Joe Walsh Challenges Donald Trump

I’m not sure what to think of this.

Joe Walsh is challenging Blompf in the Republican primary as the Evan McMullin of 2020. He is Bill Kristol’s champion of True Conservatism. And yet, Walsh was one of those people who were tweeting about going Boomer Waffen if Blompf lost the 2016 election:

Aside from representing Illinois in Congress, Joe Walsh is also primarily known for calling Obama a Muslim and ranting about fags, spics and niggers on Twitter. It seems like an odd choice for the disaffected college educated suburban female voter who rallied behind John Kasich.

This is supposed to be a “white supremacist” site.

I don’t even use racial epithets like Joe Walsh though. I didn’t call Obama a Muslim. I just find this to be a very weird campaign. Do we really believe that Joe Walsh is offended by Blompf’s racism?

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  1. I don’t know if Backdoor Barry is a moslem but he is a fag.

    Joe Walsh should stay out of politics and just continue touring with The Eagles.

    • Re ‘Bathouse Barry’ he has slipped up a couple of times and called his wife ‘Michael’

      Joan Rivers said Barack was gay and Michele a tranny, and turned up dead a few weeks later

      Obama did slip up in a video interview with George Stephanopoulos and say, ‘My Muslim faith’

      Apparently when a kid at school in Indonesia, Obama’s Muslim stepfather at the time registered him as a Muslim kid at the school

      The penalty for Muslim apostasy is death, but being a secret Muslim pretending to be Christian, whilst advancing Muslim causes, is Islam-praiseworthy

      If you look at the photos, it is very clear that Barack Obama’s real father was not Barack Sr, but black USA Communist Frank Marshall Davis … who even wrote a book, ‘Sex Rebel Black’, with a passage talking about having sex with Obama’s mother

      Barack Obama did for a time support the more-democratic Muslim Brotherhood, which is what many Muslims often prefer … but then Barack let Egypt’s democratically-elected Morsi get overthrown by General (now President) Al-Sisi … who turns out to have a Moroccan Jewish mother … making one of the more interesting but hidden-in-plain-sight geo-political factoids, that Egypt’s current dictator is in fact Jewish

  2. There is no doubt that Trump has been a bit disappointing. Having said that, I believe he is the only thing holding the GOP together. Principled Cuckservatives aren’t going to get “The Kids” to vote against Trump.

    • The GOP wont save us. The jews and their leftist goyim are being more blatant in their quest for complete and total communism, and they have control of most local governments. They run the school systems, the universities, the media, etc. We are in a worse situation now then we were 10 years ago. Look at the shitting street bums we have today. Go visit san francisco and LA, and you’ll shake your head in disgust. Who could be proud of a country that tolerates defecating bums trashing streets, unlimited illegal immigration and censorship of opposing views?

  3. If Walsh has any effect on the GOP presidential nomination, it will be making Blompf spew more right wing empty rhetoric to the MIGAtards.

  4. I read the book The Communist about the influence of Frank Marshall Dais on Obama. It is important to realize Davis was a friend of Obama’s white grandfather as the whole family were former members of the Communist Party of the United States. (CPUSA) By the way have you ever looked at the CPUSA’s website and straitened to their broadcasts. They sound just like the Democratic party! What don’t Conservatives bring that up when liberals slam Trump and Trump supporters as Nazis. White Supremacists, and White Nationalists?

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