2 dozen articles I had for sharing. I shared with them the ones I thought best represented the website.

    The head of our families was unmoved by the comments I had saved and showed him. It was the articles that he was interested in.

    My peers however were more interested in the comments I showed them. They said many nice things about Mr. Wallace, Mr. Ryan, DD, November, Rich L, James Owen, Fenris,Thom, flaxen haired strumpet and last but not least Denise.

    My conclusion is that if the heads of our families were writing an article about your website it would be far more objective and reasonable than the US main stream news media.

      • Mr. Wallace,

        That is sweet to have missed me. I was directed to this website by a family member I dare not oppose. To prepare me I was told to read about the Allied atrocities against Germans in 1945, especially the women. I was horrified. The only time I have cried with anguish on the internet was then. So then I was determined ready. Remember, when I first entered this website you were my enemies. You were the Gringo–let’s be honest. Now? No you are not my enemies. I am not sure how it happened but I am more on your side than those Republican/libertarian pieces of caca.

        I have looked at Political Cesspool and listened to Ramseypaul. Nice sites. But your site is addictive.

        • Do you live on one of those huge, sprawling haciendas like they do in those Mexican and Argentine soap operas (Mundo de Fieras, Sin Ti, Tu y Yo, Marielena) ? One never sees any mestizo, indio or negro chracters on those shows, except as menials engaged in low buffoonery.

          • spahnranch1969,

            My uncle has a large ranch such as you describe in Mexico. Since my great grandfather is feeble my uncle is the power. My immediate family owns several houses in the Southwest and in Mexico. We have less than a 1000 acres total and some investments etc. We do have also 50 acres in Oregon. That is a beautiful state. Sorry to disappoint you.

            My grandmother, mother, and some aunts love Mexican soap operas past and present. Those operas thrive on tragedy I was told.

      • Do you think the castizo ruling caste of Latin America will mind being absorbed into the Greater Confederacy or Golden Circle, HW?

  3. Lee should grow his moustache out thicker and get a sheriff hats then he’ll be ready to save the town of hawkins, indiana from those (((evil monsters)))

  4. I listened to Radix live stream with Stranahan. What he disclosed about Breitbart after Andrew’s death was eye opening.

    Lee exposes how Bannon, Shitpiro, and Pollak were a complete MIGA operation. Homosexual jude Milo is exposed a a coked out pediphile during the 2016 election and campus tour.

    As suspected, the alt-lite were/are a bunch of grifters gorging themselves in shekel feeding frenzy.

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