Sohrab Ahmari vs. David French

Now watching.

I’ve shared my take.

Everyone here knows my opinion of Frenchism which I find to be synonymous with mainstream conservatism and the symbolic embodiment down to the phenotype of everything that we despise about these people. There isn’t a more useless group of people on planet earth.

Here’s the Sohrab Ahmari vs. David French debate:

Note: Ross Douthat of the New York Times is moderating.

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  1. Watching David French debate, you realize something very quickly. He loves his position as a Shabbos Goy. French is typical of Generation X hangers-on to Cuckservatism. He seems to believe that if he just keeps saying ‘muh principles he will be rewarded by being allowed to perform on the National Review Cruise. The problem with David, is he doesn’t comprehend “The Kids” have no interest in what he is selling.

    • The Jews pay his salary for the sole purpose of trolling us. When you realize that Kristol et al wanted Trump all along, you understand the motivations for puffing up that lilliputian.

      • Kristol and the gang would have much rather had Hillary. We’d probably be at war with Syria and Iran right now if they’d got her.

        • We ARE at war against Syria and Iran right now. You talk as if Blormp has somehow saved us from a worse fate.

          • We’re not in a “body bags returning home” war. Trump certainly hasn’t saved anything, but Hillary was worse, you can’t deny it. One can only guess what she would have unleashed.

  2. Our “elite” ruling class of journalists, scholars, think tank consultants and Wall Street machers are fit for nothing but the gallows pole.

  3. HW;

    Please, do you have to show that ugly bald headed cuck again? I was trying to eat a late dinner when I saw his ugly countenance and lost my appetite.

  4. Trueness of conservatism is inversely proportional to size of chin. Less chin = truer conservatism. In the truest conservatives, such as David French, the neck flows seamlessly into the head, without the bad optics of a jawline that would distract from his reasonableq arguments.

  5. At 1:28:12 there is an important exchange. Ahmari makes the claim that a President French would not have stood by Judge Kavanaugh the way Donald Trump did. French goes into a Patriotard Rant about how he has shown courage by walking in his boots on Iraqi Sand. Ahmari responds by asking if he was in JAG. Patriotard crap arguments don’t work for people under 50. Not only is French a Shabbos Goy, he also panders to baby boomers.

    It’s safe to say we like to goof on French because he is so cucky, which is absolutely true. French is selling Snake Oil to a dying demographic of baby boomers. He is no better than a televangelist fleecing the gullible, or someone running a boiler room selling swampland in Florida over the phone.

  6. French is so disingenuous. He is not willing to use state power to prevent sexual deviants from proselytizing to children at a public library. He even goes as far as to say that he won’t do anything to limit the 1st Amendment. But he IS willing to stop or limit the free speech of political activists further to the right than him and his brand of weak-chinned fake conservativism that conserves nothing.

  7. After having listened to the whole debate, here is my take on this:
    Based Persian Catholic can’t be swayed by the simpering platitudes of the nominally Anglo soy boy normie neo-conservative. In true based non-white fashion, our light beige friend is showing white people the way to behave when dealing with our political and ideological opponents. What the northwest protestant Euro mind (and I say this as a northwest euro protestant) cannot fathom is that somebody might not share their simultaneous and idiotic false moralizing and slavish devotion to procedures. If we want something we can take it no matter what the rules say. This is also illustrative of why non-whites in sufficient numbers are dangerous to any existing white polity – especially those that are already as structurally weak as liberal democracies. The more vital elements of politically motivated and intelligent non-whites will simply bulldoze through democratic institutions and there won’t be any way for liberals to argue against it. And if they don’t want to play by the rules, they simply won’t.

    • Many “refugees” who have entered the country over the last +25 years have come from shithole places like Somalia. Many of these people practice polygamy in their home countries especially in Africa and parts of Asia. Islam specifically allows polygamy.

      As the Third World numbers increase here and their political power follows the restrictions on polygamy will have to give way. Laws against polygamy interfere with the free exercise of religion for Moslems and other wogs. There is an inherent contradiction between the 1st amendment and current laws against polygamy in all 50 (57 as BHO would say) states.

      How will the Left respond to demands for the repeal of laws against polygamy? The purple haired dyke crowd won’t like it at all but the brown crowd are living fucking saints and will not take “no” for an answer. The clash on the Left will be hilarious between these two factions. After the Left won on so-called “gay marriage” how can they say “no” to polygamy?

      Will David French and the rest of the cuckservatives oppose polygamy? What about ‘muh Constitution’? The cuck crowd will oppose polygamy, study the issue some more then decide the Constitution allows it; they conserve nothing.

      What will Protestant clergy and Catholic bishops do? Most likely, nothing, they have no courage because they have no faith, they are grifters too. The money, the money, just follow the money.

      • Many westerners mostly Protestants practice serial marriages. Such extended families abound in the US.Polygamy is as grounded in human nature as one man /one woman is. Both SHOULD be legal.

    • “What the northwest protestant Euro mind (and I say this as a northwest euro protestant) cannot fathom is that somebody might not share their simultaneous and idiotic false moralizing and slavish devotion to procedures.”

      It’s true. That’s essentially why the country was lost once the doors were opened to everyone else who wasn’t us.

    • Esoteric,

      That was very well said. The WASP arguments for liberal democracy, American values etc. mean nothing to most non-anglos. They just represent weakness and foolishness and self-righteousness. Our main thought is ——how does this nonsense benefit us?

      • It’s easy to exaggerate the degree to which non-whites ignore rules and procedures. I don’t think there is a tremendous amount of evidence to substantiate the claim that non-whites are quick to brush aside concerns over procedure in the mad rush to get their way. I think it’s only when the issue is of life-or-death importance that non-whites are likely to dump the rules if those rules are perceived as killing them, whereas whites are more likely to display a special reverence for liberal norms well past the time it should have been obvious that those norms are suicidal. Consider Israel. Israel markets itself as “the only democracy in the Middle East” both to relieve some of the criticism of it and to keep the tribute flowing from American cucks, but with each passing year more and more Israelis are realizing that liberal norms will doom them so they are ditching liberal democracy for Jewish democracy (a very different animal). Love Israel or hate it, but it’s hard to argue that that behavior is irrational.

        • Silver,

          Your comment is difficult for me to render unqualified support or condemnation. It was interesting enough however to warrant a response.

          There are a lot of lynchings in Mexico by private citizens. That however is due to the frustration against the Cartel and the lack of government response. That supports your theory above. Current Anglos are way more restrained.

          On the other hand in the United States blacks riot and demonstrate at the drop of a hat for the slightest perceived injustice. And on matters not of a life or death situations. For instance there is the football player Antonio Brown of the Oakland Raiders. He threatened to beat up his coach and called him a Cracker. He now has a job with New England Patriots. If it was the opposite and a white player threatened violence and uttered a racial slur against a black coach there is no way that football trade would have occurred without massive demonstrations etc. And that is certainly not life or death.

          I would also say that since the rules and founding of the United States are a WASP creation there is not the same reverence for the American Republic and the Founding Fathers of the United States that most Anglos have.

          I believe blacks are more emotional and lose their control way more than whites do. Not only on a personal level but politically as well.

          Non whites would be disregarding societal norms even more than they do except that some of them recognize that Society bends over backwards for them.

          Anyway, an interesting comment from you.

  8. It’s funny how conservacuks always prattle about their principles, even as they sell out those principles whenever it becomes expedient to do so. One day, I’m sure, Frenchie the Cuck. or someone like him, will be writing an article for NR defending pedophilia as a conservative value.

  9. This debate could just be summed up by french and ahmari standing next to each other both wearing identical “I’m with stupid” t-shirts with the fingers pointing at one another.

  10. Thank you for relaying the happenings of Degeneracy Central……

    I’ve pretty much tuned it out. I’ve cut the cable and have zero desire to watch this. If modern conservatives want to purge their tent of the Alt-Right then so be it.

    You don’t to be a Nazi to realize that we don’t need any more immigrants. ZERO. NONE. Not low skilled and not high skilled. ZERO. NONE.

    You don’t have to be a Nazi to want to have Secure Borders.

    You don’t have to be a Nazi to want to rid America of ZOG and massive over-representation and disproportionate influence of a tiny Tribe in almost all our affairs.

    You don’t have to be a Nazi to want there to be a healthy Middle Class which is easily reachable through hard work and where family formation and sustainability is affordable and robust.

    You don’t have to be a Nazi to want to rid America of a psychopathic and sociopathological plutocratic Elite.

    You don’t have to be a Nazi to think ‘It’s OK to be White’ and to be able to wear a T-Shirt emblazoned with this in public without being beaten in the head by Antifa.

    You don’t have to be a Nazi to think that increasing LGBTQP influence over society is dystopic and harmful now and for future generations.

    You don’t have to be a Nazi to want there to be normal and healthy gender relationships.

    You don’t have to be a Nazi to want to prevent Whites becoming a minority in their own homelands.

    You don’t have to be a Nazi to want to prevent more needless wars where our most robust White males die for nothing.

    You don’t have to be a Nazi to realize that the R.A.M. which was dedicated to physical fitness, anti-degeneracy, and defending Trump voters from being attacked by Antifa having their homes raided by Trumps FBI with indictments based on Antifa info and facing years in jail while no Antifa are arrested likewise……

    Means America is terminally ill and modern conservatism is not going to do anything to save it and giving any more energy into hoping, praying, wishing, or voting for it is Le Chatelier bankruptcy.

  11. I recently asked this retired career Marine Corp Officer a question that terrified him. Just a bit of background on the man. He is from Georgia, a history of family military service going back to The Confederacy, an absolute believer in Israel as our greatest ally, and a strong “Conservative”. The question I asked him was this old standby, “What have Conservatives actually conserved since 1980?”.

  12. I can’t be bothered listening to this debate, since it seems it’s mostly (or solely) about the political restoration of Christianity. Christianity to me is a racially cuckservative religion par excellence, so I’m not particularly interested in supporting it. On the other hand, I’m not particularly opposed to it either, and if it can be used to weaken liberalism’s hold on people’s minds, that would be worthwhile – and it would be nice to enjoy “that winning feeling” for a change too.

    (And of course, Christianity is hardly a unified religion. So there might be plenty of fireworks on that front…)

    • @Silver
      Your thoughts are accurate and spot on. Cucks that believe Christianity will restore the west are as delusional as Neo-Confederates LARPing about holding an emergency session of a Confederate Congress. I myself am a fan of E. Michael Jones, but his solutions are far too simple. Christianity in its many forms are (nearly) all universally racially cuckservative (with a few outliers).

      • I don’t see how religious faith could unite the West in these times. The Christianity that saved and rebuilt Europe in medieval times was a united one, and used the Roman civilizational remnants as a starting point. The centers for agricultural, scientific and educational development were the monasteries. Those conditions can’t be replicated. Europe is now mainly atheist and politically collectivist, so faith of any kind (outside of scientific materialism) most likely won’t be a uniting force there. The umpteen thousand Protestant denominations here make a united Christian front in the US a laughable idea.

        Ethnic and/or national pride is the best bet for social cohesion among European peoples, imo. Voting for the right parties aren’t the way out, as the recent betrayal of Salvini, Trump’s lying to us on illegal immigration, and the constant stalling of Brexit shows. People are going to eventually have to directly participate in the retaking of their nations, because the forces of globalism are firmly entrenched at the top in all institutions.

  13. What I watched of those two reminded me of the fight scene from the the movie Spartacus between the two Roman senators. Utterly useless.

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