Joker Was Driven Insane By Liberal Democracy


This is going to be a great movie.

I’m definitely looking forward to going to see this now.

Hollywood Reporter:

“The clown prince of crime is alive and mentally unwell in Gotham City in Todd Phillips’ grippingly atmospheric supervillain origin story, Joker. While a never-better Joaquin Phoenix paints on the famed maniacal smile with his own blood at one memorable climactic moment of messianic rebirth, what’s most noteworthy about this gritty entry in the DC canon and the lead actor’s sensational performance is the pathos he brings to a pathetically disenfranchised character — just like countless others in a metropolis in which the social chasm separating the haves from the have-nots has become a pit of incendiary rage. …

Arthur tunes in to the show religiously with his sickly mother Penny (Frances Conroy) in their dingy tenement apartment, drifting early on into a fantasy in which he’s plucked out of the studio audience to be embraced on-camera by Murray, stepping in for the father he has never known. Arthur even studies guests on the show and rehearses his entrance and couch banter at home, Rupert Pupkin-style, though it’s clear from the outset that his disillusionment with Murray will turn ugly. ….

An innocent part of him really does just want to follow his mother’s guidance and make people smile. But the city pulls funding for its welfare programs, forcing him to go off his meds; a video clip of him laughing uncontrollably while doing a spot at a standup club gets mocked by his idol Murray on national TV; even his doting mother is perceived to have failed him when he filches her medical records and finds what’s either a disturbing cover-up or fuel for paranoia.

The trajectory of innocence to evil is a tragic one. But watching Arthur exult as the crime wave crescendos is a chilling spectacle illustrating what all the ridicule, abuse and marginalization he’s been subjected to have wrought. …”

The Daily Beast:

“It’s 1981, and Gotham is on the brink of chaos. The streets are covered in trash—owing to a citywide Garbage Strike; poverty is rampant; and mental-health facilities are shuttering due to a scarcity of funds. (Picture the noirish hellscape of Taxi Driver overrun by a particularly vicious strain of “super rats.”) Into that void saunters Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix), a clown by day and struggling stand-up comic by night. Arthur lives with his elderly mother (Frances Conroy) in a run-down Bronx apartment, and, in true Norman Bates fashion, worships the ground she walks on—bathing her, confiding in her, and spending every night with her tuning in to their favorite variety show, Live with Murray Franklin. In Murray (Robert De Niro), Arthur sees the solicitous father figure he never had.

Arthur is, more than anything, a child desperately searching for identity and a sense of belonging. “I just hope my death makes more cents [sic] than my life,” he’s scribbled in his journal, a collection of deranged musings on his everyday trials and humiliations.”

So, this is the Joker’s origin story.

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker is someone who is suffering from a severe mental illness caused by extreme social disintegration. He comes from an atomized urban environment where he suffers from anomie, alienation and resentment. The abuse he suffers turns him into a nihilistic sociopathic killer who becomes a hero to all the other uprooted and alienated urbanites suffering from varying degrees of the same psychosis who want nothing more than to kill all the rich bastards lording it over their dystopia.

I can totally see this because this is precisely what living in such an unnatural environment with so few human attachments whether it is to race, nation, culture, ethnic group, clan, community, religious group or family – all the attachments that give life context and make it rich and meaningful – does to people who are deprived of being part of a larger whole and story. It drives them insane and turns them into degenerates and mass shooters. Liberal democracy unravels the social fabric and makes people miserable like Arthur Fleck who go on to violently lash out against society like Joker.

Note: The Aurora shooter James Holmes told the police he was The Joker.

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  1. It drives them insane and turns them into degenerates and mass shooters.

    Yep. Or as Dabney so eloquently put it: “a generation more akin to devils than to men.”

  2. The kakistocracy sees us as expendable pawns. Once some fragile people see and understand that, they vent through spreading death. It’s usually other manipulated cattle those killers slaughter, instead of the elites promoting and profiting off social dysfunction. I’m extremely surprised someone hasn’t gone after the well-off where they work, live, play, and learn.

    • I was thinking the same thing, Rich Little. A lot of these mass-shooters are pretty smart (at least the Caucasian ones) so why don’t they focus their rage on the hostile elite responsible for putting us in this situation? Firing on dumb, docile goy cattle isn’t going to bring about any positive change.

  3. The Odessa shooting, let me guess, Joker Masks? Shooting up a Home Depot. That’s the living end. Some old guy who cuts your key and a kid driving a forklift, a teenager watching a few registers…America, it’s a hellscape.

  4. When I was a kid and watched the Adam West/ Burt Ward version of Batman, I wanted to brutally kill the Joker. He really just aggrevated me to no end. He still does. In fact, he makes my blood boil.

    • I loved the way Cesar Romero played his role on Batman. All the arch-villains on that show were first-rate. I prefer the campy and cartoonish Batman to the dark and gothic version.

      • Caesar was a pretty good joker but can’t say i fully agree about the original batman show it was very campy too campy. Batman and very corny gay robin were more bumbling fools then heros. The original batman show had its moments tho

  5. How much longest can the political prostitutes continue to lie and claim that ,”American’s greatest days are ahead of her?” Or that “We are the envy of the world, and that’s way they hate us.”

    The rest of the world despises us because of who controls America and the talmudic agenda it afflicts on the globe.

    • The whole world knows that America is the jews’ country. Only Americans are oblivious to that fact.

  6. written by 2 jews and directed by a jew. the “final” trailer makes him look like a hated and despised minority. everyone else in the trailer other than a a white politician and game show host is black. black mom giving him shit on the bus, black social worker letting him down, brown people attacking him on the street etc.

    it won’t completely be clown world the movie though, the jews will find some way to keep it pozzed

  7. What does Switzerland have that America doesn’t? More guns per captia and not just guns but military grade weapons since everybody is on call in the military reserve. What do the Swiss have the we do not? Social communitarianism that is essential for social cohesion. What does America have that the Swiss do not? Constant mass shootings. What does the Swiss allow that we do not? People actually vote on issues in a form of folk democracy in action not the sham of “Representative Democracy” as in the U.S.

  8. I’m still let down by this shit portrayal of Joker and the overall bad asthethics of it, I’d rather have a Joker origin story from the kid who plays joker on the gotham tv show he’d be perfect that would be much better imho he played a more solid performance of joker then jack nickolsons or heath legder’s joker put together

    Also gotham was never much of a mixed race city it has always been very white with very few black people this is just injecting poz and ghettoizing it for absolutely no reason

  9. And I still hate robert de niro no reason does this stupid fuck need to be in the batman universe. Me and De Niro hate trump for very different reasons de niro hates trump cause trump locking Mexican children in cages and is running a concentration camp big meany haha stupid blumpf.

    I hate bronald blumpf cause hes a Zionist dick sucker incompetent shill and backstabbing conman screwing America I’m only watching this film if it goes to the cheapies or better yet i’ll just wait til it goes on netflix

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