Joe Biden: Racism Is An Institutional White Man’s Problem

What planet are our elites living on?

There isn’t a single mainstream institution in our society which isn’t integrated and anti-White. We’re the ones who are labeled “white supremacists” and discriminated against these days. No one else puts up with nearly the amount of discrimination that we do.


“WASHINGTON (AP) — Racism in America is institutional and it is a “white man’s problem visited on people of color,” former Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday, arguing that the way to attack the issue is to defeat President Donald Trump and shame the racists he has emboldened.

Taking aim at incendiary racial appeals by Trump, Biden said in an interview with a small group of reporters that a president’s words can “appeal to the worst damn instincts of human nature,” just as they can move markets or take a nation into war. …

He added that while he would “preferably” select a woman or person or color as his running mate, he is ultimately looking for someone who is “simpatico with what I stand for and what I want to get done.”  …”

The whole system is based on one big lie. I’m not “ashamed” of anything either. I haven’t said anything about race that isn’t true. Joe Biden also panders harder to “people of color” than Blompf has ever done to Whites who are unmentionable as a group.

Note: I think Blompf did mention Whites one time. He broke new ground when he accused Al Sharpton of being anti-White. It was notable for being the only time in nearly three years of being president that he has mentioned White people.

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  1. It’s funny watching Biden try to parrot the most recent woke theories, since it’s obvious he has no idea what he is even saying.

  2. Biden is delusional.
    He is lying, just like he did when he claimed his wife was killed by a drunk driver. The truck driver was stone sober , when his wife did a sharp turn in front of a oncoming semi.

    How can Americans tolerate these nut jobs, why does anyone even listen?

  3. To hell with all these creeps. They have wrecked this place with scores of millions of 3rd world foreigners brought in to live off of and prey upon us and trillions spent and millions killed for Israel, wrecking half a dozen other countries in the process. There is no way I can bring myself to vote for ANY of these bastards short of being paid to do so. I am well aware that the ENTIRE class of Rulers is anti-white, anti-European and hostile to our interests.

  4. ” . . . It was notable for being the only time in nearly three years of being president that he has mentioned White people.” He also mentioned White S. Africans being persecuted. Once.

    His priorities apparently are with trash like A$AP Rocky who wouldn’t give him the time of day as thanks for getting him out of jail.

    But think of the tax cuts, the tax cuts!

  5. Since racism is a White people’s problem (according to Slow Joe) and Joe Biden is White shouldn’t he end his run for President and endorse CamelToe Harris for President? She’s colored and female, a twofer.

    He can personally contribute to ending White supremacy by ending his campaign and endorsing CamelToe. If she’s a lesbian that’s even more Pokemon intersectionality points.

    Just do it Joe.

  6. I am trying to post a link to the Cleaves case and this is twice there’s been a tech glitch.

  7. White Male Privilege in action:

    [Google Cleaves case video since I can’t post the link apparently]

    Actually, while the jury was made up of more women than men (only three and I don’t know the racial makeup but obviously multiple blacks), two white police officers on the scene batted heavily for the black assailant throughout. And women generally acquit at far higher rates than men on rape juries, traditionally anyway.

    Imagine a politically-connected, big athletic white man treating a black female this way and then getting off on all sexual assault charges. The word of two white women, victim and eyewitness (to her screaming for help) couldn’t counter a black man’s denial.

    Whites should be making this a rallying cry. Want to understand Reconstruction and the so-called myth of the ‘Southern cult of white womanhood?’

    It’s not that there were never any fake victims among white women accusing black men at various stages in the postbellum and Jim Crow South. It’s that at the very least Reconstruction featured a vendetta and open season on some white women on the part of the federally-backed and empowered black male.

    Just like today.

  8. This site is censoring all comments I try to make with a link to the Cleaves case video of the black NBA player forcing a naked white woman into his hotel room twice as she tries to escape.

    I’ve tried at least four times.

  9. Keep flapping your jaws, Joe. You and your ilk are going to awaken a sleeping giant if you keep this crap up. Double down, dipsh*ts!

  10. Of course, the ultimate question I draw from this is: when is HW going to publish a Southern History book?

  11. I’ve got not one nanoliter of White guilt in my body.

    POC should be thanking us, instead the jews and their shabbos goyim have weaponized them again us.

  12. America is a disgusting spectacle. White Republicans brown nose Jews to be president and white Democrats brown nose negroes to be president.

  13. “Racist” means White person.
    Only anti-Whites call people “racists”.
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  14. Don’t insult the Grays! They at least have the ability of star travel.(LOL) Biden cannot even remember if he is in Vermont or New Hampshire how he got there.

  15. Trump calling al sharpton anti-white is like calling water wet. The maga fools act like he was saying something groundbreaking and new. As soon as trump went after al sharpton, the trump cultists went on about sharpton and his “race hustling” for days, made a big deal about, as if sane, aware whites didn’t know who he already was. The big question to trump is, what exactly is he going to do? Is he just all talk? He wont call for the arrest of al sharpton for instigating the firebombing of freddys fashion mart and for his lying about the tawana brawley rape hoax. He hasn’t gone after sanctuary cities like he promised to do. He just tweets and says things the magatards want to hear to get them talking about how great of a leader he his. He’s all talk and no action. He says nothing original. He is not pro-white. Joe biden is the same. Biden and trump are both liars and con-men. Two sides of the same coin.

  16. God said his favorite creation is the White Adamic Race, so that means God is also RACIST.

    Isaiah 43:4 Because you are precious in My sight and honored, and I love you, I will give people in exchange for you and nations instead of your life.

    Romans 9:13 As it is written: Jacob I have loved, but Esau I have hated.

    “Edom is modern Jewry”
    The Jewish Encyclopedia, 1925 edition, Vol. 5, Page 41

    Not good to piss off God by slandering or harming God’s precious White Adamic Race.

    Song of Solomon 5:10 My beloved is white and ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand.

  17. You’d think with all the Black Football players not standing for the National Anthem that Republicans and Trump would be public on racial issues and care about White People. However the party is funded by right wing libertarians that really only care about money. It’s the Big Business party. So every other issue is ignored…that being White issues. Joe Biden isn’t liked by the Black Racists, Homosexual radicals, and the Liberal extremist wing of the Democratic Party. He’s seen as the old White dude. Bernie Sanders is an old dude but he’s for Socialism. So he’s still popular. I still think Joe Biden will win the nomination because he’s the most known candidate. However he’s being pushed far left wing and will have problems beating Trump. That wouldn’t be a problem if he ran as a Moderate Democratic and ran on Patriotism. He would have a great chance of beating Trump
    but the far left wing don’t like that idea. Deo Vindice !

  18. At least Trump doesn’t call me names (‘racist’)!

    P.S. Oriental Dissent dodged a big one by getting off the Yang Gang bus recently… Yang just proposed putting giant mirrors in space to fight global warming! Lol! Star Wars 2! Governor Moon Beam 2!

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