Donald Trump Wants To Buy Greenland

In a normal country, we as nationalists would celebrate Blompf’s offer to buy Greenland as an acquisition on par with Alaska or the Louisiana Purchase, but we don’t live in a normal country. We are a conquered people who live in a rapidly degenerating global empire based in Jerusalem.

I don’t support acquiring Greenland. We need to be dismantling the US Empire, not expanding it. I generally agree with the take though that it is better that Blompf has become fixated on Greenland than on regime change in Venezuela or going to war with Iran. This is a harmless diversion.

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  1. Does ZOG want that Arctic wasteland to establish a giant military base for menacing Russia, or is this just another one of Blormp’s publicity stunts?

  2. This is gay.

    We have plenty of presence in the arctic because we already own Alaska which itself is enormous. Also, America’s Hat has the second most access, and we can go use theirs.

    Buying Greenland would be very expensive. Worth it perhaps, but still. Its the oil and gas everybody is after, along with shipping lanes.

  3. On a side note, when a Western European country (Germany) wanted to take on the responsibility of safeguarding Europe politically and racially we couldn’t wait to destroy them. Quit your bitching about all the shekels were spending to “defend” Europe orange man. We brought this upon ourselves.

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