Uganda Pushes Back Against Globohomo

I would like to express our solidarity with Uganda.

Many of us here in the United States who made the mistake of voting for Blompf in 2016 do not support the conservatives here crusading on behalf of homosexuality and feminism in Africa.

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  1. Charlie boy’s tweets are so over-the-top cringey and cucky that I begin to wonder if he is engaging in a subtle and sophisticated form of political satire?

  2. The endless parade of ’empowered blacks’ is a damnable travesty. Too stupid to realize without Whites they have nothing but their culture, which is fine for them but it is not nor can it ever be White Anglo culture with our inherent ability to create it. They should heed the term, ‘Back to Africa’ for that is to where they degrade everything Anglo they get their hands on. They greatly enjoy the benefits from appropriating White culture, but are too stupid to realize they do not and cannot create it.

  3. speakin of Uganda…. i watched ‘The Family’ ystrdy on Nutflix… Uganda was given quite a bit of time, inre ‘Family’ attention to nefarious connections. if you’ve not seen it, 5Eps… during/after viewing.. my single question remains… if the producers are so concerned with such ‘interference’ by so called ‘Evangelicals’, and ‘Russian operatives’ as Butina et al.,(convicted for non-registry as agent of foreign gov)…. when do they intend to make such an expose on on ‘The Tribe’ , AIPAC and all its global iterations? i’m not holding my breath. i think the subj would make a wonderful column here.

  4. Thanks for posting this video. I needed a good hearty laugh after all these depressing day’s we’ve had.

  5. Sometimes even a negro gets it. Why are you gay?

    Eustace knows why:

    “This too is a fundamental aspect of the life cycle of the biological Jew. Throughout history, he has always been smaller and weaker than his gentile host, yet he has often managed to subdue him. The puny weakling, as celebrated by the Jewish comedian, Charlie Chaplin, always manages to outwit and to defeat his larger and stronger gentile opponent.”

    (c) 1968 The Biological Jew, Eustace Mullins, Page 8

    This is a repeat from the other day:

    “LaPage also says, “Parasites may cause biological changes such as species which cause changes in the host’s reproductive glands, parasitic castration, such as the parasitic crustacean Sacculina, which destroys the reproductive organs of the host, the short-tailed spider cram, Inacus mauritanicus, which is attacked by Sacculina neglecta. The effects of Sacculina cause seventy per cent. of male crabs to acquire some of the secondary sexual characteristics of the female. The abdomen of these males becomes broad, they may acquire, in addition to their male copulating styles, appendages modified to bear eggs, and their nippers become smaller at the same time.” It is inevitable that the enormous effect which the parasite has upon the host would result in some biological alterations such as the effect of Sacculina upon Inacus mauritanicus. We have seen in America during the past quarter of a century, coincident with the great power attained by the Jews in every walk of life, startling modifications in the appearances and habits of American males, as well as a vast increase in the public practice of male homosexuality. American males have taken on some of the secondary sexual characteristics of the female, and they have shown amazing declines in such primary male characteristics as energy, aggressiveness, and physical strength. The traditional roles of the sexes have also undergone sweeping changes, due principally to Jewish agitation for “sexual equality”. This campaign has not resulted in sexual equality, since this equality could only be attained by eradicating all physical differences between males and females. However, it has resulted in a decline of masculine traits in the American male, as well as psychological confusion as to his role. This development can be equated with the pernicious influence which the parasite exercises upon the host, as LaPage describes the encounter of Sacculina with Inacus mauritanicus. Here again, we note the remarkable activity and influence of the parasite in relation to the reproductive and the excretory organs of the host.”

    (c) 1968, The Biological Jew, Eustace Mullins, Pages 18-19

    Why are you gay? I was sprinkled with pixie dust.

    Human compromise is not just blackmail among the rich and powerful. It takes many forms.

  6. A superb laugh-out-loud classic on this theme, is the video of George W Bush and Tony Blair at a press conference together, talking about ‘wanna take you to the gay bar’ … masterful lip-synch and video matching, to the tune of the hit song by the Electric Six

    Video actually has a reality base, Bush gave a White House press pass to a guy using two names James Dale Guckert / Jeff Gannon, who was on the side a gay escort as ‘militarystud’, and one night he visited W at the WH when Tony was there too

    Hilarious, 2min20s

  7. The Trump administration really knows how to focus on what’s important. Forget about White genocide, the jewish stranglehold on the media, banks and big pharma. Forget about the increasing tension in the Middle East as Israel is fixing to start a new war.

    The crucial thing to worry about is that African butt-pirates are free to infect each other with nasty diseases.

    MAGA (Make Africa Gay Again)

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