William Regnery Dismissed From Charlottesville Lawsuit

Good news.

This is the lawsuit which I got ensnared in as well.

Daily Progress:

“William Regnery II, a multimillionaire and founder of the white supremacist National Policy Institute think tank, has been dismissed from a lawsuit filed by victims of the 2017 Unite the Right car attack.

The lawsuit was filed by sisters Tadrint and Micah Washington in Charlottesville Circuit Court three days after the deadly white supremacist rally and named organizer Jason Kessler, convicted murderer James Alex Fields Jr., white nationalist organizer Richard Spencer and 30 other groups and individuals before being narrowed to 20.

The sisters are seeking $10 million in compensatory damages and $350,000 in punitive damages.

In an order dated Aug. 16, Charlottesville Circuit Court Judge Richard E. Moore dismissed Regnery from the case. …”

No one knew James Fields, Jr.

Even the people who met up with him that day in Charlottesville and who testified at his trial had no idea why drove that car into that crowd of people. The rest of us heard about him on the news.

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    • Is kessler really Jewish haxo? He doesn’t seem like a subversive individual to me people have pointed out kessler is a Jewish last name but aside from that they never offer proof

  1. Come on hunter You never knew why he drove his car into a crowd of people? Could it be because he was being chased by 50 weapon welding antifas and their pet poc thugs while the police had their fingers in their ass?!

  2. Tadrint and micah just want a paltry sum of 10 million for their troubles from the evil nazis someone please give these strong black women free money for ever for crying out loud

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