MILO’s Straight Pride Parade

This is pure cringe.

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  1. The REAL point of that “straight pride” parade was to promote Zionism, even though the “jewish state” is known for being exceptionally fag-friendly. .

  2. “She is Jewish…and then told me America is our last defense against communism”

    Repeat after me: There is NOTHING, literally NOTHING, the Jews HATE more than Communism.

    • Comrade Stalin dealt more harshly with the jews than Hitler did. And Zionist jews weren’t exactly celebrated in the USSR.

      • The North Sentinelese are a primitive tribe of savages that live on the Adaman Islands, off of India, who kills ANY ONE who tried to enter their turf. They are not interested in adapting to anything. They are wholly themselves. The Indian Government exhibits the brilliant good sense, taste, and decency to LEAVE THEM ALONE.

        The North Sentinelese came to public attention, briefly, when they killed the idiotic Asian Christard who attempted to bring them to Jeebuz. They fired a few warning arrows, to frighten him off, which I regard as good sportsmanship. To no avail. The moron set foot on their turf – and they killed him. The family can’t even obtain the body parts. The Indian Government refuses to risk any-one’s life and limb to retrieve the remaining bits. Which is sensible and sane.

        You cannot visit there. Neither can I. We can support their superb sense of autonomy and self-reliance, and learn from them.

  3. Straight Pride is simply the gayification of straightness, since the straight identity is fundamentally non-flamboyant unlike the gay identity it makes no sense to put on the display.

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