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  1. Even tho Mel is jq pilled his braveheart film had a ton of historical inaccuracies and fictious events scrambled together be interesting to see how this one plays out with Hollywood Did Willam wallace sure meet a grisly fate hung drawn and quatered castrated, disembowled and his still beating heart thrown on a fire … then his body was beheaded boy they sure went all out in the medieval days

  2. For all the idiot pagans who keep blathering on that ‘Christianity’ is [sic] ‘foreign’ (and therefore, of no importance to them, and the present world) what about Robert the Bruce? He was a Christian, and the Arbroath Covenant is a valid part of Scottish History, is it not!? DEAL WITH IT!

    And while many continue to ‘pooh-pooh’ the historicity it claims, it still is there, like an elephant in the room, demanding an answer.


    If you don’t like that, then here’s a recent YT Video of Dr. Matthew Johnson (an Orthodox American Scholar/Historian) who gave even me, new insights into the factoid that ‘Christianity is the White Man’s Religion.’ However you look at it.

  3. The Netflix movie “Outlaw King” starring Chris Pine was essentially the same story, and it was actually pretty good if not especially memorable like “Braveheart” back in the day.

  4. Movies like this are designed to keep the Scottish and Irish people in the British Isles allied with people of color against the English, and in effect working to replace all White people from the british isles.

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