MIGA: The King of the Jews

In a major blow to AmNats who have been trying to sell us on MIGA 2020, Blompf declared himself to be the greatest President for Jews ever, the King of Israel and the Chosen One during our absence. He also slammed Jewish Democrats for their disloyalty to Israel and promoted Jexodus:

Meanwhile, Charlie Kirk had the back of the Moshiach online:

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re not in the 2016 cycle anymore and the Overton Window has moved in the sense that the GOP is worse than ever before.

One Nation …

Under ZOG …

Indivisible … ???

Note: In May, there were rumors flying that Donald Trump had secretly converted to Judaism. It seemed a bit tongue in cheek at the time, but what do you think is in his heart?

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  1. When this was originally reported I was hardly phased like blumpf calls himself king of the jews and the chosen one today hmm no big deal thats how i felt, but blumpfs handlers must be having a laugh they basically whisper this shit in his ears behind the scenes and tell him what a great shabbos goy he is Hes the chosen one alright the deep states chosen golem and potato president

  2. And when blompf is done play-acting as “president”(((they))) will shred him to make latke’s.

  3. When I voted for Trump for president I didn’t realize that “winning” would result in massive jew fatigue exhaustion. Now I know. It’s so tiresome. It’s very uninspiring. It’s bleak. I thought “winning” would be at least a little bit inspiring, but NO, I was wrong.

  4. Trump can’t be Moshiach. His tits are too small. Moshiach is an assloving, tranny with a predilection for kids. Consider this, everything the Jews do is to prepare the world for their Moshiach. So when Jews promote anal justice and gay loving it is to prepare the world for their Moshiach. Now why if not to make Moshiach more acceptable to the world?

  5. I find it hard to believe the Democrats couldn’t find a halfway decent candidate capable of defeating this BUM. I think they are allowing Blormp to win a second term by default, so that they can focus on sticking it to Whitey in 2024 instead.

  6. I thought this Charlie Kirk person was supposed to be conservative. Strange how what a generation ago was considered moral depravity is now a conservative position in the United States.

    I also think as others have stated that the Democrats have the numbers to win but are throwing the contest. Or else they are unbelievably stupid.

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