Dayton Mass Shooting

These mass shootings all blur together.

I missed the one in California when I was at the beach last weekend. The politicians are currently busy milking both on Twitter to get as most political mileage out of them as possible.

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  1. The (((powers))) are making this such a ‘diverse’ society, the stress is driving people insane. The pressure of overpopulation and lack of common race will cause this pressure cooker to explode.
    This society has ruined its stability, neighborhoods die faster than they are built.

  2. The Romans had a term for this period in time “interregnum” it is a period of discontinuity or “gap” in a government, organization, or social order.

    Now is the time of monsters.

    • Trump’s role is to preside over the death of the American Empire. That worthless prick isn’t good for anything else.

  3. Yea it seems like Common News these days. Democrats and Republicans have no solution for Mass Shootings. Both parties do nothing but use these horrible crimes for Propaganda. We really have no leadership in government. Nobody is uniting the people. We can like or dislike Franklin Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, and others. However it seems those Presidents united the American People. That’s especially true for FDR. Seems we’re missing that in politics these days. Not many unity voices in Government. Deo Vindice !

  4. Alleged dead Dayton shooter Connor Betts is said to have killed his sister and her boyfriend amongst the dead, with several of the dead being black guys, people asking if that was a background issue here

    On 4chan people are pointing out that Connor Betts looks a lot like a Twitter leftist ”Flowers for Atomsk – I am the Spookster’, similar face and eyeglasses and similar tattoo partly showing on the left arm

    So the FBI chief announces the other week the big threat is domestic terra-rism and boom boom boom we have many dead from 3 terra ristas

    Sometimes what gets ya thinkin is all the people who are at multiple terra rista incidents, some of the California Garlic shooting ‘survivors’ the other day were at ‘Las Vegas mass killing’, Whew! Lucky again!

    And that Mormon kid Mason Wells, he was at Boston Marathon, Paris Bataclan & then Brussels where they showed this photo of him & Mormon pals, looks like his head had shrunk, exile from heartland America Russ Winter now living in Czechia covered this:

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