El Paso Mass Shooting

How was your Saturday?

We spent the morning at Wal-Mart getting some school supplies for our son who is starting kindergarten this week. After we got home, I heard about the mass shooting at the Wal-Mart in El Paso and the manifesto that was allegedly posted on 8chan by a Brenton Tarrant enthusiast:

The manifesto is … well, interesting.

It talks about Universal Basic Income and Andrew Yang’s pending robot apocalypse. It sounds almost like whoever wrote this manifesto read Yang’s book and concluded that he wanted to be one of the legions of dispossessed White guys with a gun that Yang was so worried about.

We were initially told that the manifesto was just a troll. I’m seeing reports now though that the manifesto is probably real. It also indicts the Republican Party for allowing the border to collapse. It describes the GOP as being “complacent or involved in one of the biggest betrayals of the American public in our history” because it has done nothing to stop the invasion of Texas which will become a blue state.

Something like 1.25 million illegal aliens are expected to cross the border this year under the Blompf presidency. The vast majority of them will be released in the interior. Nothing is being done to stop it either. It isn’t really surprising that someone in Texas would be so angry about it and so frustrated by the utter worthlessness of conservatism that they would snap.

For all the spergs out there thinking about writing their manifesto and shooting a bunch of random people in Wal-Mart, we were in the Wal-Mart too this morning. This isn’t helping matters. It makes much more sense to dump the GOP for their treason in the next election.

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    • Yep. “Progressive” america where the mentally psychotics and off the plane muslims are allowed to own guns, all in the name of “freedom and liberty”. A “progressive” america where violent and antisocial behaviors are excused by the media, aclu lawyers and judges. What a sick country this is.

  1. But, but, but…muh guns! He’ll make us look bad!

    Say what you will, Hunter, this blog is your’s.

    If Patrick Crucius didn’t exist, our enemies would create him out of thin air. “They” probably did create him. Somebody wrote on vDare twitter that Patrick’s twitter account was opened in July of this year. I read that David Duke, race-mixing, automation, and immigration were prominently featured in his account or “manifesto.”

    So we are bitch-bloggin’ on borrowed time. Shortly after 2020/2024, if not sooner, we’ll be gone from the Internet.

    It doesn’t matter. The foundationally conservative, indolent, cowardly Right was never going to do anything anyway. Too much trouble. Too risky. Muh principles! They wouldn’t do it 55 years ago, when it was possible and the numbers were in our favor, and they sure as hell are not going to do it now.

    • Oldtradesman – bingo. One after the other….the “White man”. We still have seen any videos of the Pittsburgh shooting that didn’t happen, and the Tarrant video game? Come on.

      WE are being SET UP by ZOG.

      • Brad is likely being set up, at least figuratively. But he’s too busy being a snarky pundit to see what’s happening.

        How is someone so smart and so moronic at the same time?

        Most of these incidents are fake.

    • I understand your point of view, but what do you think he accomplished by doing this? What good will be produced by this? I can think of a lot of evil that will occur as a result and not much good. nevermind that his manifesto will be read by some like-minded people and nobody else, doing nothing to convert the masses. In fact, it will likely turn otherwise sympathetic people into NPC’s.

      He mentions the founding fathers in his manifesto. Did they go around killing random people? That could easily have been one of us in there getting shot at. There is a way to go about expressing your opposition and shooting random people in a Walmart is not it. The worth of 20 random hispanics in a walmart is literally nothing compared to just one of a few hundred people in the country. Even simply raising a family is far more valuable to our future than killing random people.

      • No, you don’t understand my point of view. Scroll down and read my response to one of Hunter’s missives, below (assuming he posts it).

      • “He mentions the founding fathers in his manifesto. Did they go around killing random people?” Umm. Ever hear of the Revolutionary WAR? While Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin may not have ‘taken up arms,’ the rest of the Colonials DID, and DID kill ENEMY COMBATTANTS.

    • “They wouldn’t do it 55 years ago, when it was possible and the numbers were in our favor, ”

      Yes Indeed, you are so very right.
      Apathetic, disloyal Whites didn’t act when things could have been resolved and now we are on the way to being another Yugoslavia.

      • 55 years ago, or more, Eisenhower DID do something. It was called “Operation Wetback.”

        You snarky millennials and other children, seem to want to blame the Boomers and the Silent Generation for all of your failings. At least this and the Poway shooting were done by youngsters who DID something…. even if it was random violence against the West’s Enemies.

        • Fr. John,

          This is in response to your kind statement below. Thank you for such kind words. I can assure you I am under no illusions about Mexico and many of our people.

    • “If Patrick Crucius didn’t exist, our enemies would create him out of thin air”

      So you freely admit this idiot’s actions are useful to the enemies of white America. That is really all the needs to be said then right?

      The cause of white-identity is a moral one, and there is nothing better for the Jews than associating our cause with immoral acts like senseless murder. I for one feel no compulsion to downplay or justify his actions because he is not one of us. By providing the Jewish anti-white establishment with a PR victory he has become an enemy of white well-being.

      The only thing this fool has achieved is to give credence to the anti-white narratives of this Jewish controlled culture. I hope he is punished to the fullest extent of the law.

      • Of course Patrick is useful, because the enemy owns the institutions and white people are easily guilted. You’re a perfect example of the latter. The indolent, cowardly Right did nothing 55+ years ago, when something could have been done. It will do nothing now, because it is no longer possible to do anything except virtue signal – like you are doing – in the hope that the enemy will go easy on us or in the forlorn hope that a majority of whites will join us.

        Newsflash: They won’t join us. Morality is defined by What Would Jesus Do? and its secular spin-off, The Platinum Rule:

        Do unto others as they would have you do. No reciprocity expected or required.

        Perhaps it’s a little too much to ask that we show a little self-respect or that we smile in their faces when they put ours back against the wall. But we are, after all, a group of r-selected rabbits – easily scattered to the winds and picked off.

        They see our sniveling for what it is, and they laugh at it.

        They also know that two or three more shootings like this one and most of you will be clamoring for more gun control.

  2. Many white nationalists try to claim that all or most of these shootings are fake. That would mean every witness, the policemen, ambulance drivers etc. would all have to keep quiet forever. I am glad that this website generally does not make such claims.

    • @Christina Romana Alva H.

      Far more likely that these individuals were manipulated into carrying out these acts. A lot of them have odd histories, like Lee H. Oswald did.

      The real conspiracy is who put them up to it, and why.

      • James Owen,

        Thank you for your friendly response. I mean a 2 year old baby was shot. Assuming the man was against illegal immigration were any illegals murdered or were they Mexican tourists and American citizens?

        I suppose I would not be surprised if there was government manipulation. I am just saying that I am reasonably positive that the massacre happened.

        • Christina – most of the shooters are on psychiatric meds. Most if not all. A distraught, isolated individual can be easily manipulated.

          • Denise,

            I agree that modern society is twisted. I know little of the types of medicine that is given to troubled people. I imagine you make a good point.

            Unfortunately, I believe mass shootings are going to continue regardless.

          • Denise,

            Regardless of whether he was manipulated or not he deserves to die for what he did. That is true regardless of his motive. As long as a person has free will they are ultimately responsible for their actions.

            As for his beliefs? An atrocity does not make in itself a cause good or bad. Humans sin for good causes, bad causes and no causes. That is what humans are best at.

          • James Owen,

            So he did not kill one illegal alien. Just Mexicans/Mexican Americans. I have spoken favorably of this website to latin friends and family. After this shooting and showing them comments on this site NONE of them now believe me.

            But they and I view the comments to be indicative of White Nationalism.

            The unanimous consensus among my anglo and Mexican friends is that yours is a very dangerous movement. I now concur. It is one thing to be pro white it is another to be deranged in word and deed.

          • James Owen, if they are Tejanos, they are NOT Americans.

            They are of a race of filthy disgusting, immoral idolatrous RC Spics. Let them live in Meh-Hee-Ko, where they belong. IF only such were as literate and thinking as My Romana-Alva, I might change my mind. But they aren’t. The ones I dealt with were nothing but beaners.

          • Christina,

            You said it yourself. There are people posting on this site and others that promote White being, but are actually trolls who wish to disparage us with outrageous and inflammatory rhetoric.

            In regards to the average mestizo, Mexican born actress Salma Hayek considered her former country full of banditos.

            Also, did you not consider us your enemies and gringos (an epithet you said was a terrible racial slur)?

            The opinions of your Anglo friends from school or elsewhere mean nothing. They’ve been raised in environments of wealth and privilege. Their families and social circles they run in aren’t qualified to objectively critique us.

      • James please don’t feed the troll.

        She literally called you a child molester recently; according to her our people set the age of consent at 9 or 10 in colonial America. She claims white men are pedophiles when it’s her disgusting mediterraneans who prey on children. Or maybe it’s just normal for her kind, since they aren’t our race who knows if it’s so damaging to their children. But our kids and women should be protected from them, jewish or just north african or whatever the thing is. I am sick of Brad and others tolerating her defamations of us on here.

        I seriously don’t think we should be encouraging the JIDF (Jewish Internet Defense League).

        I’ll say it again: a streak of something non-white like with the spanish admixture into the irish won’t kill us, but indulging mass incorporation of latin degeneracy (and their culture is degenerate and you know it) into our countries can’t be allowed.

        You do know they mass murdered the celts in France, and even the nords later on around Napoleon’s reign. And they’re doing it now, too. Our biggest problem isn’t the blacks or hispanics and various non-us types, it’s the mediterraneans hiding behind them – roman catholics and jews.

    • Go over to Renegade Tribune to find those idiots. They’re probably cooking up some story at the moment. I for one have no trouble believing that a few people are going to lose it thanks to this sick and twisted society.

      • Powell,

        I agree that it is ridiculous to claim all of these shootings are fake or even most of them. I am also aware that overall mass murders are just a small part of the overall crime in the USA. But when they occur they leave an international impression. And when there is ideology involved it makes it worse.

        People with unpopular causes have to act with special care in what they say and do. I do NOT see such caution among White Nationalists in many instances.

        And yes I am aware that Mexico has higher murder rates than USA. I and others just expect more from the USA.

        • Christina – why do you “expect more”? The Founding Population of the USA, and other White Nations, is being SYSTEMATICALLY EXTEREMINATED by the “government”. The “government” the welcomes the invasion of aliens.

          • Denise,

            People until relatively recently had a high opinion of the USA. That illusion still somewhat exists.

        • Christina – under the nation wrecking of Jews, their goy minions, and the invading SHITHOLERS – naturally the USA is sinking into decay and ruin. I don’t want the world to have a high opinion of us. I want Americans to stay home, fix what’s wrong and the rest of the GOD DAMNED WORLD CAN STAY THE FUCK OUT. The shit holers need to clean up THIER shit holes.

      • Renegade has its issues but the fact is, they’ve called more than a few and will continue to do so.

        I’m old enough to see how ridiculous this theater the jews are staging is. Human beings don’t give up their lives for a bunch of strangers. Even in the 60s (and I’m not that old lol) mass shootings rarely happened.

        Stop being a gullible goy.

        • I am open to the possibility of manipulation. But those Renegade fools lost me when they claimed that Brendon Tarrant picked up a “pre-positioned” magazine off the floor of the mosque!

          • Most people mess up. Most people are vulnerable to being too much what they are. When one’s mind opens up to the machinations, it can be hard to remain grounded. Artists especially are prone to this type of problem as they rely on certain intuitions.

            Also know that Renegade has agents trying to subvert them, as they are also deemed a threat. So their flaws and weaknesses (which we all have) are played into by people on there pretending to be their friends and allies. It’s made them more brittle and reactionary at times, just as the life of going public and living on the edge has made them less forgiving and tolerant of people.

            Take Renegade with a grain of salt and learn what you can from them. And this comes from someone who doesn’t ideologically agree with certain foundational beliefs they hold, or get along with them much.

    • Christina, unfortunately, some people who have commented on this site have brought into bizarre and stupid explanations for tragedies like this. During the Boston bombing a few years ago, some fools insisted that many or all the victims were crisis actors who were pretending to be injured or dead. Eben when Hunter told them he had friends in at the marathon who saw the injured or the dead, these idiots kept saying ‘ crisis actors!’ like a mantra. What gets me is that none of the so-called truthers never provided any real proof that there were any crisis actors on the scene. And the impossibly of keeping dozens or hundreds of people quiet about such a massive hoax should be self-evident to anyone who has any commonsense. Umfortunatly, some folks on our side buy into wacky ideas like this, and sadly, they help our enemies by giving them ammo to portray the rest of us as nutcases who buy into crazy conspiracy theories.

      • Stephen,

        Yes that is true. I also think websites and causes like yours are swarming with your enemies pretending to be white nationalists. I also think your movement does contain a lot of fringe bizarre people.

  3. Another young White life destroyed by unleashing his frustration and rage on the symptom and not the disease.

    This young man was just beginning adulthood. It’s so sad that now he’s going to be incarcerated with the very chicanos he despised. Not to mention that zog and anti-Second Amendment zealots just received another propaganda extravaganza.

    • November,

      This is in response to one of your above comments. My friends know the difference between right and wrong. Therefore they know that being called an animal/whore/subhuman as a people and individual is wrong no matter what. The word Gringo does not approach that level.

      It is your people who argued with me that Gringo was no big deal. I admitted it was and was against it even when I used it. I had thought that your cause might not be as bad as I originally thought. So I went from being an enemy to not being one.

      I consider white advocacy to be legitimate but white nationalism? Depends on the definition. Based on most of the people here? Yes I am against white nationalism. I have seen enough to know.

      • Christina,

        Ah hominem attacks are shortcuts to thinking. Name calling for the most part is childish. I have partaken in throwing around an insult from time to time but not towards you personally.

        Only somethings like murder can draw a clear line between right and wrong. Other actions and behaviors a tend to be more nuanced.

        White Nationalism isn’t inherently violent. The vast majority just want to live among our own people peaceably (think 14 words). Outside forces either directly or indirectly produce their own Manchurian Canidates to muddy the motivations and ideology of their opposition as propaganda.

        Over the weekend (and it isn’t over yet), in Chicago 3 “people” were killed and 40 wounded in non-white violence in black , Puerto Rican, and Mexican enclaves. That amount of casualties is the norm for black and brown (southern Asians excluded) communities. But their bloodletting doesn’t threaten the (((powers that be))), so it’s mentioned in passing. Do your Mexican and Anglo friends think that non-white Hispanic and negro males are dangerous, or would that be to racist and politically incorrect?

        I suspect that your girlfriends are too easily swayed by the jewish fake news outlets. It’s a known fact that women are more susceptible to propaganda than men. That’s basic marketing 101.

  4. You know, I have said it before and I will say it again….Trump….the GOP….they aren’t the King and his
    Court. They do not have autocratic power to do whatever they want. So, sincerely? What are you goin’ on about? You are blaming Trump and the GOP for exactly what? I know the idiots on the left have TDS but you seem to be a victim of TDS from the Right.

    • Restless 94110,

      Trump and the GOP are jokers in king David’s Talmudic court.

      Trump and the GOP have betrayed their base repeatedly by carrying out the agendas of their wealthy donors.

      When the GOP establishment fades from the scene along with their lies and deceitful campaign rhetoric, Whites will finally be able to begin to break their chains from conservative, inc .

      Mark Twain wrote, “It’s easier to fool someone than convince them they are being fooled.” The GOP has used that stratagem to keep White normies on the GOP plantation.

  5. So Andrew Yang’s UBI, robot job apocalyse and Mad Max aftermath, doom and gloom porn, are inspiring mass shooters now.

    Should UBI supporters be treated as suspected terrorists by the US gov?

    Should Andrew Yang and supporters stop telling their truth, since it is inspiring unstable people to commit violence?

    What is your “hot take”?

    • My hot take is that whoever wrote the manifesto is highly intelligent and well educated, but is likely a nihilistic autist with poor social skills. We also don’t know if the shooter wrote this manifesto.

      • See Andrew Yang’s twitter feed. Unlike the right he doesn’t use unfortunate events to self flagellate. He uses them to further his political goals. That being get all the guns in government hands.

        This is why the left are always in power, and the right are always out of power, even when they are in office.


        Andrew Yang
        ?Verified account @AndrewYang
        4h4 hours ago

        Oh no. My heart goes out to the families and individuals impacted by the El Paso shooting. We owe them and all Americans common sense gun safety laws. Other societies respond to senseless tragedies – we must do the same. We are better than this.

        See? He didn’t miss a beat. He used the deaths to blame gun ownership in peasant hands and went on tweeting as normal. He didn’t waste time with self-analysis. He’s a pro.

        • I see Andrew Yang blaming his other favorite enemy, that being “hate groups”, which everyone knows is code for White groups. So your original point stands.

          If Andrew Yang’s depressing visions of a robot future with mass unemployment and civil unrest is inspiring young people to kill, doesn’t that make Andrew Yang a “hate group”?

      • We know little about Patrick and will likely never know the full story. Still, assuming he is one of us, his “meltdown” happened because the Right failed to define its mission, organize its very own social and racial infrastructure, employ imagination and creativity, and anticipate the opposition many generations ago. Instead it went with ea$y money and class division, eschewed science, elevated evangelicalism and moral universalism, simultaneously bought into philosophical narcissism and business propaganda, and sought only to conserve the “liberalism” of previous generations. The last possible moment the Right could have mounted an effective opposition was back in the middle 60’s. Now, it is too late. Bitch-blogging, “muh principles,” and punching right is all the Right is capable of doing. And not for much longer.

        I don’t blame the kid for his inability to cope without hope.

        Patrick “happened” because the Right failed. It has nothing to offer beyond certain truths. Did he have a competent father figure in his life? Did one too many assholes of my generation tell him, “Fuck you, I’ve got mine!” Was he in good physical condition? Did he have skills other than keyboarding? Did he know how to use hand tools and change the oil in his car? Did he have a trade? Did he have a positive support network comprised of one or more like-minded individuals, at least online? Did he have something to celebrate other than diversity? A goal? Hope?

        Did anybody tell him that when the chips are down, when all appears lost, that you’ll always have, yourself? “I will become the man that can’t be frightened, that nothing can harm, because I am becoming that farkin’ good.”

        Yea though I walk through the valley in the shadow of death I shall fear no evil, for I am the baddest sonofabitch around.

        So I ask again: Did Patrick have positive network, skills, hope?

        • Great post

          This will go away once Partition begins.

          Nearly a million people died in the Partition of India when they dragged their feet. In the US it could be much much more.

          Partition now.

        •  Did he have a competent father figure in his life? …

          Your assumption is almost assuredly correct; most likely he is a product of a severely dysfunctional “home and family life,” if “home and family life” is what one likes to call it. Moreover, he has most likely, as part and parcel of this family dysfunction and probable deprivation of a father, been on psychotropic drugs since he was a little boy and first began to show signs of anti-social behaior.

      • I don’t think the writer of this manifesto is all that intelligent or even that educated. I think the person is certainly good at reciting points they’ve heard before. But if this came from the shooter, then it’s apparent that the writing couldn’t possibly have been formed in the same mind that believes killing random people in a Walmart is doing anything other than making it much harder to achieve goals put forth in the manifesto.

        In other words, it’s parroted writing that looks to cover up his own inadequacies by pointing out the inadequacy in someone or something else. People who have clear motivations and a clear goal don’t plan on going out in a blaze of glory just to target a meaningless symbol. He even tried to make excuses for attacking a low-level, meaningless target. Only a mentally ill person could say “do not throw away your life on an unnecessarily dangerous target” AND THEN proceed to throw away his life on an easy, unnecessary target. That is the opposite of intelligence.

        Look closer at this guy and I bet you find a history of manipulation or abuse by a family member.

  6. Another young white life gone to waste. I understand the anger and the passion but this is not going to stop the invasion of arouse white racial preservationism any more than any of the attacks preceding it.

    Also have to shake my head at him getting arrested after swearing that he wouldn’t let himself be taken alive.

    He’s right about one thing though— this is gonna be blamed on white supremacy/white nationalism whether he or we like it or not.

  7. It doesn’t matter how dire the situation is these days, the bottom line is that mentally sane people don’t shoot up places and kill innocents who are just minding their own business. Sane people deal with their rage in a non-violent manner. Mass shootings are vile and retarded.

    • No one gives up their life for a bunch of strangers they don’t know. It’s not intrinsic to human psychology.

      Is there really no one on here who can’t recognize how ridiculous this stuff is?

      Why is this only happening now, when the jews are closing in on controlling our country and have already seized the media and most (not all) law enforcement?

      Think, people.

  8. 20 dead, 26 wounded, All in a day’s work for a CIA drone strike on a innocent Afghan wedding party.

    But, … some day soon it won’t be a deranged mexican hating gamer shooting up a chicano Wal-Mart, it will be the Sinaloa Cartel or the Zetas or Aztlan Liberation Army firing mortars or rockets across the US-Mexican border into heavily Anglo gated communities of rich, white MIGAtards … then the fun will start.

    Murica .. burn it down.

    • “firing mortars or rockets across the US-Mexican border”

      Already happened. Rocks, Molotov cocktails and small arms fire, directed at border agents and posts, too.

      The Mexican gangs put severed heads up on highway overpasses in El Paso, too.

      • James Owen – Pete Buttplug is warning about the “evils of White Nationalism” – yet not a peep about the drug gangs and severed heads. As well as the Human trafficking and child sex trade. Weird, huh?

        • @Denise

          Weird, huh?

          Not really. It’s just the same old war against Western Civilisation and the race that built it.

          What I hate about it are all of the White people who buy into it.

      • wait! what? the image of El Paso I’m getting from the MSM is a wonderfully enriched, multi-culti paradise!

    • Gun control lol. Even if they burned the Constitution tomorrow on live TV and banned all guns there would still be millions of them everywhere. And there also just happens to be millions and millions of angry young men everywhere who can’t get laid and have no hope or direction in life. The fun is just starting. Someone mentioned the beginnings of a civil war and yes, this is what this one will look like. There will be no Gettysburg battlefields. The battlefields are now Walmarts, theaters, nightclubs, i.e. low hanging fruit, as Mr. Crusius says. There are not just two sides either. There are many divisions within America and they will all be at war with each other eventually. Right now it’s over ideology but eventually many will be over resources.

      And never forget, it was all the work of the Jewish devil:

      “The white “Christian” supremacists who have historically opposed either all immigration or all non-European immigration (Europeans being defined as Nordic or Anglo-Saxon), a position re-asserted by Peter Brimelow, must not be permitted to play a prominent role in the debate over the way America responds to unprecedented demographic change. Nor should the anti-immigrant demagoguery of some black leadership be permitted to go unchallenged. To allow this opens the door to inter-ethnic conflict and a potential white ethnic (and black) backlash of unimaginable proportions, including a potentially large, violent component, especially if the economy continues to sour, joblessness rises sharply, and anti-immigrant attitudes harden.” The Jewish Stake in America’s Changing Demography, Stephen Steinlight, 2001

      • No Sirree.

        @ My People –

        The mediterraneans’ weakness is that their greasy, manipulative game turns on them in the face of our upstandingness, ultimately. They’re corrupt and weak and can’t carry themselves. Uniting against them is what makes us strong, not giving into subversive agents claiming that we’ll somehow fall apart if we divide from them.

        Some of us may have to be sneaky with some elements of them for a time, but don’t fear their admonitions.

        Beware the snakes. Study their ways and their tricks. Stick with our own people whiteys (anglos, celts, germanics, sure some slavs who aren’t jewed) and don’t fret over minor differences. Remember that biological fetishism isn’t helpful. If someone you like or love seems genuine, don’t worry if they’re not pure nord or whatever.

        But never never never listen to a mediterranean pretending to ‘warn’ you about separating from them.

      • This is a Gavrilo Princip sorta moment. It’s how wars actually start. The Pittsburgh shooting was similar. It’s border skirmishing.

  9. Mr. Wallace,

    I almost wrote a month ago how I was glad that white nationalists had not mass targeted Mexicans yet in these mass shootings. That would have been premature for sure. I do not blame this website and it’s agenda for the shooting. As for the guns in America? Well that speaks for itself.

    So while your articles are reasonable there is still a fantastic amount of hatred in the comment sections. The constant slurs against Mexicans goes far beyond just having race pride and not wanting the USA to be invaded. I myself have been called a whore twice, a subhuman creature, and an animal. Oh I almost forgot I was called Luciferian.

    I strongly ask that such hatred not be allowed in your comment section. Rather it was posted by left wing and or government groups trying to discredit you or just by deranged White Nationalists it is wrong and fuels the fire.


    Christina Romana

    • We currently have one rule in the comment section which is a total ban on anything resembling an endorsement or incitement of violence. I agree though that the comment section could be more civil. I was already considering cutting out a lot of the bile.

      • Mr. Wallace,

        Thank you. Nothing in my comment should be misinterpreted as asking for a watering down of your core values as a website.

          • spahnranch1969,

            That is beyond my personal control. I am against illegal immigration no matter where it occurs. Your government and people are responsible for defending your country. People being what they are will take unless stopped.

      • So this chivalrous Southern gentleman Mr. Wallace, on being reproached by a Mestizo lady, has decided to crack down on uncivil White Nationalists. And then he calls others cuckservatives.

        • I’m from the Deep South.

          I was raised to be civil and polite. I also believe in free speech. Generally, I let people say whatever they want here so long as it doesn’t endorse violence, but the comment section would be better if it was more civil.

          • Mr. Wallace,

            Any idea how many of your commentators are your enemies and how many are in reality just what the news media thinks you are————-deranged White Nationalists.

            Based on the non stop hatred and stupidity I see in the comment sections it is no wonder you people are losing. I frequently show the comments and articles to even anglo friends. They think your articles are good.

            They think the comments represent a sick and twisted mentality!!!!!The vast majority of whites are not in favor of this twisted rhetoric.

            Your movement is asking to be crushed. Governments and others read this. Do you think they are impressed?

          • “Any idea how many of your commentators are your enemies and how many are in reality just what the news media thinks you are————-deranged White Nationalists.” -Christina Romana

            Who the hell are you to judge anchor baby? So now we’re deranged White Nationalists according to a most likely fraud who claims to be in high school or some deranged leftist plant that doesn’t even know what White Nationalism is? Go back to your shitholes, make your own country great and stop sucking the ZOG nipple because you are the problem.

    • Go tell Kate Steinle’s family and the thousands of other Whites murdered by Mexicans. Oh you got “slured” online boo hoo. Kate got shot in the fucking back. It’s not the hatred online causing any of this, its the REAL WORLD.

      Go tell YOUR people to stop killing Whites, if you can’t criticize YOUR people and culture, then you can STFU about mine.

        • Denise,

          Just about every organism on this planet is tribal in one way or another. It’s human arrogance that they believe that somehow exempt from this truism.

          The animal kingdom gifted us with emotions. Mankind gifted itself with cruelty.

          Racial segregation is a another variation on ecosystems, and the healthiest ecosystems are those with the least amount of invasive species.

          • I think you mean white arrogance, instead of human arrogance, since whites are now the only group on the planet who believe they are above or immune to the consequences of non-tribalism.

      • No one is slurring her, Silverdawn. People like me and Ironsides are simply stating the truth. She and her handler (I truly think she’s possibly Hasbara but it really doesn’t matter since her kind are scum anyway, by and large) have accused us of tolerating pedophilia as legal since colonial times.

        She’s disgusting and has no place spreading her lies and then peddling such ridiculous hypocritical whinefests.

        Certain people are suckered by her supposed youth and manipulativeness and it’s really unfortunate such opportunism isn’t recognized for what it is.

    • “As for the guns in America? Well that speaks for itself. I strongly ask that such hatred not be allowed in your comment section.” -Christina Romana

      You don’t like our 1st and 2nd amendment rights? May I suggest you ship your ass back to the taco filled diarrhea shitholes you’re famously from. Your leftist warped thinking is the problem and I’d bet you’re not even a citizen, so STFU!

  10. How many White women were raped by Non-White men today, in America?

    How many White women were robbed and assaulted by Non-White men today, in America?

    How many White people were robbed, assaulted, homes invaded, and murdered by Non-Whites today, in America?

    How many White owned businesses were robbed at gunpoint by Non-Whites today, in America?

    Before I place moral judgement…..

    I need to see the DATA.

    • Every day , 25 veterans kill themselves.
      Where’s the outrage ?
      Every day , 70 Americans kill themselves.
      Where’s the outrage ?

  11. They took away our right to vote and to peacefully protest, so this is the inevitable result. What other alternatives are there?

    • What a pathetic cope. Had this be a Muslim you’d be screaming about how this proves Islam is an inherently evil ideology, but because he is ostensibly pro-white you’re reduced to childish excuse-making.

      If you’re looking for someone to blame how about the anonymous Jewish shills promoting “accelerationism” in pro-white circles. They’re out there right now calling people “cucks” for not supporting the murder of random innocent brown people.

    • The inevitable result is attacking random people at a Walmart? That’s not an alternative to a rigged political system. That’s mental illness masquerading as activism.

      • Stop using jew terms, Celestial. If a person were to actually do what these psyop’s stage, they’d be evil and deranged but still responsible for their choices.

        Of course, these incidents aren’t authentic so it’s maybe 10% at best which should be recognized as criminal violence.

  12. “Mass shootings are vile and retarded.”

    Be prepared for it, it is the wave of the future.
    There’s a reason multi-ethnic societies fall apart, they don’t work.

  13. If you don’t have an AR-15, a dozen 30rd mags and a few thousand rounds of ammo I would suggest you acquire them sooner rather than later.

    • Nah, when has any White American ever used an AR 15 for anything productive? Learn the very effective weapons and tactics of the Left which has secured them dominance, near monopoly control of:

      The Mainstream media
      Tax Exempt pro replacement Church groups
      Demorat party

      And these weapons and tactics have successfully intimidated, silenced mainstream Conservative White American where they can’t even say or think something politically incorrect about mass 3rd world immigration, Charlottesville VA and the intimidation of the anti White Left makes them clutch at Neo Conservative straws as they are drowning men.

  14. This man is a fool. You don’t express your frustration with the current state of affairs by murdering random people. It’s not only depraved, but it also makes you look like an idiot.

    • I’ve made this point countless times.

      Mass shooters overwhelmingly kill random people. The only exception that comes to mind is Breivik who bombed the Norwegian parliament and attacked the political class.

      • But wasn’t brevik a admitted zionist and freemason?, also he killed a bunch of kids not exactly a hero of valour… Also could of been other shooters victims themselves have confirmed it possible Did he kill any traitor Norwegian Mps who advocate immigration?

    • The shooter is not a “fool”, nor is he “vile” and “retarded” as you cowardly old do-nothings have commented. He just had enough. If there were a million other young men willing to join him then we would get our country back. Our schools would no longer be too friggin’ dangerous for our kids to attend and our streets would be safe enough for women to walk or jog alone at night.

      • You’re sounding like an agent, spahnranch1969…coming on here and making like a National Socialist who on occasion promotes the idea of mass shootings…

  15. Poor young man, had to sacrifice his life doing the thing the US gov and army should be doing.
    Another martyr…..

      • 8chan has now been directly involved in inspiring 3 right-wing terrorists that have killed over 70 people, strange how the authorities have not made any moves to shut it down. Interesting too how it is never anyone of any political significance that is killed, just innocent non-whites minding their own business. It’s almost as if the scourge of “white terrorism” is a phenomenon the elite wish to cultivate.

        Sound a bit far-fetched? Just look at how ZOG encourages radical Islamic terrorism to achieve it’s geopolitical goals in the Middle East.

    • Arian,

      The U.S. government has betrayed the will of the people for over 150 years.

      The people should’ve revolted decades ago, but they were good CivNats believing that this nation would never betray its founding White Christian stock for the synagogue of satan.

      Our so-called representatives are worse than an actual whore. They sold themselves to the highest contributors no matter what that blood money wrought on the citizens, and all for short sighted greed and fleeting praise.

      If the American government served the will of the people, then incidents like the one in El Paso today never would’ve occurred.

      White Power? White Gentiles have been in power in America, Canada, Europe, Austraiia, and New Zealand, and lead us to our current state of affairs. The Jew was and will always be an opportunist, and we provided them the openings to deconstruct and replace the foundations of our cultures and civilization.

      ZOG only cares more about spreading Globohomo and White erasure than the murder, mayhem, and chaos against White people worldwide and people that look like us made that possible.

  16. I wonder what kind of (prescription) psychotropic drugs this kid was on? Well, we should know a little something about that within the next few days, albeit we’ll probably have to wade through a bunch of nonsense about how these drugs don’t cause otherwise intelligent young persons to commit such senseless acts.

  17. He could have been anybody. He could have been a Devil Worshipper. He could have been a Genocidal Nut. He could have been a Liberal. Who knows. His manifesto could very well be fake. Could have been uploaded by the Feds. Who knows….the Government and Media would still call him a White Supremacist. The Government and Media are no longer interested in Truth News…only in twisting stories for the benefit of the ZOG. Deo Vindice !

  18. “You don’t express your frustration with the current state of affairs by murdering random people.”


    How do you know they weren’t all mexicans?

  19. I sometimes think this is what the second civil war will look like at its beginning– hundreds of these events back-and-forth every day.

    • Exactly! See Bleeding Kansas of the mid to late 1850s, but it will be nationwide this time. Or at least the parts that have the most diversity.

  20. Statistical averages show that in any twenty minute period over 20 unborn children are murdered in the womb on average. The Left wants to focus on white males with guns while ignoring that about each minute an unborn child is murdered in the womb through this insane liberal policy of planned cold-blooded murder they call abortion. Don’t allow the Left dare get up on their worn out rickety old soap box and start preaching their “heartfelt” concern about murder in this country. They are a pack of blood thirsty lying murderers who have broken all national records on mass murder!

    • Bouncing from reading David French to weev is not good for your health son.

      weev is correct about the attain wealth, community respect etc etc problem is community’s as a whole don’t even exist anymore, everybody is divided.

      There is nothing anyone can do to stop any of this, all we can do is save ourselves…somehow.

    • “I sometimes think this is what the second civil war will look like ”

      Yes. Starts as a trickle and grows to a torrent.

    • Is he really? What is he saying exactly an On what article? He hasn’t written a article for months now at DS and all El paso related articles so far are all written by andrew

    • Yet more evidence the Stormer is Zionist controlled opposition. Their shilling for Trump and other Republican whores should have made it clear to anybody, but this celebration of right-wing terrorism in the name of “accelerationism” removes all doubt. The Jewish dwarf Andrew Auernheimer wants to discredit white identity by encouraging random atrocities, while paid shill Andrew Anglin wants whites neutered and safely voting Republican.

      The Daily Stormer is Jewish. (((Weev))) is Jewish. Anglin is a paid whore for ZOG. Fuck them and their Jewish (((ironic))) humor. They are enemies of the white race.

    • HW what do you mean by ‘fedposting’? I’m not familiar with that term. Can you please clarify?

      • I hit the reply button too soon. I can’t access the stormer shitposting comment section, I was banned for three centuries telling the truth about Trump and making fun of their red clown shoe uniform.

      • Generally speaking, fed posting is steering unstable, impressionable people down a path of violence and entraping everyone else who is part of the conversation. We don’t allow it here.

        • It’s what FBI special agents and confidential informants do !!! … they probably teach three classes on it (basic, advanced, executive) at the Academy in Quantico.

          It is how they keep US Attorneys, like the midget in c’ville, happy with easy (((wins))) because of low IQ trash talkers get entrapped and then plead guilty as part of a deal set up by their (((defense attorneys))).

          Typical law enforcement MO is the dying days of Weimurica.

        • You’re sort of allowing it right now, IMO. That Christina poster is clearly here to subvert the anglo people. ‘She’ might be a paid agent who was planted her for this exact time, as a means of influencing you to keep allowing her anti-anglo pro-catholic propagandizing.

          It is using this shooting as a means of suppressing our healthy instincts to reject the catholics with all their pedophile problems and anti-anglo/germanic issues.

          There’s a reason E Michael Jones is allowed on youtube when all the other anti-judaists have been censored. It’s because he’s pro-catholic, and Roman Catholicism has been used to control the native europeans since the Jews and Romans were kicked out back in the early Middle Ages.

          I even researched some of your contentions on here, Brad, about the Normans. I found a fascinating book detailing how jew-infiltrated the Normans were.

  21. I have trouble believing that an individual with an ax to grind targets innocent people. Real anger would target the culprits of that anger. Too many manifestos as well. Sorry, I am holding my opinion on this one.

  22. do you Americans have any idea how many people and how much they hate you in Latin America?
    Naive, chidish and clueless behavior for the ones self flagellating for this attack. what’s the point in doing it? just theater?

  23. White supremacist terrorism# is trending on twitter right now usual bluemark suspects are giving their expert advice on white nationalism. Hey You guys remember when Jewish supremacist terrorism, or Mexican supremacist terrorism, or Muslim supremacist terrorism was trending on twitter?! Yeah me neither…

  24. Another mass shooting has just been reported in Dayton, Ohio. Does anyone believe that the Deep State is working overtime ahead of the elections? I don’t doubt for a minute that there are plenty of crazy people out there who are capable of anything. But, knowing what I do about this government, I don’t put anything past them either. It’s seems strange that multi-round magazines have been around for over 100 years, but this kind of event only began to occur within the last quarter century (Ex-Marine Charles Whitman excepted).

    If this incident in El Paso is the work of a right wing mass shooter, then I believe he will be the first. The others have all been liberals, with several of them being Jewish. Yet, this fact appears to be lost on the average citizen, with the media and the politicians encouraging everyone to jump to certain conclusions by making immediate references to an increase in White supremacy and hate on the internet. I’ve often wondered what the response would be, if, for example, someone shot up some notorious gang house; ala Charles Bronson?
    I know they would be prosecuted by law enforcement, but how would the public react once the facts were known? I mean, they couldn’t be accused of shooting “innocent” people, only charged with taking the law into their own hands, and, of course, murder. But, it would be hard to generate sympathy for the “victims” and more difficult to portray the “killer” in a negative light.

    • I was wondering about you earlier Cowtown, wondering where you’ve been, sorta missing our old debates. I come and go on here somewhat but also like to elude the jew monitors constantly keeping tabs on people.

  25. Not surprising about weev…vanguard channel on themtube/sarin (the gas station) have been fedposting pretty hard for the past few weeks. Since it’s the weekend, I wonder what their take on the latest “manifesto” will be? I foresee a new “saint”…

  26. Terrible and so predictable.

    There are so many, many bad people, bad institutions one could target – attack their wealth and property. Make them hunker down.

    Has anyone ever confronting George Soros in an expensive restaurant. Has anyone ever thrown so much as a firecracker at any of the hard core porn studio property?

    In Harold Covington’s “The Brigade” IRA style White separatists in the Pacific Northwest ARE targeting enemy and traitor targets. Nothing like that since the The Order has happened in real life.

    Why do our people either do nothing, or go crazy and do senseless, counter productive acts of mass violence.

    When European Jewish migrants flooded in to British control Palestine after the end of World War II, they did indeed join violent jewish terrorist groups like the Irgun, the Stern Gang. Nobel Peace Prize winner Menachim Begin was part of these violent Jewish terrorist groups and they targeted British soldiers, British interests and ethnically cleansed Arab Palestinians.

    There seems to be nothing like that at all in American White Nationalism – just burnt out, loners giving up on the world.

  27. By the by – my hubby just spoke to a local Mischling Jew, that he’s known since childhood. I just found out that one of the hospitals in my home town will be moving out. The town has been totally Mestizo’ed. Shooting EVERY day. The small local hospital CAN’T KEEP UP. You can get beautiful, gorgeous homes and apartments there, for almost nothing. I and my friends used to be able to run around town, all night long, when we were teenagers, during the Summers. Nary a worry about crime or harm We didn’t think of committing any crimes. My town, you see, used to be WHITE.

  28. Might as well be acting from a stereotypical Jewish Hollywood script:

    “The crazy, evil Racist White guy randomly slaughtering innocent people why:


    We must EDUCATE young people to turn to love, tolerance and inclusion and unleash the full force of the government, media, schools, even the Catholic and Latter Day Saint churches to fight and defeat this terrible Hate, like we defeated Hitler and the NAZIs”

    So terrible and so repetitive.

    • It’s narcissism.

      And accelerationism.

      There are no brakes on this train, said so after that shooting in the Pittsburgh Synagogue.

  29. i’d also love to get the back story.. on his edu… you can’t live/reside in Allen and attend Plano public schools, nor vice/versa………on first whiff…..that smells, unless he had one divorced? parent as resident of each city.

    this is my neck of the woods……………….

    • Seems like he was living with his grandparents.
      Another product of a broken home? Thanks to Americas (((divorce laws)).

  30. The manifesto is a tad too contrived to be entirely believable. Paraphrased: “I will shoot people at Wallmart because of robots are taking over”.

    Well, I don’t believe it. So this might be another psyop presented by ZOG. Could be an attempt to blackwash Yang and WNs who were shilling for him.

    We will have to wait till the dust settles to come to a judgement. I marvel how credulous people are who should know better. The MSM is a weapon of our enemies not some objective mirror of reality! The have colluded with intelligence agencies in the past often enough to present entirely wrong terror narratives (911 the most infamous). So reserve your judgment.

    • I’ve read several websites from thoughtful leftists and many are realizing they’ve pushed too far demonising otherwise harmless white boys so much that they snap and do crazy shit like this. Many of the smarter ones realize there’s a difference between predicting white bashlash as the dissident right has for tears and the reasons these boys go off like nuclear bombs. I think that teenage white boys are in a hell of a world of hurt and don’t deserve it at all. Sherrod Brown indicated he understood the problem. These boys are being betrayed by their fathers. Left out to die on the barbed wire in the no man’s land of a hostile culture.

  31. Well obviously he was captured alive and thus reneged on his promise in his manifesto. Targeting”loose hanging” targets as he advocates profits us nothing especially when he admits to deliberately avoiding high level targets. He seems to think they can be reformed. I beg to differ. Never the less we do NOT want you to die for you race. We want you to live and work for your race come what may in all the time allotted us. (Remember Patton’s advice in the opening scenes of the movie and do likewise) Do not throw your life away in some senseless act of violence that only empowers the enemy by giving them optics to further demonize our people and convinces your fellow whites (who you claim to love) that all white racial activists are borderline psychotic and inherently evil.

  32. later observations:

    the purported image of the perp entering Walmart, and lack of ‘gear’ concerning extra clips.. those appear to be ‘cargo pants’ or what are referred to in jest as ‘purse pants’. a logical possibility.

    has anyone else noticed that the hero proffered in the media, one Glendon Oakley/soldier apparently possesses superhuman hearing, akin to marvel superheros?

    “In an interview with MSNBC, Oakley said he was shopping at a Foot Locker when a child ran into the store and reported the mass shooting. Seconds later, he heard gunfire.

    Oakley, who has a gun permit, drew his weapon and ran out of the store.” https://www.armytimes.com/news/2019/08/04/fort-hood-soldier-hailed-as-hero-in-el-paso-mall-shooting/

    How many Footlocker’s in malls have outside customer pass thru doors other than for back house deliveries?
    if one views an aerial view of area, Sams/Walmart/Mall, one clearly notes the presence of I-10 running directly in front of the complex. So, Oakley, in his own words, hears word ‘of a shooter at the Walmart frm a kid’, comes out of the Footlocker store into the mall, and ‘seconds later’ hears shots/weapon report, of a purported AK47, quite a distance away being fired in the Walmart parking lot, over ambient I-10 traffic and through the walls of the mall. ok. i call BS.

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