AmNats Are Kind Of Cringe At This Point

Editor’s Note: Since this is an exchange of views between websites, I will impose an additional rule in the comments which is that everyone should remain civil and refrain from gossip and personal attacks. We don’t need another embarrassing 13,000 comment flame war.

Quite frankly, I was kind of shocked by Greg Johnson’s article this morning on Counter-Currents. I keep tabs on Greg’s work and had seen his tweets blaming Blompf’s betrayals on immigration for the El Paso shooting. Greg predicted that Blompf would be the last Republican president.

I remember thinking to myself that Greg had finally seen the light after two and a half years of Donald Trump betraying his populist base in every possible way imaginable. I had been a big supporter of Blompf in the 2016 election. I attended his rallies and voted for him in both the primary and the general election and encouraged others to do so. I bought into the notion that he was “moving the Overton Window” and that he would enact some civic nationalist policies which might be beneficial to White America. There was a plausible argument to be made that we should support Trump in the 2016 election so that legal and illegal immigration could be restricted. This would “buy us time.”

My attitude back then was that the Alt-Right was having its breakthrough moment. As a Southern Nationalist, it certainly wasn’t my ideal, but there was a sense that it was rising and that something positive was going to come out of the Trump campaign. I rationalized supporting Trump because I saw him as a bulldozer. If nothing else, he was bulldozing Conservatism, Inc in the primaries. He beating and discrediting those people and paving the way for the triumph of National Populism. He was clearly breaking down the barriers between our movement and the mainstream. It seemed plausible that people like Ann Coulter would have influence in this administration. American presidents usually deliver on 80% of their campaign promises. It was rational to assume that we should get something out of it. Blompf had surrounded himself with people like Jeff Sessions who were credible on immigration.

I remember talking to Greg Johnson at several points during the 2016 election. We were both very excited about the Trump campaign. Everyone was excited. I won’t say specifically what Greg told me at the time, but it was pretty much what Richard Spencer and Lee Strahanan have already said publicly and which was exposed by BuzzFeed, which is that people like MILO, Jeff Giesea, Chuck Johnson and Steve Bannon were blowing a lot of smoke up the ass of White Nationalist figureheads in the 2016 election. Republican operatives were trying hard behind the scenes to convince White Nationalists and the Alt-Right that they had a stake in the Trump presidency. MILO’s article “An Establishment Conservative’s Guide To The Alt-Right,” which was ghost written by Allum Bokhari, was a product of this.

Greg Johnson told me in 2016 that there were teams of Orthodox Jews associated with the Trump campaign who were going to come up with immigration policies that would help preserve America’s White majority. In hindsight, it sounded a lot to me like what Amy Wax said at Yoram Hazony’s recent National Conservatism conference in DC. While I was highly skeptical of this, I never believed that Greg made that up. I believe someone told him this. In any case, I didn’t think much about it because Blompf’s stated position at the time was that there would be no amnesty for illegal aliens and that he was going to cut legal immigration, deport illegal aliens and build the wall. He was also going to get rid of sanctuary cities and do a number of positive things. If these policies had been enacted by the Trump administration, they would have indeed slowed America’s demographic change.

As many of you know, I am an INTP and a Scorpio. I like to analyze and get to the bottom of things. I’ve been around the block though enough for the past 18 years not to automatically trust conservatives. After Donald Trump won the 2016 election, I paid close transition to his actions during the transition. I did so because of the memory of the 2004 election when George W. Bush had ran for reelection against John Kerry on saving America from gay marriage by passing a Federal Marriage Amendment. George W. Bush spent his second term mired in Iraq, presiding over the Great Recession and the Wall Street bailout and attempting to privatize Social Security and passing comprehensive immigration reform. He did nothing to preserve the traditional Christian definition of marriage which was overturned by the Roberts Court in the Obergefell decision in 2015. W.’s second term was the quintessential bait-and-switch.

During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump’s rivals desperately tried to tell the Alt-Right and the White Nationalist movement the truth about the man. Ted Cruz said that Donald Trump was a New York liberal and had no principles. Marco Rubio shouted that he was a con artist. Paul Ryan was exasperated behind the scenes that Blompf knew so little about how government actually worked. All of Blompf’s opponents including Hillary Clinton attacked him on the grounds of his character. They all said that he was a shapeshifting reality television star who couldn’t be trusted. While this was true, the punch never connected because it was coming from Hillary. It was coming from Little Marco.

In light of all these doubts that had been raised about Donald Trump, I started watching his actions during the transition. I said at the time that I would approach the question as an analyst and blog about the Trump presidency on a daily basis. Talk is cheap. I said that I would judge his presidency on the basis of his actions. I wanted to see if his actions told a different story about the man who had been called a con artist. I never stopped following the man or chronicling his every move. As someone who had supported and voted for Donald Trump, I wanted to believe that this time it would be different.

Look, I went through the expense of traveling to his inauguration in Washington, DC to stand in the drizzling rain while Antifa rioted and attacked his supporters in the streets. If I wasn’t willing to give the man a chance, I never would have done that. By that I point, I already had serious doubts in light of his Cabinet picks and the presence of The Mooch on his transition team (a huge red flag that Blompf’s populism was fake), but I decided that I would wait and see how the first 100 days turned out. I would just follow the news, watch what happens and blog about it. The Alt-Right had already been officially dumped by the inauguration, but maybe we would still get the MAGA agenda.

If you are wondering why the Alt-Right was pumped during the election and dumped during the transition, I have already explained how that happened in The Wignat Myth. Steve Bannon said that Blompf sold out to the establishment in the 48 hours after the election. He said that Blompf totally embraced the establishment and called it the “Original Sin” of the Trump administration. Steve Bannon said that he had been sucking Reince Preibus’s cock since August 2016. Preibus became Chief of Staff and during the transition stocked the administration with conservative hacks.

The Hailgate incident had nothing to do with this. It is a myth that Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch changed the course of history. Blompf had entered the 2016 election as a Mike Huckabee or Herman Cain-style candidate. He never expected to win the 2016 election. Instead his goal was to promote the Trump brand. After he unexpectedly won the election and realized he was actually going to be president, he quickly sold out to the Republican donor class. He essentially allowed them to take over the White House and run his administration. He saw his role as being the “leading man” of the administration. The conservatives would make the policies. He would sell the policies as a marketing genius to his MAGA personality cult. That was his lane. This is why he told Pence that he would be the most powerful Vice President in history. Blompf never had any interest at all in the details of governance. He never had the motivation either to push through his own stated agenda.

The 2016 election was nothing but an exercise in Donald Trump’s ego. It was his revenge on all the haters and losers. It is painful to admit this because so many of us myself included drank the koolaid. There was never any such thing as Trumpism. Everyone who has tried to articulate a coherent ideology behind Blompf like Ann Coulter who wrote the book In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome! has failed. Unlike Obama, Blompf is one of the least intellectual presidents in American history.

Greg Johnson is one of the smartest people in White Nationalism. Counter-Currents is building the metapolitical vanguard for White Nationalism. Surely, Greg knows that there was never any such thing as an ideology called Trumpism that ever existed apart from Blompf’s personality cult. Look who represents Trumpism on Twitter and even more importantly in the White House. It is nothing but an ocean of grifters like The Deplorable Choir and Diamond and Silk. These people are remarkable for their total lack of ideology and their shamelessness in milking the MAGA movement. From top to bottom, it has been transformed in his image into one big grift like the Tea Party. In fact, I doubt you could still find a single National Populist ideologue among that bunch. Everyone who had anything resembling populist or nationalist ideas has long since been purged from the Blompf administration. The people who are ideologues in the Trump administration are all conservatives and libertarians.

There was already a National Populist movement in America before Blompf came along, sized it up as a businessman and smartly seized on the wave in order to ride it to the White House. Sen. Jeff Sessions here in Alabama had been hammering those ideas on trade and immigration for years. The same is true of Lou Dobbs, Ann Coulter and Matt Drudge. Breitbart under Steve Bannon had been pushing a mix of immigration restriction, economic nationalism and Zionism. The Alt-Right had been pushing this trinity of ideas (foreign policy isolationism, economic nationalism and immigration restriction) for a decade in the trenches of the internet. Blompf spotted an opportunity and added his celebrity star power to it. He did not create the movement which has parallels in all Western countries. Steve Bannon did not create it either and has only sought to attach himself to it.

I can understand why Greg Johnson and American Nationalists would be fooled by Blompf the first time in 2016. He fooled me too. Greg is right that I changed my mind though on the basis of experience. By the 2018 midterms, I was adamant that the Alt-Right were being played for fools again by Blompf and the GOP. Led by Ricky Vaughn and Andrew Anglin, American Nationalists broke away from the Alt-Right, denounced everyone who refused to Trust The Plan as “Wignats” and as “bad optics,” and stampeded to the polls to become highly relevant again in the Republican Party.

The “Chad” thing to do was to vote for the GOP in 2018.

AmNats dropped the baggage of the “wignats” in favor of the GOP, the Stars and Stripes and lots of sparklers and smoke bombs. Lots of people were tricked into swallowing their pride and heeding their advice. After the 2018 election, they were pumped and dumped a second time.

I will grant one point to AmNats.

They made some fair points in the optics debate. For whatever reason, there are people who want to reignite that debate, but it is pointless because the rest of us changed strategies over a year ago. There are no street demonstrations or clashes with Antifa going on in 2019. In hindsight, we realized that focusing on doing that was kind of a pointless debate because even with Star Spangled optics no one really cares. They just scroll past it in their Facebook or Twitter feed. It is a high risk activity that generates far less engagement than shitposting. Meanwhile, the target audience of Blompf supporters is sound asleep. They’re too busy winning to notice these demonstrations are even happening.

Nick Fuentes and Faith Goldy dabbed at CPAC 2019.

Personally, I thought it was cringe watching Nick the Knife’s forlorn search for conservative acceptance. It reminded me of the time Jamie Kelso had tried arguing with conservatives at CPAC 2011. The Overton Window has moved in the sense that Fuentes can’t even get in the door now.

This brings us to the crux of our disagreement.

From my perspective, Blompf is a con artist who pumped and dumped the Alt-Right in the 2016 election. It was plausible to believe he was a nationalist and populist at the time, but this man later went on to put Gary Cohn and Larry Kudlow in charge of the economy. He put a bunch of generals in charge of our foreign policy. He dumped Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions after the tiff with Kushner and put him in charge of immigration policy. Kushner’s current plan is to change the composition of legal immigration and to raise legal immigration from 12% to 57%. He outsources responsibility to others.

I think Greg Johnson has a fantasy of being a sort of White Nationalist ideas man for the GOP. He says it is not about Trump the man, but rather his ideas. I don’t know how he reconciles this with the fact that Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA have been assigned this role in the 2020 election. We’re in a completely different election cycle now and Blompf is running a very different campaign. He is running against “socialism” now. He is running to protect Israel from the Democrats who are the real anti-Semites. He wants immigrants to come here legally in the highest numbers ever. Most recently, he announced his support for the conservative campaign to declare war on White Nationalism. He echoed all the talking points being circulated at National Review.

Since the 2018 election, Blompf and the GOP have pivoted to banning bump stocks and passing criminal justice reform for the Koch Brothers. They have attempted to incite coups in Venezuela and Iran. The Golan Heights has been given to Israel. Jared Kushner’s Peace Plan will give them the West Bank. The GOP have been singlemindedly focused on portraying the Democrats as anti-Semites and passing anti-BDS legislation. As far as immigration goes, the Supreme Court ruled that a section of the border wall could be built, Blompf’s announcement that millions of illegal aliens would be deported fizzled into dozens and the Kushner immigration plan does absolutely nothing but changes the composition of legal immigration in ways that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce wants. There is nothing resembling a National Populist agenda on deck in 2020 because it has already been sold for tens of millions of dollars to wealthy Republican donors like Sheldon Adelson, Bernard Marcus and Paul Singer.

I agree with Greg Johnson that Blompf will likely lose the 2020 election, but I am not absolutely sure he won’t be reelected. He is currently doing pretty well in the polls and has become more popular within the Republican Party than he was in 2016. The Democrats are captive to their insane base and pushing the narrative that everyone to the right of AOC is a white supremacist. It is entirely possible that Joe Biden wins the Democratic nomination, fails to inspire younger voters and the radicals alienate swing voters in Middle America. This at least appears to be the Blompf 2020 strategy and from what I have seen since the Democratic debates started it looks increasingly plausible. There is compelling evidence from economics based political science models that Blompf will be reelected in 2020.

If Trump wins the 2020 election, it will no longer be necessary for him to even pretend to be a populist and nationalist. He is increasingly bad at keeping up the optics that he has an ideology like when he announced that millions of illegal aliens would be deported as a result of his ICE raids. There won’t be any need for any based tweets in a Blompf second term. He gives us dog whistles has become the only nail that AmNats are hanging their hat on. They won’t even have that after the 2020 election.

I’m not sure what Greg Johnson intends to do in the 2020 election. As a high time preference wignat, I am not going to tell White Nationalists to vote for a political party which has delivered nothing but Ws for Israel, which has allowed the Mexican border to collapse, which has shifted the Overton Window to the left on homosexuality, which has presided over the demise of free speech on the internet, which prosecuted American Nationalists like the Rise Above Movement for defending themselves against Antifa and which most recently announced it was declaring war on us and wants to pass red flag laws to seize our guns without due process. What exactly is in this for us?

Why on earth should I support MIGA 2020? I’m not afraid of offending any low-information conservative normie who 1.) isn’t reading this site anyway, 2.) definitely isn’t reading long essays on esoteric fascism on Counter-Currents and 3.) will assuredly wake up and fly into a 24/7/365 rage in the event the Democrats win the 2020 election. The people who are reading our sites are curious about ideas which are taboo in mainstream conservatism. They are high-information voters. They are overwhelmingly dissidents. They are not the QAnon crowd. They aren’t satisfied with Trumpism.

I’m not going to tell my audience to vote for the people who want a liberal judge to be able to seize their firearms because their racial beliefs are inherently dangerous. The idea that we are playing some long game by supporting these people who openly say we should be destroyed while we are losing ground which we held in 2016 is a cope. Insofar as the Alt-Right rose at all with the MAGA movement, it was during the campaign when the #cuckservative meme went viral and it appeared to be funny and an insurgent movement with amusing takes that were outside the status quo. It committed suicide when it wrapped itself in an American flag and ceased being an interesting critique to carry water for Blompf.

The MAGA movement is clearly destined to go the way of the Tea Party. We’ve already endured the rise and fall of the Tea Party. The true reason that AmNats want us to climb on board their sinking ship is because all of their predictions have failed to materialize and they stand the risk of losing credibility by being suckered into backing an obvious con artist who is doing nothing but harming their supporters. There is no excuse for it either in the 2020 election. This time they should know better.

But anyway, I am not interested in fighting with AmNats anymore over Blompf. They have their perspective. I have always had mine. It’s like arguing with a Jehovah’s Witness:

  • I am going to continue to do what I have done since 2016 which is to track and analyze the Blompf presidency. I will tell you the truth to the best of my ability. If a miracle happens and there is a change in course, you will be the first to hear it here.
  • I’m just going to be an honest person guided by my conscience. I’m going to tell you what I see happening without any dissimulation. I refuse to become another shill or apologist for the Blompf 2020 campaign simply because it is election season.
  • I’m going to continue to write articles about Southern history and American history instead of ones about European fascism. I have legitimately never had any interest in fascist ideology because I am interested in exploring my own heritage.
  • I’m not going to embrace some vacuous, Jew-controlled American civic nationalism like the one being peddled by Yoram Hazony.
  • I’m absolutely not going to pretend that mainstream conservatism has any legitimacy or will ever plausibly conserve anything.
  • I’m studying the American Revolution at the moment and writing lots of articles about it. So, if you are interested in American Nationalism, the supreme irony is that you will learn more about it here than on superficial AmNat websites which rarely go beyond “optics.”
  • I’m going to spend a lot more time exploring religion and philosophy in coming months.
  • I’m going to enjoy spending time with my family and networking with friends in my area. Nothing but disappointment is going to come out of conservative politics. Let’s not pretend otherwise.
  • I’m perfectly happy to continue down the current road to irrelevance. Y’all have fun with all this “winning.” I think it is a far better idea to focus on what we can conserve in our own lives.
  • I really don’t want to sacrifice any further credibility trying to defend or rationalize the actions of the Trump administration.
  • I’m not going to be an unpaid volunteer water carrier for conservatism.
  • If I make mistakes like with supporting Andrew Yang, I will own them. I don’t stand by every hot take.
  • Since we are irrelevant and bad optics anyway and won’t affect the outcome of the election, it follows there is no reason argue about it.

How should we deal with a Republican presidency?

Unlike Greg Johnson and AmNats, I believe our response to it should be essentially the same way we dealt with George W. Bush. We should articulate our own perspective and values and analyze on that basis. That’s a lot easier to do now that the Trump presidency has become Jeb! with based tweets. We had a good run in the W. years by not going with the flow and maybe we can still get some mileage out of Blompf by making fun of this ongoing shitshow and anyone who finds it compelling.

I will close by saying that I have no hard feelings against anyone including Greg Johnson who is supporting mainstream conservatism and Donald Trump in 2020. I have my own perspective and simply disagree, but you are entitled to your takes. If I find any reason to change my views, I will stop using the Potato Trump meme. I have just seen no compelling reason that leads me to believe we should support Blompf. I’m deeply skeptical of giving this another whirl and believe we were taken for a ride in 2016. While the AmNats are in power in the Trump administration, I will just be over here singing Dixie!

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  1. Thanks, Hunter, for your reply. You are doing almost everything right, and have been for some time. Keep on blasting away at David French and Conservative Inc. Keep on pillorying Trump for betraying his populist base and aligning with the establishment.

    But it is possible to do all that without losing sight of the Trump electorate, who are the people most receptive to our message. I fear you are doing that. I think that we need to look further down the road, to how post-Trumpian populism will unfold.

    I have been recommending all the big brains in the movement read Eatwell and Goodwin’s National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy. I would love to hear your take on that.

    • Hey, Guy…..

      I invented the word ‘Trumpian’……

      You might think I’m ‘cringe’ because I’m Working Class and used to be a Drug Addict…..

      That Populist Fire was Organic……

      Unlike you, I’ve never had sex with other Guys and am not known for promoting Furries……

      You’ll never lead ANYTHING.


  2. I’m perfectly happy to continue down the current road to irrelevance. Y’all have fun with all this “winning.” I think it is a far better idea to focus on what we can conserve in our own lives.

    Amen, brother! Good man! You’ll be happier for it, I promise.

    I used to be a “highly motivated” voter carrying the weight of the country’s future on my shoulders alone at times. Or so it seemed. I was finally cured of all of that after GW Bush’s first term, albeit it took a little time to shake the clinging residual out of my system. It finally dawned on me that I was powerless to do anything about any of this, and that we’d all be better served if I were to instead focus on my family and my local community. Conservatism? Pfft! Give me a break! Hey, my name is Terry Morris and I use trad/trad-con pronouns. “Point of peronal privelege.” Ha!

  3. ^Exactly what I think about Blurpf at this point. It’s occam’s razor. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt for a long time. It’s human nature that most people who are deep in a cult of personality never get out of it. I was also skeptical at first but kind of got swept up in the hype of the campaign. Man these elites know how to manipulate people. To realize he was just a cynical, greedy con man all along is like a kick in the gut. But we have to follow the truth where it leads.

    Anyway, F*** Blompf, F*** Republicans and F*** the J**nited Snakes.

  4. I would have to say that at this point Greg is right as Dixie will disappear without the rest of white America.

  5. “muh 60 gorillion white people who voted for blompf”

    How many of those are old, affluent, “we all bleed red, white and blue”, Evangelical Boomers who will literally die for Israel? Does Greg think those people are going to become white nationalists? And even if they could they’ll all be dead in 15 years.

    Most of Blompf’s base is literally Dubya’s base. The disaffected White proletariat may have been a key swing group that helped Blompf in some important states but for the most part they did what they always did – not voting. Nonvoters are much more based than voters on every metric, being much more antiwar, much more nationalist and much more socialist. That’s where White Nationalists need to recruit – among brutalized low-wage workers and White prison gangs (which are based AF and don’t give a shit about muh optics) and poor kids in trailer parks, and so on. Even if we cant find huge base of support, we could probably get a million or two to build an independent white nation.

    And HW please send this comment to Greg since he wouldn’t allow me to post it on his website.

    • “The disaffected White proletariat may have been a key swing group that helped Blompf in some important states but for the most part they did what they always did – not voting. Nonvoters are much more based than voters on every metric, being much more antiwar, much more nationalist and much more socialist. That’s where White Nationalists need to recruit – among brutalized low-wage workers and White prison gangs (which are based AF and don’t give a shit about muh optics) and poor kids in trailer parks, and so on. Even if we cant find huge base of support, we could probably get a million or two to build an independent white nation.”-Jijcf

      This times a thousand. A quote from Gandhi comes to my mind when he was addressing the Indian Nation Congress during their fight for independence from the GB:

      “This Congress tells the world it represents India. My brothers, India is 700,000 villages, not a few hundred lawyers in Delhi and Bombay.”

      The disaffected Americans are not stupid. They will not pledge blind allegiance to a group of elites that A) Have no idea what it’s like to struggle economically and B) Look down on them, like they are “untouchables”.

      I won’t support these elites either. Just as Hunter wrote, the best thing we can do is to strengthen our family bonds as much as possible and I think we need to reach out to our disaffected brothers and sisters in order to build relationships with them.

      The goal of a White Nation isn’t going to be achieved by political power, but rather by social bonds and I dare say, faith.

  6. **I think it is a far better idea to focus on what we can conserve in our own lives.**

    Wiser words have never been spoken!

  7. Cogent, intelligent, well-justified position by Hunter here

    Tho what I would particularly note, is that, there is really no sure stability or safety in a personal family and work life that may seem secure at the moment

    Through no fault of their own, very good people are getting mauled

    Getting arrested on some false charge, jailed, or bankrupted by legal fees

    Losing your decent job to some jerk situation at the workplace, to some ‘diversity’ hire, or eventually to the automation juggernaut that Andrew Yang has accurately warned about

    Losing your home, assets, and access to your children, when a spouse hears the siren song of the shrikes and divorce lawyers, who have been emboldened by the establishment, precisely to destroy the entire life of the independent thinking middle class white guy

    May the divine powers protect and support everyone of good heart involved in this great struggle of our times

    That ‘Fourth Turning’ book by Strauss & Howe had much to say that was true … we are now living through the times of great crisis, and things will change radically in the storm now brewing

  8. We won’t get fooled again, eh? Look, in terms of Yang, I liked his UBI idea, not his many insane policy proposals. It was a way to gain independence from the system, while taking from it in the name of personal and economic security. It would have enabled the non-mutliculti whiteys here to organize and come together without worrying about viable work. That’s a benefit I saw in UBI, anyway. As that notion fizzled, no problem: Just learn and move on. I don’t trust politicos or pundits; I pursue and test ideas. Not that I’m some grand intellectual or anything. (In Myers-Briggs parlance, I’m an INFJ. I’m an advocate.) I just give a damn about the future, for myself and others. As do many of the other commenters here. So, I keep looking for the partial solution that might work. The ideas I’m delving into keep getting simpler, as our options continually get closed off by the elites and the oligarchs above them.

    I especially don’t trust people wanting to become gatekeepers, as you seem to suggest Johnson wants to be. Buckley destroyed the conservative movement by forcing right-wingers to walk through his narrow gate built from left-wing values. How that was allowed to happen still boggles my mind. Intellectual esoterica of the kind written at Counter-Currents is interesting, but not what builds a movement. Most people aren’t deep thinkers. Knowing history and the consequences of similar past occurrences is much more helpful for everyone and anyone, imho. That’s where you shine, HW. Historical lessons tell people how to deal with the calamities of the present and plan for the future. But I’m not looking to you or anybody else to lead me. I’m going to think for myself. Leaders can’t be trusted, and movements are easily turned and controlled. Individuals coming together in mutual cooperation and aid, as needed, I believe to be a better alternative.

    • I think Buckley was willing to sell his soul in order to get on national TV. I don’t doubt he rationalized it, not knowing at the time the huge damage he was doing to the American Right. Once you sell out there’s no turning back.

  9. Amnats have always been fucking cringe. This disingenuous pandering bullshit has been a gargantuan obstacle from day one. It has been THE issue on the racial right. The Amnat meme needs to be stabbed to death, dug a shallow grave and buried.

    • The best response I’ve seen by an irritated WN to AmNat trolls on Twitter was,


      It was Matt Parrott.

      The optics debate was just AmNats and their desire for Respectability. Respectable Conservatives/Cuckservatives have been chasing respectability and failing at it for 100 years. RC’s are so desperate to be liked and respected by people that hate them and their values, who will never vote for them. that they keep caving in to their demands and losing anyway.

      It is a character flaw to pretend to be something you are not, to try to impress people who will never like you anyway. Just be your authentic self and make a principled stand, even when the idiot mob is against you, and people will take you seriously.

      • One of the unfortunate patterns I’ve noticed is that “WigNats” want to just do there own thing, while “AmNats” want to corral us into their movement on their terms or “e-bully” (lol) people of white identity politics.

        We aren’t one movement, that was the objective of the term WigNat. It was to divide the movement up. Now that we are separate again, they are trying to kill off the WigNats. The problem is that it is embarrassing because e-bullying is cringe – it doesn’t work – and that they are wedded to Trump’s failures – even more embarrassing.

        Like I wrote on CC. I don’t think the AmNat way is the road to power, but I’m not going to pretend I can bully them into my ideas over the internet. So long and good luck, AmNatters. Stay in your lane.

  10. “…I already had serious doubts in light of his Cabinet picks and the presence of The Mooch on his transition team (a huge red flag that Blompf’s populism was fake)…”

    Populism is fake by nature, and it’s ludicrous to think otherwise. To trust populism is to elevate corrupt impostors, and the consequence is as predicable as the night following the day.

  11. On a positive note, the fake news (((New York Times))) lost 20% of their stock value when it was announced that ad revenue is down for the third quarter of 2019. That trend will only intensify as newspaper reading boomers continue to die of, and advertisers aren’t seeing increased sales.

  12. I’ve said this many times before.

    The 2020 campaign will hinge on extinct Union steel mill and auto plant jobs that have been gone for thirty years, and ain’t comming back. And on soybeans and corn.

    Biden’s gonna drop the anti-White rhetoric in favour of old fashioned, Northern Democrat Party Populism.

    The campaign will devolve into a game of one-upmanship and Biden will be just like all of the Democrats that challenged Reagan and Bush in the 80’s and early 90’s. Probably with the same results.

    Trump has already visited the Rustbelt and Cornbelt and beat Biden to the punch on traditional industrial jobs. He may start talking corn and soybeans, next.

  13. HW finally admits he got jacked by a con-artist.

    and not a very good one, either.

    Haxo visits his site about once a month,

    just to see if there are any new articles about H.P. Lovecraft.

    • “HW finally admits he got jacked by a con-artist.”

      Hunter said it before. I respect him for that. Admitting he made a mistake with Trump, is more than any of the Big Egos in the movement have done.

      “and not a very good one, either.”

      Spotting people like Trump is not that hard. If you see a White guy who likes the company of Jews, don’t socialize with him, don’t help him in any way, don’t work for him, don’t date his daughter, etc.

      I don’t know why this simple rule is so difficult for WN to adhere to. They are the warn you about Jews people, aren’t they? Why is it so difficult for Big Brained people to keep things simple?

    • Haxo should do his own blog,

      and share the benefits of his

      bountiful wisdom.

      Or just go read about Cthulhu.

  14. When it all goes to shit, they will be looking to the leaders who held to their principles and always told them the truth. Jettisoning your principles to help a flimflam man will destroy your credibilty in the long run.

  15. The ideal solution is political and always has been. All capable white advocates should be running for public office and attempting to work their way up as high as they can. However, the most important thing is to get elected in the first place. Do not call yourself a white nationalist. Do not sperg about Jews. Look respectable, be respectable. H.W. has shown what the winning platform is: social conservatism, economic nationalism/populism, non-interventionist foreign policy, and anti-immigration. I would also add a moderate pro-environment message. You can drop pro-white dog whistles along the way, but you should only reveal yourself to be a white nationalist after you have reached your political potential. Even then, it might be wise to refrain until one of us has taken the White House.

    I don’t know why more white nationalists, separatists, advocates, whatever, haven’t run for office. Maybe it’s because so many are former libertarians, so they have an inherent disdain for the idea. Or maybe they’re afraid of public speaking, or think they would have to compromise their beliefs to get elected. None of those things matter. Besides, what is public speaking compared to getting shot at? Because that’s where this is all heading if the political solution fails or is never attempted at all. What matters is winning, even if you have to lie to do it. This is how Jews obtain power. They are masters of subtlety and deception.

    Should we run as Republicans or Democrats? That is the key question. Both have their pros and cons. Democrats have the advantage of shifting demographics and non-white voters that will vote Democrat reflexively. A significant percentage of whites can likely be convinced to vote for a Democrat with the right platform. Republicans have the advantage of being the most anti-immigrant and pro-white. Maybe we should run as both.

  16. Amnats are very cringe, especially how they inflame drama and start little fights over nothing like a bunch of schoolgirls

    Amnats and Qtards same shit different pile bunch of larpy edgy tryhards they wanna win so bad but they will settle for losing especially if orange potato says so

  17. We must always remember that Trump’s failure was not because of incompetence, it wasn’t even because of ego, it was a cynical act of treachery towards his followers. Trump used white people’s desperation to get elected and then promptly turned his back on them. Pandering to an unconscious fear of white genocide as an insincere election strategy is about the greatest “fuck you” to the white race that it is possible to make. Trump is literally an enemy of white people and should be treated as such. Ostensibly pro-white people who still support Trump need to exposed as the frauds they are, and people who only recently go off the “trump train” need to be viewed with great suspicion.

    You cannot have nationalism without antisemitism, it should be obvious at this point. Anybody who is subservient to Jewish power is an obstacle in the way of white self-determination.

  18. I think you give Greg Johnson too much credit when you think he has a sincere interest in advancing the interests of Whites in the US.

    I have come to the conclusion long ago that he is some kind of agent for the judeo masonic system who was assigned to the job after a unsuccessful attempt of a career in academia where he was some kind of admirer of jews like Leo Strauss and Ayn Rand.

    His job is to attract Whites who fancy themselves as intellectuals and lead them through all kinds of dead ends. Let’s have a look at his website “Counter Currents”: He started as some kind of Harold Covington fanclub and would exhort his readers to migrate to the North East. After this became boring, Johnson who lived in California at that time propagated a “Californian WN” (not sure if this was the proper term used) which was a fusion from WN 1.0 and the Hippie-movement. After that, he dabbled with “Radical Traditionalism” following fringe thinkers like Evola and Guenon. After that he was shilling for the phony “New Right” in the French style. He might have entertained other projects (I follow his site only very sporadically after I concluded he was an agent) before he saw the light with the “Alt Right” which was always a jewish controlled project (“Breitbart” was conceived in Israel).

    It was always strange that he never explained why he dumped one obsession for another he just moved on. When Covington died not too long ago he wasn’t remembered at “Counter Currents”.

    All those different projects had not much in common. Except one thing: Johnson always underplays the pivotal role jews played in the demise of Whites in the US. Sure, you will find critical words about them once in a while but this criticism was always much too timid. Instead the old phony Left-Right divide was wheeled out ad nauseam without ever defining those terms in a satisfying way. All the articles about politics are so wrong at many levels that your mind boggles while reading them.

    Naturally, Johnson can operate this sham of a website when he censors like crazy. And boy, so he does. Even mild criticism will never appear. The result is that now only a bunch of sycophantic pseudo-intellectuals appear in the comment section which has become completely boring.

    Johnson took the shilling for Trump to new ridiculous nadirs treating this sleazebag, who was entering high society and politics under the mentoring of super sleazy Roy Cohn, as some kind of demi-god. Even in the article of yesterday he called the orange man a “great man” (one has to watch only ten minutes of “The apprentice” to come to a radical different conclusion). His reasoning for doing so was so ridiculous that his PhD should be revoked even by the low standard academia of today.

    He still hangs out with the jew Mike Enoch who has long been discredited as a jewish agent and is the epitome of the phony “Alt Right”. He will be attending a conference in Sweden with this subject in the near future. It was very funny when Johnson panicked after the phony “Alt Right” unraveled. He wrote a lengthy essay against “Doxing” which declared the outing of jewish agents in the movement as the ultimate evil (probably because he is an agent himself).

    For his long years as disinformation agent Johnson was rewarded lately by the jew Unz to write movie reviews under the pen name “Trevor Lynch” where he praises degenerates like David Lynch (a friend of Trump in the 80s btw.) to the high heavens. So his last fight is to give the discredited Hollywood some kind of relevance.

    And now let this chutzpah sink in: This individual tries to lecture Hunter Wallace how to operate his own blog and concludes with the lame crossroads exhortation as if this unsteady agent was some kind of moral authority.

    • Counter currents had some good writers. Michael O’Meara was the best of the lot, but he seems to have abandoned political writing, probably after dealing with characters like greggie.

  19. Amnat has always been cringe. It’s image over substance (what even is the substance? Does it have any?), but even the 50s kitsch image they choose is gay as hell. Leave it to beaver nationalism, complete with “serious news anchor” cosplay a la Fuentes. It’s like someone doing a parody of americanism but they claim to be serious about it. Even tea party tricorn hat optics were less cringe.

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