Jeff Schoep Cuts His Losses

I don’t need to be reminded.

Getting involved with these people under the “Hard Right” umbrella after Shelbyville was one of our biggest mistakes of the past several years.

Jeff Schoep:

“My name is Jeff Schoep, the former commander of the National Socialist Movement (NSM). From 1994 until early 2019, I was the leader of the largest neo-Nazi organization in the United States. In early 2019, I retired from the NSM and walked away from the movement in its entirety.

For the first time, in over 25yrs, I was able to take time for self-reflection. It was during this time, I realized many of the principles I had once held so dearly and sacrificed so much for were wrong. …”

It has been almost a year since the Nationalist Front was dissolved.

The “Hard Right” was not the solution to the “Alt-Right.” There was that attention whore Kenny Parker who first manifested at the New Orleans rally who had a swastika tattooed on his chest who beclowned himself in several documentaries before “leaving hate behind” on MSNBC. There was Matt Heimbach’s emo buddy Gabe who was in Auburn and Pikeville and Charlottesville who had his face tattoo removed in an MSNBC documentary featuring Heather Heyer’s mother on the anniversary of Charlottesville. There was Heimbach’s denouement and implosion of TWP and his brief reappearance with the NSM in Little Rock before he was expelled from the group for being a Strasserite communist.

I look back at it and laugh in disbelief now. What the hell were we thinking? Mainly, I was worried around Pikeville that these people would be used as a scapegoat to rationalize political violence (i.e., “punch a Nazi”) and the loss of our free speech. While I was right to be worried that “punch a Nazi” was a slippery slope, I was wrong to believe that the solution was to join them at their political rallies, as if simply standing beside them in public would have been sufficient to turn the tide. Instead, it proved to be just an opportunity for them to beclown everyone who associated with them.

Finally, we at least don’t have the NSM to beclown us anymore. This is a valuable niche in the mainstream media and anti-hate ecosystem. I’m sure that some other group like the Loyal White Knights will be found to fill the vacuum and carry the mantle of Jeff Schoep and the Hollywood Nazi.

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  1. Notice the guy conflates his national socialism whatever with ‘white nationalism.’ He doesn’t even admit to having been a national socialist but instead simply replaces that term.

    I think this phrase, ‘white nationalism,’ needs to be retired and stigmatized by all who advocate for white liberation. Ethno-nationalism, Southern nationalism, constitutionalists, etc. – all sorts of labels can be used, but ‘white nationalist’ is a phrase the jews think they can crucify whites on.

    • True but whatever term you use the JLC* has the power to demonize that term and make it stick then the entire process starts over again with a new name.

      * Judeo-Liberal Coalition.

  2. Schoep always seemed kind of flaky to me, so his “retirement” from all further activism comes as no surprise. As I said earlier the National Socialist Movement is a joke anyway.

    At this point it looks as if Whitey isn’t going to start fighting back until there’s one stale loaf of raisin bread left on the supermarket shelf and he has to compete with several thousand machete-wielding Negroes and Mestizos to get it.


    I didn’t have the platform yet I don’t believe to state it publicly, but I did express to my friend at the time how Heimbach signing up with the NSM was just an invitation to trouble. Jeff Schoep has been a piece of shit for over a decade now and I got involved through an NSM website run in a Daily Stormer style by Jim Ramm when I was a teen. I saw Jeff Schoep alienate NSM members causing Bill White to leave, and saw him side with Herrington, a Satanist with an Amerindian wife.

    When it was revealed that Jeff Schoep was dating an Arab woman and was helping to raise her black son off of NSM records profits and NSM dues I LOL’d and stopped paying any attention at all to this group.

    As I matured, my views matured, but it doesn’t surprise me that the guy would leave the NSM, he was never serious about his beliefs in the first place. He caused maximum drama at every opportunity, was only concerned off of making money, sided with an open Satanist and was raising a black man’s child with NSM funds and dues.

    Fucking shameful. This isn’t me spreading a rumor either, I remember his Arab wife/gf was interviewed in a news article some years after Jim Ramm leaked it.

  4. “National Socialist Movement is a joke anyway.”

    As constituted in USA up to this point in time.
    Just a bunch of larpers trying to wallow in the glory of a past generation.

    • Everyone who wasn’t in the NSM, but he who had the misfortune of becoming associated with it over the course of 2017 and 2018. This was at the peak of Antifa violence and the “punch a Nazi” meme and lots of people bought into the White solidarity argument in light of the common threat.

  5. Sorry to correct my earlier post, It’s not a black son he was raising, it was his quarter Arab wife’s black daughter. My mistake. Memories can be unreliable. I do remember seeing a picture of his wife with the black child’s face blurred out. Not sure if that picture is public or not since I saw it on Jim Ramm’s site at the time. So even though the SPLC isn’t the best source, I know her being Arab and having a black child that Jeff was raising is a fact.

    “No, he knew when he moved out here that I had a half-black daughter. She lived with us for a while, and then she moved in with her father, who was more permissive about computer use and other things. Jeff was never nasty to my daughter. He always treated her kindly.”

    • Damning comment by his arab wifey “I know he’s in it for the money NSM is his only income I feel he doesn’t care much about race and I have alot of friends of different races and our neighbors are black”

  6. “I realized many of the principles I had once held so dearly and sacrificed so much for were wrong.”

    I just hope he doesn’t do the “I acted under White privilege and was too blind to see it”-routine.

    He might well be an agent and now goes into retirement. 25 years larping is enough.

    If he was an honest soul (remote chance), then good luck for him in the future.

  7. NSM is garbage, but Schoep is no worse than Derek Black. For some odd reason, Derek Black is always portrayed as a good guy we need to pray for and hope he becomes pro-White again. Of course that “odd” reason is that Schoep is seen as “white trash” so he is judged much more harshly than Derek Black who is not.

    Still, no sympathy from me for the NSM or anyone in the post-Rockwell “neo-Nazi” circus and anti-Strasserist milieu of various “National Socialist Parties”.

    • Probably because Don Black bilked his supporters out of tens of thousands of dollars to give his son a job and pay for his college. Who doesn’t want a return of investment?

      Personally I have more sympathy for the Prussian Blue girls. Derek was handed everything in life on a silver platter, and all he had to do was be grateful. Lynx and Lamb were trotted around the country by their crazy mother when they were children to play terrible folk music and be hit on by David Lane.

      I’d sooner welcome back post-blacked Lynx and Lamb holding their bongs than Derek Black. Derek Black is like an antifa-tier spoiled nerd who betrayed everyone and everything not because he snapped, but because he wanted to feel accepted. How gay. Don Black is a cunt too for that matter. He still gives Derek money.

      • Did the Prussian blue girls really get blacked? Last i heard they smoked pot but considering how jleft media hounded them and how their mother and how some stormfront spergs treated them i don’t blame them one bit honestly

  8. It’s time to face the music and allow the entire movement to die, and we simply find normal stuff to fill our time with.

  9. There is a new film released called “Skin.” It’s suppossedly based on the life experiences of a “White Power” fella named Byron Widner.

    The movie follows Widner as he breaks his ties to his comrades in the subculture and having all of his “White power” tattoos removed from his face and body.

    Drumroll please. The director and film maker is an Israeli named Guy Nattiv.

    Every. Single. Time.

    • In the aftermath of Charlottesville, I tried to hold things together and move forward, which is why we did the Shelbyville rally. When that didn’t work, I tried to hold together the Hard Right groups as the Alt-Right collapsed. When that didn’t work, I just resumed blogging and washed my hands of the mess.

      • You did what you could, HW. Even the great GLR himself couldn’t bring all the disparate elements of the far right together.

  10. The idea is to attract the white middle and working class not scare the living Hell out of them by confirming in their minds every single stereotype of Hollywood Nazis. Let me be clear- avoid groups like the Ku Klux Klan factions, Nazi groups, and skinhead gangs. These people are dysfunctional and it is a dead end street. The white racialist movement, if indeed it is a movement and not a collection of dysfunctional individuals, has more drama than a teenage stripper. It gets old!

  11. How Cringe.

    Try to hold on to your Socio-Economic Status.

    Because, the YUDES are Judging.

    Embarrass your Whole Entire Race going back MILLENIA.

    Who’s going to follow you, NOW?


  12. Weev might be a subversive controlled op but hes right about one thing and that dressing up as nazis is stupid as shit and larpy no movement will ever gain a foothold by hanging on the back of hitlers failed movement leave the stalhelms in the trash they aren’t going to magically save the white race stupids

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